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ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church

ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church
ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church
Life After Lost. The Grassy Knoll Institute is offering our own unique ABC Lost alternate ending in a four episode arc. The story begins where Lost ended, at the church where the castaways all gathered in the series finale. In this series, many answers will be given. Loose ends tied up. And a mention or two of Juliet's amazing rack.
In brief, The castaways are not dead. They are not in Purgatory. I guarantee no alien involvement, nor virtual reality. They are very much alive. All of them. Tune in for the four part series by clicking the links below.

ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church

ABC Lost Sequel - Reality Check 07/12/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - The Seed - Part 1-4 07/19/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - The Harvest - Part 2-4 07/26/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - Comes A Time - Part 3-4 08/02/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - After The Gold Rush - Series Finale 08/09/2010




ABC Lost Sequel - After The Church

Oceanic Flight 815 Continues
Oceanic Flight 815 Continues
ABC Lost Altenate Ending
ABC Lost Altenate Ending
Yesterday morning I was greeted by a knock at the door at the secret lair offices of the Grassy Knoll Institute. I opened the door to find a large strong box at my feet. Looking up I caught a glimpse of a white colored courier truck turning the corner scurrying out of sight. I carried the box inside.

Upon inspection, the address label was from Culver City, California. I fetched my wire cutters and opened the strong box. It was air tight and a whoosh of air pushed out. The contents were concealed by shredded straw. It reminded me of the scene from A Christmas Story, the part where the old man won a major award and it was delivered in a huge wooden crate marked FRAGILE! I thrashed through the straw to reveal the treasure inside.

I was rewarded a moment later as my fingers found several round metallic objects amidst the straw. I gently lifted and removed one of the objects from the box and placed it on the table next to me. It appeared to be a film canister. The film was dated 2007, and emblazoned on the side was printed, Property of Touchstone Television, a now defunct production company. Opening the canister revealed an almost pristine condition film. Written on the canister itself was an inscription; ABC Lost Finale Arc – J.J.A. adaptation, After The Church sequel. (This was very Mr. Chang like from Dharma Institute showing a black and white film)

Attached to the top of the reel was a cryptic note addressed to the Curator of the Grassy Knoll Institute. The contents of the letter suggested that I view the films enclosed and continue my Lost updates as I had the past six seasons. There was no reason why I should, but I suspected viewing the films would shed some light.
I admit, I was intrigued by this find. However, being a dedicated Lost fan, I knew that the Disney Studio Company produced LOST under the ABC Television Studio moniker. Hence, this was merely an elaborate hoax. Or was it.

My curiosity piqued, I went to the basement closet for my film projector and screen. I dusted them off and brought them to the media room. I threaded the film and hooked the projector to the sound system and clicked the play button. The best case scenario, I was expecting to see out takes and bloopers from the past six seasons and maybe even a snippet or two of a story arc not fleshed out. Perhaps a hint at alien involvement and virtual reality. Why else would I have received this case? Instead, what I saw was astounding!

I immediately summoned the Grassy Knoll Institute executive staff to the board room to evaluate this particular discovery. We decided to investigate these mysterious films in detail. We started with the origin of the films. We discovered that Touchstone Television was absorbed by Disney Studio in 2007 and then later renamed ABC Studio’s, which was the official production company of Lost. Furthermore, after watching the first of four episodes (Titled The Seed) we came to the conclusion that what we now had in our possession were original storyboard episodes slated to be Lost’s series finale sequel arc. The euphoria we were feeling was on the same level Indiana Jones must have had when finally finding the Lost Arc of the Covenant.

Apparently, these Lost sequel episodes were pardon the pun, Lost in the sea of production crews and editing during the selling and buying of the Touchstone Television production company. The format of the films were in story book fashion, (Art work panels of scenes, characters, for each scene) with a narrator explaining the scene and dialog for each character.

The consensus of the executive team was unanimous, (Except Gumby, who abstained,) to forge ahead and critique these found Lost episodes and update them every week.

ABC Lost Sequel Part One Found Here titled: The Seed.



ABC Lost Sequel - The Seed - Part 1-4

Lost Sequel  - Episode One - The Seed
Lost Sequel  - Episode One - The Seed
The Grassy Knoll Institute, like many other Lost fans, were not satisfied with the series finale ABC network presented May 23rd. The whole get me to the church in time and walk into the light to Heaven didn't get it for me. Not because my virtual reality controlled by aliens theory was wrong, (It was dead wrong) but because I felt cheated, that this merry band of castaways, half of them murderers, on and off the island, all got a free pass into Heaven. I needed more closure. I needed more loose ends tied up. I needed to know why season five was all about time travel and Daniel Faraday's time displacement theories.

