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Eliminate Alien Anal Probes With A Thought Screen Helmet

Eliminate Those Pesky Alien Anal Probes With A Thought Screen Helmet
From the makers of the Thought Screen Helmet suit comes a revolutionary product designed to eliminate telepathic aliens from conducting anal probes. The Grassy Knoll Institute proudly presents, The Thought Screen Helmet Anal-Eliminator. Once inserted you will feel safe and secure in the knowledge that no aliens will ever probe you again.

The A.E. (Anal-Eliminator) was designed for abductee's on the go. No longer will you have to cower inside your home afraid of alien probes. As with all our products the A.E. is lined with velostat, that magical material that filters out any unwelcome telepathic connection between you and the aliens. The A.E. is encased handsomely in supple leather for your enjoyment and comfort. It will arrive at your door in an unmarked plain brown wrapper to protect your privacy.

Stop Alien Anal Probes Now! Order the A.E. Call 1-800-ANAL PRO. Operators are standing by now. Have your credit card ready.

But wait, if you order in the next 30 minutes you will receive as our gift to you absolutely free, (Just pay separate processing and handling) a Thought Screen Helmet for pets.



Thought Screen Helmet Aliens Sinister Intent

Results Not Waering Thought Screen Helmet
The question of whether aliens exist is a moot point as millions of citizens have well documented sightings with miles of evidence of their visitations. However, until just today, the most puzzling question was; Why are aliens here on Earth? Why bother with humankind? What advantage would they have coming here?

The Grassy Knoll Institute can now reveal that answer. In a word, the aliens are looking for a little "Action." It takes hundreds of years for alien ships to travel from their home world to Earth. After many generations of breeding, the gene pool depleted, leaving the women incapable of bearing offspring. The only solution was to find a new fertile gene pool. Human females.

Through their telepathic abilities, the aliens are able to control humans. Once a female candidate is selected, the aliens proceed to seduce them in hopes of impregnating them. If a successful pregnancy occurs, the female is abducted so the fetus can be removed and implanted in an alien female host. This assures perpetuation of the alien species. The human female is then returned left wondering what had happened to her remembering only fragments of her abduction.

This is a warning to all the abductees' being taken and visited by aliens. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, you must continue to wear your properly constructed Thought Screen Helmet at all times. The helmet, lined with velostat offers telepathic canceling properties that prevents the aliens from linking to your mind. Think of it as wearing a condom on your head. No link, no control, no intercourse, no pregnancy.

For the men taken, perhaps this explains that pain in your ass when you are returned. Perhaps.....



Unknown Thought Screen Helmet Wearer

Thought Screen Helmet Unknown Abductee
Hi, my name is Bobby Smith and I've been an alien abductee in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area since 1996. For over 10 years I have been abducted by aliens 17 times. In late 2006 while surfing the Internet for alien abductions, I came across the Grassy Knoll Institute, the utmost authority on alien abductions. I learned about the Thought screen Helmet and how it prevented alien abductions by severing the telepathic link the aliens had over me.

In no time at all I was able to construct my own Thought Screen Helmet lined with velostat, a material that has electrical properties that cancels telepathic rays. Ever since I've been wearing my (TSH) I have not been abducted by aliens.

Thank you Grassy Knoll Institute for giving me my life back. I am now a productive member of society again. I can maintain my job and I have found romance once again. Hopefully all the other unknown alien abductee's can share in my success story and return to living a meaningful life in society.



On The Fifth Day Of Christmas

Pointy Thought Screen Helmet

 On the fifth day of Christmas,
The Grassy Knoll sent to me,
Five Thought Screen Helmets...

Meet the Ferris family. Born and raised in Greenwood, Nebraska, the entire family has been repeatedly abducted by evil telepathic aliens during the Christmas holiday for the past 15 years. But not this year.

Thanks to the generous donation of five thought screen helmets from the rocket scientists at the Grassy Knoll Institute, the Ferris family will be safe this holy silent night.

Merry Christmas!



Thought Screen Helmet Wearers On The Go

Hello, Yes, Is This Gary Busey
Thought Screen Helmet wearers have a new choice to the shut in lives they now lead thanks to the newly designed Though Screen Helmet phone. (Many citizens must wear a thought screen helmet to prevent being abducted by telepathic aliens linked to them)

Manufactured at the secret laboratory of the Grassy Knoll Institute, this new and improved thought screen helmet allows wearers to freely go where no thought screen helmeter has gone before. (With no roaming charges with a two year activation plan)

A new formula comprised of a clear coat velostat polymer allows the helmet to stay cool in the summer and let the sunshine in. It also doubles as a handy phone booth. (Twenty five cents for local calls)

Now In reputable stores where anti alien abduction technology is sold. See us at the Comic Con in San Diego this July.



Stop Alien Abductions Telethon

This Sunday the Stop Alien Abductions Foundation will be airing a 24 hour telethon to highten awareness of the many sufferers who must wear thought screen helmets to prevent further alien abduction. The foundations goal is to raise awareness of a race of telepathic aliens set on world domination by controlling the thoughts of our political leaders and public figures. Check local listings for the TV channel in your area.

Special celebrity guest star Gary Busey will speak about his private battles with the little green alien bastards and how he beat them with sticks until they fled plus the several that he captured and now dines on regularly. Mister Gary Busey was overheard saying that he is not afraid of those pussy aliens and that he would eat the bastards like they were on the menu at an all you can eat IHOP restaurant. Join him for supper. It's a hoot. I can hear him now saying the word "Outstanding" just the way he pronounced it in his hit movie, Under Siege.