So I decided to formulate my own Lost series finale. (I promise, there are absolutely no aliens involved in this new arc) I sat down at my computer and banged out several episodes that begins where the series finale ends. When the castaways were all gathered in the church, all happy, awaiting eternal bliss in Heaven with their loved ones. I will use my standard Lost Update format that I used for the previous six years to tell my story to maintain continuity. My first offering in the Lost Chronicles series finale arc is titled, The Seed. I hope the ending will blow your mind. I know it did mine.

Lost - A New Beginning
Lost - A New Beginning
While watching The Seed last night, for a moment, I thought I was having my own type of Lost flashback. All the Lost castaways were gathered in the church, albeit a different church, and Ben Linus was still mulling around outside. This first scene was almost identical to the final five minutes we viewed back on May 23rd 2010. Until Jack hears something in the back of the church. (Don't worry Lost fans, there are no aliens involved conducting experiments on the castaways) (and you can trust me, I tell the truth, unlike the writers of Lost) Following is my critique of The Seed, the first episode of the end game series.

Enough rambling, on to Episode One, season Seven

Finally, the Lost island journey was over. For what appeared to have been several thousand years and countless life times, the journey was complete. The prize, (Salvation) awaited them all in the light. All Jack and the rest of the castaways had to do was follow the good shepherd, (Christian Shepherd) into the promised land. Emotions of joy, peace, happiness, and love overwhelmed the castaways as they lovingly embraced each other as they slowly proceeded to the church altar archway, the source of the light, all that is good and peaceful.

As Christian led his flock toward the altar archway, Jack got a subtle sensation of being watched as the hair on the back of his neck stood straight up. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a slight movement outside, through the stained glass window. Was it Ben Linus finally coming inside, or was it something... For just a moment, Jack tensed, painfully remembering what life on the island had been for so many years. Seconds later, relaxation and peace returned and he was again hugging and kissing Kate, the love of his life, as they walked hand in hand towards Salvation.

Sawyer was also quite tranquil, having been reunited with his true love, Juliet, (And her amazing rack) basking in his glory. He also noticed movement in the back of the church, lurking in the shadows. Sawyer took his gaze from Juliet's amazing rack for a moment and whirled his head around to take a better look. All he could mutter was, "Son-Of-A-Bitch!"


A moment later, all hell broke loose. Heavily armed uniformed soldiers appeared from the shadows outfitted in riot gear and moved toward the castaways. The soldiers quickly advanced to the altar archway surrounding the castaways. A loud explosion extinguished the guiding white light covering the church in total darkness. The castaways screamed out in terror and sorrow as the soldiers began ushering them through the archway.

Sawyer could barely see in the almost total darkness but went on his own offensive attacking the soldiers around him and Juliet. He put up a valiant effort but there were too many of them. In a short span of time, Sawyer was pummeled and bloodied and his shirt was ripped from his body. (Ain't that always the case) He and Juliet were dragged off kicking and screaming by the soldiers through the archway.

Sayid also rushed toward the soldiers but was swiftly knocked unconscious with a blow from the blunt end of a rifle. A soldier silently dragged him through the arch disappearing into the darkness with a dull thud.

John Locke, a stunned look on his face, simply stared at the scene unfolding in front of him, frightened beyond comprehension. Locke grasped at his legs, making sure he still had use of them. Two soldiers grabbed him from behind and pushed him through the archway. Locke pleaded with the soldiers for an explanation but to no avail. The soldiers spoke not a word.

Jack shielded Kate behind him and took an aggressive stance waiting for the soldiers. He threw wild punches and connected with several on the soldiers flak jackets. His attack was useless. The soldiers grabbed Jack and unceremoniously dragged him toward the archway. Jack looked up and saw his father viewing the carnage from above. He yelled out to his father for help but did not receive a reply. Kate attempted to run from the church but found the doorway locked. She pressed hard against the doors in hopes of snapping the lock but the soldiers were upon her in mere seconds.

Desmond and Penny were corralled and right before he slips into the darkness of the archway, he spies Jack and utters his famous lines, "See you in another life Brotha!" Desmond and Penny vanish into the darkness in the arms of the soldiers.


In a matter of less than thirty seconds, the castaways find themselves in a steel hull. In total darkness. Metal doors are heard shutting and locking. (From a soothing warm white light to a harsh cold darkness.) Jack and Sawyer yell and pound on the steel door demanding to be let out but to no avail. The rest of the castaways struggle to find their footing as the steel prison they are in begins to move.


Meanwhile, Ben Linus, still seated outside the church, upon hearing the explosion and scuffle inside, rises from his bench and runs to the doors but finds them locked from within. He pushes on the doors as if to test their strength, then checks his watch, gives his wily smirk, and briskly walks down the cement path away from the church. The camera zooms out revealing several people out of focus waiting for Linus in the parking lot. Ben is giving instructions or commands, as no audio can be heard and the shot is from a distance not allowing me to make out who is actually there. (Perhaps it is Michael, Eko, Paulo, Widmore)


Flash back to the castaways in the transport vehicle. The castaways are panicking, struggling to stay on their feet in the darkness. The camera pans out from the darkness inside to reveal a semi truck hooked up to and pulling an overseas container. (The identifying markers on the semi truck door indicates Dharma Initiative insignia.)


Camera cuts to the transport vehicle, the overseas container. Inside, Sayid slowly awakens from his stupor. He hears panic in the voices of the castaways. He hears Jack bellowing, talking to his dead father, (Who isn't there) asking why this was all happening. Asking his father if it was all just a dream, some sort of maniacal torture.

Sayid seeks out Shannon and comforts her as best he can. He vows to Shannon that he will find a way out of there. Sayid soothes Shannon and informs her that he is going to survey the surroundings, to hopefully find a breach in the transport. Reluctantly, she releases her hold on Sayid and he walks to the back of the transport.

John Locke tried to man up but is so depressed, he just cowered in a corner, pressing his hands against his head as if in agony. He blathers unintelligently about the ying and yang, light and dark, good and evil, life and death, heaven and hell.

Meanwhile, Sayid is attempting to find some sort of escape but to no avail. The container walls are made of steel. There are no skylights, no sliding doors, no exit. Even knowing there is no escape, he continues to search for some sort of latch, or hatch to gain his freedom.


The castaways slowly begin to assemble in the back of the container. Hurley suggests a roll call to see who all is there and if perhaps anyone escaped the soldiers. Hurley begins by announcing his name, Jack chimes in with his, and Kate speaks her name. Sayid begins to speak when an overpowering noise fills the container. The sound is a humming noise that turns into the Smoke Monster metallic sounds. This keeps up for almost thirty seconds. Jack Flashes back to the "Room 23" subliminal messages that were playing. Then all at once. Complete silence. A woman cries out, it sounded like Shannon, screaming out to leave us alone, and what have we ever done to you. The screaming turns into whimpering and then sobbing.


Shuffling of feet and heavy breathing can be heard when a new wave of sound breaks the silence. This time it's music. It sounds like 1960's music. The lyrics to the song are...

"Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"

I think I'd like to go
back home
And take it easy
There's a woman that
I'd like to get to know
Living there

Everybody seems to wonder
What it's like down here
I gotta get away
from this day-to-day
running around,
Everybody knows
this is nowhere.

Everybody, everybody knows
Everybody knows.

Every time I think about
back home
It's cool and breezy
I wish that I could be there
right now
Just passing time.

Everybody seems to wonder
What it's like down here
I gotta get away
from this day-to-day
running around,
Everybody knows
this is nowhere.

Everybody, everybody knows
Everybody knows.

The song repeats, over and over, getting louder every time, as if it is on a loop. Charlie knows the song, he remembers it from Neil Young's debut album in 1969. Charlie remembers that his band Driveshaft got their start opening for Young years ago. Charlie clutches onto Claire and sings along to the tune. Hour after hour the song and lyrics are drilled into the memories of the castaways by brute force. They cannot escape it. They cannot speak or communicate over it. All they can do is listen to it. At one time or another, all castaways are seen humming or lip syncing to the song. Hours later the music stops just as quick as it started. The metal container they are in also comes to a halt. Hurley blurts out the song was playing for 23 hours straight.

Sayid smells a faint whiff of a gas slowly seeping in. He commands everyone to cover their face with their clothes and to avoid taking any deep breaths. Slowly the castaways succumb to the knock out gas and they are lying on the floor of the cargo container.


It's daylight, outside, the camera is panning slowly from the left revealing an island setting. A large metallic object with the Oceanic Airlines logo comes into focus. It's Oceanic Flight 815's engine. There is complete silence. (No audio)

The audio begins as the camera pans onto the beach, showing the crashed Oceanic Flight 815 fuselage bent and twisted on the island. (This scene reminded me exactly like the very end of Lost, after the big reveal, when the network came back from commercial. Showing the last scene, the wreckage of the plane from several angles on the beach, sans people)

The camera iris blinks, the sky flashes, and the castaways are back where they started. Strewn across the beach, lying still. In unison, the camera focuses and zooms in on a close up of each castaways eyes suddenly opening, displaying them across the screen simultaneously.


As in the pilot episode, some castaways are moving and running around while others are aimlessly walking about. Jack sees familiar bamboo and gives the impression he knows he's back on the island. He gets up and runs toward the beach noticing a sharp pain in his side, the same pain he had when he originally crashed on the island. Blood is slowly seeping out of his wound.

The castaways all gather in the clearing and come together. Hurley once again attempts to count who was present and who didn't get captured.