Thought Screen Helmet Suit

Max Protection
The Thought Screen Helmet Suit. For maximum protection on those heavy flow days. (Wait a minute, wrong commercial)

Submitted by Gumby, ruler of Pokey: Hey Curator guy, other than the obvious reason, (Chic style) why buy an entire thought screen helmet suit when the helmet is supposed to be protection enough?

Excellent question Gumby. To answer, yes, it is very stylish, as several Hollywood heavy hitters arrived at the Oscars last Sunday wearing the TSH suit. But style is not the only purpose. Protection from the evil race of aliens attempting to invade your thoughts and control your mind is the number one priority.

As all TSH (Thought Screen Helmet) wearers are aware, March is the most intense telepathic period. Sometimes the helmet gets bombarded by aliens and may overload. The TSH suit kicks in at these times eliminating all threats of alien invasion and abduction.

Of course each of our TSH Suits are lined with velostat, the magical material that intercepts and blocks alien telepathic thought waves. And on those hot days, a built in air cooler that pumps air throughout the suit to keep you cool even when aliens are pressuring your frontal lobe. A glimmering silver coating spray completes the ensemble.

Available at all reputable drug and department stores.



Consequences Not Wearing Thought Screen Helmet

Consequences Of Not Wearing A thought Screen Helmel
Just Saying...
Don't let this happen to you!!!
Make sure your thought screen helmet is properly constructed.
Do not skimp on the magical 3M velostat cloth.
Make sure your helmet covers your entire dome.
Wear it at all times.



Thought Screen Helmet Inauguration Fittings

Inaugural Ball Style
As was expected, the Grassy Knoll Institutes scientific studies conclude that alien telepathic activity spikes during presidential inaugurations. With president-elect Barack Obama being sworn in January 20th, every precaution is being taken to avoid any national security issues.

Washington Thought Screen Helmet makers have geared up production and are cranking out tailor made helmets to those attending the presidential inauguration and ball. Hurry though, supplies are limited and you don't want to be the only one not wearing your thought screen helmet.



State Highway Patrol Thought Screen Helmet

Flintstones Great Gazoo Lands A Job
No one is immune to the evil race of aliens using telepathy to control the minds of citizens throughout the world. And the State Highway Patrol is prepared in case they are the next target.

For the motorcycle division, they designed special helmets lined with velostat, (A telepathic canceling material) to eliminate any outside interference in doing their duty.

If only Eric Estrada had known earlier.



Thought Screen Helmet - Pumpkin Head

Even Icabod Is Protected
For the upcoming Halloween season, manufacturers at the Thought Screen Helmet factory are offering a special design for parties and events. We aptly call it, The Pumpkin Head.

You won't have to worry about pesky aliens using telepathy to force you to do things against your will while wearing the pumpkin head. Each helmet is precision designed and lined with velostat, (The magical material that blocks alien telepathic thoughts from entering your brain) to ensure complete protection. Now all you have to worry about is if you will win best costume at your party.

Happy Halloween - Samhain



Thought Screen Helmet Disguise

Thought Screen Helmet Disguise
In an attempt to blend in while wearing the thought screen helmet to keep evil aliens from invading your mind and controlling your thoughts and actions, Spiro Agnestesio has invented the thought screen helmet wig.

The thought screen helmet wig fits snugly over the thought screen helmet enabling the wearer to carry on with daily activities without having to withstand verbal abuse and snickers aimed at you for wearing a helmet out in public.

Wigs come in gray, black, brown, red, and blond.



Thought Screen Helmet Hair

TSH Hair
One of the drawbacks of wearing the stylish thought screen helmet is classic Helmet Hair Syndrome. You see, once you are abducted, you must forever wear the thought screen helmet to prevent any more alien influence. Rolf, pictured above, is one of the many tormented souls hounded by aliens attempting to control his mind and actions.

However, the above photo does prove a point on a hotly debated subject that velostat, the secret magical material that lines official thought screen helmets does hold an electric charge and provides protection against aliens using telepathy to control the mind.

Knowledge is power. The Grassy Knoll Institute will continue to investigate the shocking story of alien abductions and the thought screen helmets that prevent them.



Thought Screen Helmet Safe Sex

Alien Sexual Relations
Oral Is Totally Out Of The Question

Dick and Jane have a problem. Both of them have been targeted by an evil race of aliens attempting to control their minds through telepathy. Hence, they must wear thought screen helmets 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the only device known to mankind to prevent alien abduction.

This puts a serious damper on their sex lives.



Rod Stewart Wears Thought Screen Helmet

Rod Stewart Fights Alien Abductions By Wearing Thought Screen Helmet

English rocker Rod Stewart is convinced that aliens are contacting him and possibly controlling his very life and his lyrics are proof in the pudding.

The Grassy Knoll Institute offers the tune, 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy', one of Rod's major hits in the 1970's as proof. Did Stewart compose this song to secretly warn humanity that aliens are controlling humans and that the thought screen helmet is the only defense. You be the judge.

Sugar, sugarShe sits alone waiting for suggestions
He's so nervous avoiding all the questions
His lips are dry, her heart is gently pounding
Don't you just know exactly what they're thinking
If you want my body and you think I'm sexy
come on sugar let me know.
If you really need me just reach out and touch me
come on honey tell me so
Tell me so baby