Lost Deja Vu All Over Again
Deja Vu All Over Again
Charlie surveys the scene in front of him, then surrealy asks, "Guys, Where are we?" (Just as he did in the Lost pilot in 2004 after hearing the smoke monster metallic sounds)
Jack laments, "We're back. We're back on the island."
Charlie mumbles and sings under his breath, "Everybody knows
this is nowhere, Everybody knows this is nowhere!" (Which were part of the lyrics of the song piped in during their captivity in the semi trailer.)

Cue the Lost logo and music.....

Well, what do you think Lost fans? Do you like this new story arc, or like sheeple, will you walk dutifully into the light directed by Christian Shephard? let me know in the comments, but more importantly, let me know what your theory is...

ABC Lost Sequel Part Two Found Here Titled: The Harvest.



ABC Lost Sequel - The Harvest - Part 2-4

Lost Sequel - Episode 2 - The Harvest
Lost Sequel - Episode 2 - The Harvest
Previously on Lost:
Charlie surveys the scene in front of him, then surrealy asks, “Guys, Where are we?” (Just as he did in the Lost pilot in 2004 after hearing the smoke monster metallic sounds)
Jack laments, “We’re back. We’re back on the island.”
Charlie mumbles and sings under his breath, “Everybody knows
this is nowhere, Everybody knows this is nowhere!” (Which were part of the lyrics of the song piped in during their captivity in the semi trailer.)


The castaways are huddled on the beach, surrounded by Oceanic wreckage, in a state of shock. There is no talking going on. The camera isolates each and every castaway for a few seconds then pans to the next. Claire mutters that she feels different, something has changed from her previous stays on the island. Jin and Sun confirm the same feelings. Something is definitely off kilter.

Sayid, still holding Shannon close, solemnly states, "We all knew it couldn't have been heaven we were in. Everyone here, including myself, has done some very terrible things in out past. Murder, rape, theft, adultery. This bunch was not sanctioned for heaven, but more like hell if you ask me."

John Locke, slowly kneels to the sand, runs the sand through his hands, and keenly suggests that they are all dead. That perhaps Naomi was correct when she was shocked to see us all alive. The castaways are looking at John, with bewilderment on their faces as Locke states, "Hey look everyone, we were all there, in that church, and now we're here, back on the island. I was dead, Ben Linus strangled me in a motel room." Locke shifts his glance to Boone and continues, "Boone, you were dead to. I watched you die. I helped bury you. And look around people, others have died as well, (Looking towards Charlie) and yet, here we are, right back where we started, back on the island, in some sort of Purgatory. Surely, the island is not finished with us yet.

Boone reels his head toward Locke and chimed in, "Well I don't know about the rest of you but I don't feel dead." Maintaining his gaze on Locke, Boone continues, "you're not going to get all Twilight Zone on us now are you? Expecting us to see Rod Serling appear from behind those trees wearing his dark suit and smoking a cigarette, and speak his monologue like he always used to."

Boone stands up, crosses his hands in front and holds a twig as if it were a cigarette imitating Serling, and says in his best Rod Serling voice, "Respectfully submitted for your approval… The place is here, the time is now, and the journey into the shadows that we’re about to watch could be our journey. A journey that begins at a typical airport filled with anonymous travelers. The passengers of Oceanic flight 815, a collection of improbable circumstances stuck together in a prolonged nightmare in which fear, loneliness and the unexplainable walk hand in hand through the shadows. In a moment we’ll start collecting clues as to the whys, the whats and the wheres. We will not end the nightmare, we’ll only explain it… because this is the Twilight Zone."

The castaways as a whole chuckle a tad, a few smiles roll across several faces.
Hurley, in a scary tone shouts out, "The book the Kanamits brought us, To Serve Man, IT'S A COOKBOOK!" The castaways relax just a bit more and begin to look around at each other taking stock in who is there and who isn't.

Sawyer admits it's the best explanation he's heard since Juliet told him they were building a runway for the aliens to land when he was held captive by the Others. The group chuckles again for a moment until Sawyer notices Juliet is not present.


Sawyer panics, whirls around in several circles scouting out the area. He yells out for Juliet (And her amazing rack) again and again. He starts to make a mad dash into the jungle but Jack and Sayid stop him. Jack attempts to reason with Sawyer that everyone will formulate a plan and go out on a search mission.
Sawyer says, "Doc, I ain't buying any of this, now get out of my way." Sayid and Jack release Sawyer and decide to follow a running Sawyer into the jungle.

The remaining castaways call out for the men to return. They receive an answer as the spooky metallic smoke monster sound emanates from the jungle. Tree tops begin to shake and the ground begins to tremble. Instead of the smoke monster making an appearance, Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer emerge from the jungle running away from the smoke monster.


The castaways huddle closer by the wreckage and wait out the smoke monster trembling. Sawyer is out of breath and still agitated, yells at Jack, "I thought you killed old smoky. I saw him dead at the bottom of the cliff! What is he doing out there in the jungle now?"
Jack fired back, "I did kill him. Kate shot him and I kicked him over the cliff. I saw his lifeless body."
Hurley points out, "Dude, you saw John Locke's body at the bottom of the cliff and he's right over there." (Hurley staring over at John Locke)
Claire screams, "Where's my baby? Charlie, Where's Aaron?"


Charlie is hugging Claire, attempting to comfort her, trying to calm her down. Charlie points out that she is still very much pregnant, as the camera pans to Claire's obvious pregnant belly. Claire rubs her belly and screams, "What is happening? Why am I still pregnant? I gave birth to Aaron on the island. Did we travel back in time to do it all again?"
Kate speaks, "I remember Claire, I helped you deliver Aaron. But,... I also remember helping you deliver Aaron off the island at the benefit Desmond was holding."
Hurley says, "Dude, where the Hell is Desmond?"


The castaways take notice on who is present. Hurley begins to count and calling out names starting with himself, "Hugo, Charlie, Claire, Jack, John, Shannon, Boone, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Sayid, Kate, Michael, Walt."
Jack mutters, "Where is Desmond, and Rose, Bernard, Miles, Richard, Frank, even Widmore!"
Sun feels her belly and wonders about her pregnancy. Jin notices and clutches her hand and says, "Everything will be alright Sun."
John, taking stock in his surroundings, offers that the group must come together, form a plan, seek supplies, shelter, and fresh water.
And Sawyer adds, "And guns! Plenty of guns!"
Sawyer continues and blurts out, "Now that's all good and all Mister Clean, but we need to find Juliet. And the others that are missing."
Charlie utters, "This is Deja Vu all over again. Don't you see, we're back where we started, I've done this before. We've all done this before. That's what Desmond was trying to tell me. He's seen this happen before too. He warned me, us, but we didn't listen."


Michael is holding Walt, protecting him, or perhaps using Walt as a shield to protect himself from the others. He remembers what he did, who he murdered, the betrayal to get him and Walt off the island. Locke slowly walks over to Michael and Walt, extends his hand in friendship, and says, "Welcome back Michael, Walt. It's been a long time since I've seen you two."
Michael breaks down crying, hugs Locke, and blubbers, "You know I had to do what I had to do to save Walt. I didn't want to do any of those things. Somehow, I felt like I was forced to. Like I had no choice."
Jack replies, "I know the feeling. Perhaps it's your turn for your shot at redemption."
Sayid consoles Michael, tells him that everyone has done things on this island that they regret. He is not alone.


Jack takes the bull by the horns and gathers the group. He asks for suggestions on how they all should proceed.
Sun asks, "What do you think we should do Jack?"
Jack spins slowly around with all eyes on him and states, "Well, it's obvious we can't stay here. There's nothing left but the old wreckage. We need food, shelter, water. Maybe we should go back to Dharmaville and see if it's still standing."
Jack realizes that is exactly what he had done previously, take control, and backs off a little, offering that perhaps since we've done it before, it will be easier this time around.
Sayid: "Jack's right. We are exposed to the elements and whatever else may be on this island. I think we should go to Dharmaville. We should stay together, as a whole, and not split into groups as we had in the past. Does everyone agree with this?"
Jack: "I agree, if we're going to do this, let's gather what we can and set out on our journey."
Sawyer: "What ever you say Doc."
Kate: "We can make Dharmaville by nightfall if we leave now."
Locke: "Well, I guess the island wasn't done with us after all!"
Hurley: "Why am I feeling more and more like Jar Jar Binks in this sequel?"


The castaways begin their trek to Dharmaville. They are all in close proximity to each other. Claire has calmed down and is holding Charlie's hand as they are walking. She asks him if he remembers drowning in the flooded station.
Charlie looks perplexed and answers, "Yes, I do remember, and I remember punching in the Beach Boys notes and writing NOT PENNYS BOAT on my hand to warn Desmond."
Hurley butts in, "Dude, do you remember anything after that? I mean, you died. Was there a bright light?"
Charlie: "No Hugo, there was not. I remember visiting you at the hospital. I remember being at the church. I remember being pushed into a truck and locked up and winding up here. I can't explain it, but here I am."

John Locke is asked by Hurley the same question. (What do you remember?)
Locke: "Like I said on the beach, I know Ben Linus murdered me in a hotel room. I remember the church as well. And now here. My mind is a blank from the transport to waking up on the island. Hey, at least we didn't crash here this time."
Boone relays a different scenario, that he remembers living in the states, with his sister Shannon, and that he very much felt alive. He can't explain it, but he doesn't remember dying. In fact, he remembers everyone getting rescued by a man named Widmore after a few days on the island.
Boone says, "Do you mean to tell me that we never got rescued? That I died? Here? On this island? Crazy, that's not what I remember at all. I was at the church for a funeral, Jack's fathers funeral. I thought everyone else was there for the same reason."


The castaways, after several hours of trekking through the jungle, come to a small clearing. It's Jacob's old cabin. It looks to be in pretty good shape. They notice no ring of ash surrounding it. They smell smoke and hear distant movement. Sayid, who was in the lead, stops and gives the signal for everyone to stop and be quiet. He whispers to the group that he is going to survey the area and will report back. Just as Sayid was about to go, voices are heard and two figures appear. It's ROSE AND BERNARD. Hand in hand casually walking from behind the cabin.

The castaways come out of hiding and a joyous reunion occurs with hugging and laughing between the castaways. Vincent comes tearing through the jungle and spies Walt and jumps all over him, wagging his tail and licking Walts face.
Sawyer to Rose and Bernard: "Did you see anyone else? Juliet?"
Rose: "We saw Nikki and Paulo run by but they didn't stop. They just kept running. I'm sorry James, but I did not see Juliet since the day we all met in the church. It seems like only yesterday but it was so long ago. We thought you had left the island."
Sawyer: "That means that Juliet might be here on the island. We have to keep looking for her!"
Kate to Sawyer: "We will James. We will."

Bernard tosses a few more branches under the kettle that was simmering. Bernard reveals a jumbo sized Dharma can of chicken noodle soup. He says the cabin is well stocked with plenty of supplies. He opens the can and pours it into the simmering pot.
Bernard to everyone: "Please, everyone, come and sit. We have fresh water and the soup will be done in a few minutes."
Jack takes a load off and Kate sits next to him. Bernard passes out Dharma water bottles to everyone. Jack asks Rose how long they have been here.
Rose replies, "We lost track quite some time ago. But we knew you would return. You always do."
Hurley to Rose: "You mean we have done this before? Came back to the island and found you two? How many times?"
Rose: "Yes, you have. Like I said, I lost count a long time ago.
Sawyer: "Well whatta ya know, we're in the movie Groundhog day."


Claire is fatigued. She lays down and eats some soup. Charlie tends to her. Jack tells Rose and Bernard their plan, to make it to Dharmaville before nightfall. Hopefully there will be adequate shelter and supplies there. Jack invites them both to join them. Of course, Rose declines the offer stating that Bernard and her are quite happy where they are.
Rose then turns quite serious for a moment, gazes into Jack's bright blue eyes, and warns him, "Are you sure you want to go back? You might not like what you find there!"
Jack: "Rose, we have no choice. We have to go back. To find Juliet. Shelter. What won't I like there? Is it destroyed?"
Hurley to Jack in a Darth Vadar voice: "Jack, it is your destiny!"

Sawyer is antsy to continue, loads up on water, and prepares to carry on. The rest of the castaways also get up and prepare. Claire states that she is tired, and doesn't want to go on. She doesn't want to hurt the baby. Charlie comforts her. She tells Charlie to go on, she'll be alright here with Rose and Bernard.
Charlie announces that he is staying, stating, "I will never leave you again Claire!"
Bernard confirms they can stay offering plenty of room and food.


The castaways wave goodbye to Rose, Bernard, Claire, and Charlie and forge ahead into the jungle. There is plenty of small talk between the castaways but more so with Kate and Jack.
Kate asks Jack: "What did Rose mean that we might not like what we find. That sounds so familiar, like I've heard that before.
Hurley chimes in: "Because it's from The Planets Of The Apes. Remember the last scene when Charlton Heston and Nova are on the horse ready to leave Ape city. Dr. Zairus, the keeper of the faith tells him he won't like what he's looking for. And then at the end, Chuck is on his knees cursing, Damn you, damn you all to hell. And he looks up and sees a buried and broken Statue Of Liberty in the sand. Chuck realizes he is home and the planet is destroyed and now apes run the world."
Sawyer to Hurley: "Get your paws off me you damn dirty ape!"


Several more hours pass and the castaways are near Dharmaville. They notice the sonic fence is no longer there. Sawyer quips, "Great, no line of defense against old smoky." From the cabins inside Dharmaville, music is emanating from the cabins. The castaways hear an old 1969 song playing by Zager and Evans,

In the year 6565
Ain't gonna need no husband, won't need no wife
You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too
From the bottom of a long glass tube, whoa-oh

In the year 7510
If God's a-comin' He oughta make it by then
Maybe He'll look around Himself and say
Guess it's time for the judgment day

In the year 8510
God is gonna shake His mighty head
He'll either say I'm pleased where man has been
Or tear it down and start again, whoa-oh

Sawyer spies a light on in the cabin he and Juliet once shared. Juliet loved that song and played it all the time. He runs to the cabin yelling out for Juliet. The rest of the group in hot pursuit right behind him. Sawyer reaches the porch and bursts into the cabin. He sees Juliet, who was just taking muffins out of the oven. Juliet is startled, cranes her neck back towards the door, and proceeds to drop the pan of muffins on the floor. (Just as she did when we first saw her) She runs to Sawyer, they embrace, hug, kiss. Sayer, whispers in Juliet's ear, "I told you that I wouldn't let go!"

A very emotional reunion occurs between the entire group, each hugging and crying along with Juliet. Hurley yells, "The bands back together dude!" Everyone laughs.


Night begins to creep into the day.
Juliet turns down the music and closes the oven. Jin asks Juliet what she is doing there. How did you get here? Juliet replies that she just found herself here. In the cabin, baking muffins. She last remembers being in the church with everyone and then woke up in the cabin baking. She can't explain how, or how long she's been there. Just that she is.
Sawyer to Juliet: "My sexy little domesticated Barbie doll."

Sayid hears bushes moving and tells everyone to be quiet. Hurley kills the lights and Jack and Sayid carefully look out the window blind. It's Claire, Charlie, Rose and Bernard. They made it.

Another tearful reunion between Juliet and Claire, Charlie, Rose and Bernard. Rose said they couldn't leave Charlie and Claire behind, everyone deserves to be together.


Kate, Sun, and Hurley find Dharma food cans in the cupboards and begin to prepare a meal for everyone. After the Dharma dinner, everyone gathers round the camp fire Sayid and Shannon made. Charlie finds a guitar in one of the cabin closets and brings it out to the campfire.

Michael, alone from the group, looks up in the night sky, concentrating on the bright harvest moon shining down on him, reflecting on his past, how he got there, and what he was going to do now. He's ready to cry when his son Walt joins him, takes his father's hand in his, and smiles up at Michael.

Charlie plops down next to Claire and starts strumming his guitar softly. Claire snuggled close to his side. Charlie softly begins to sing Harvest Moon, by Neil Young.

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away.

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart.

But now it's gettin' late
And the moon is climbin' high
I want to celebrate
See it shinin' in your eye.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

The couples snuggle close at the camp fire, enjoying Charlie's rendition of Harvest Moon. Boone Hurley, and Locke are on the perimeter of the cabins, keeping watch. Locke tells Boone that he believes he was born to do this.
Boone jokes: "What, to keep watch over us on a deserted island?" How'd that work out for you the last time? From what I gather, not so good!"

The scene fades slowly to darkness, only seeing a flicker of the camp fire, Charlie's singing barely audible.


The camera zooms out from the castaways and rapidly rises and crosses the island to an undisclosed place. It is the entrance of one of the Dharma Stations. Faint sounds can be heard from within. The camera penetrates the walls to reveal Ben Linus and Jacob with file folders strewn across a table. They are discussing the castaways.

Jacob: "You’re still trying to prove me wrong."
Ben: "You are wrong!"
Jacob: "They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same. They always end up in the church, awaiting salvation!"
Ben: My friend, from now on, it only ends once. Anything that happened before, happened. It’s just progress. I think it's time to tell them the truth."
Jacob: "You better let me handle that. All you ever do is lie to them.
Ben: "You do that Jacob."

Cue the Lost Logo and music.

ABC Lost Sequel Part Three Found Here Titled: Comes A Time



ABC Lost Sequel - Comes A Time - Part 3-4

Lost Sequel - Episode Three - Comes A Time
Previously On Lost:
The camera zooms out from the castaways and rapidly rises and crosses the island to an undisclosed place. It is the entrance to one of the Dharma Stations. Faint sounds can be heard from within. The camera penetrates the walls to reveal Ben Linus and Jacob with file folders strewn across a table. They are discussing the castaways.

Jacob: “You’re still trying to prove me wrong.”
Ben: “You are wrong!”
Jacob: “They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same. They always end up in the church, awaiting salvation!”
Ben: My friend, from now on, it only ends once. Anything that happened before, happened. It’s just progress. I think it’s time to tell them the truth.”
Jacob: “You better let me handle that. All you ever do is lie to them.
Ben: “You do that Jacob.”


The castaways awake the next morning refreshed after a good nights sleep. John Locke suggests making the order of the day, to secure Dharmaville and inspect each cabin for essentials to survive. The group agree as they split into small groups to search. After searching several cabins, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer find themselves in front of Ben's old cabin, the one with the secret passages. The men enter cautiously, flick the lights on and begin to search. Everything is tidy and neat. Hurley heads right and reaches the back room, the bedroom where the secret passage doorway was. Hurley slowly opens the door and finds Jacob, sitting in a chair. Jacob is smiling at Hugo, carelessly waiting for him.


Hugo is frozen in place, not knowing what to do. He knew Jacob was dead. Jacob broke the tension.
Jacob: "Hello Hugo. I am glad you have returned. We have much to talk about!"
Hugo panics, stammers, tries to call out to Jack and Sawyer, but falls to the floor knocking over a lamp table and books. Hurley is face planted staring down at a well-worn paperback book of George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm.
In another part of the cabin, Jack and Sawyer hear Hurley fall and race to the back room. They open the door, Jack sees Jacob, his eyes widen. Jack gets that wide-eyed look on his face.
Sawyer follows in after Jack and sees Hurley on the floor and Jacob looking on.
Sawyer asks looking at Jacob, "Who the hell are you?"
Jack says, "James, meet the elusive Jacob!"
Sawyer: "Well ladee freakin duh. So you're the man who caused us all this trouble."
Jacob: "No James, I am not the cause. However, I am the beginning."
Jack comes out of his stupor, directs his attention to Jacob, "I remember everything, you told me I'm like you now, and I was to protect the island, as long as I could, and then you died."
Hurley gains his footing, gets back up, blurts out to Jacob, "Why are you back Dude?" And speaking to Sawyer, "You see him too?"
Jacob: "I'm here to complete my mission. To finish what I started. We all must come full circle to survive."
Sawyer to Jacob: "What the hell does that mean Gandhi? What do we have to finish? You're talking in circles."


Jack remembers the last time Jacob was encountered in a cabin and realized why Jacob decided to make contact in Ben's cabin now. Jacob was in his own environment, his home turf.

Jack decides to gather the rest of the castaways and to get Jacob out of the cabin, (Where bad things always happened when he was in one) He tells Jacob to come out of the room and into the compound. Jacob nods and slowly follows him.
Hurley races ahead and calls for the other castaways to join him. The rest come out from other cabins and surrounding area they were searching and quickly assemble in the compound. Only Rose and Bernard recognize Jacob. The others are asking who he is.

Juliet to James: "James, who is this man?"
James: "This is Jacob! I guess the good part of old smoky"
Jacob acknowledges the castaways and calls them all by name and says hello.
Kate is holding a club she found in one of the cabins, ready to react if Jacob makes a move. You could tell by her posture she does not trust him at all. Jacob picks up that vibe and attempts to soothe Kate.

Jacob to Kate: "You need not worry about me Kate. I am not here to harm you. Any of you."
Kate retorts back: "How the hell do you know my name?"
John Locke asks, "I thought you could only be seen by Jack and Hurley? Why does everyone see you now?"
Jacob: "All in good time. I will answer that question and more."
Sayid: "You'll answer them now. You must understand our circumstances. If you truly are Jacob, you are aware fully what we had just endured. You must believe we are very skeptical about your good intentions at this unannounced arrival."

Jacob, sensing the tension and anxiety among the group, asks Jack if he could sit down on the bench in the compound.
Jacob: "I'll tell you everything you want to know. You must believe me, I am not here to harm you, but here to protect you."
Sawyer: "I ain't buying it Doc. Last time we trusted him, it got us all killed."
Jacob: "And yet here you are, very much alive. All of you!"
The castaways look towards Jack for the next course of action. Jack allows Jacob to sit and requests he continues.


Jacob sits on the bench, the castaways gather a little bit closer. Kate is still holding her club.
Jacob: "Do any of you remember when you were children, how the world seemed so simple. So big. Wonderful."
Sawyer butts in: "Hell no Jake. I don't remember it that way at all. I had a hell of a life, I watched my Dad get murdered. I drifted from town to town. It was no bed of roses for me."
Jacob: "And that is why you are here James. You were a candidate. Because of the life you led as a child. Do you remember me James, at the funeral, you were sitting on the church steps, angry at life, I offered you my pen."
Jacob looks around, makes eye contact with all the castaways, "I visited each and every one of you as a child. To see if you were candidate worthy. And you all were."
Sayid: "A candidate for what?"


Shots ring out from several sides of the compound. Bullets whizz past several castaways. Yelling and shouting, the castaways take cover, flipping the picnic table on its side to deflect the bullets. As they scramble for the shelter of their cabins, Jacob gets hit. Blood is forming at his mouth and his beige shirt is quickly becoming red and wet with his blood. Jack and Hurley see Jacob fall. Blood is pooling around Jacob's body when Hurley reaches him.
Jacob looks up through his dying eyes and pleads to Hurley, "Don't let this all go for not Hugo. What happened before means nothing. What you do now is what matters. Don't let him win!" Jacob takes his last gasp and dies. Hurley, not knowing what to say in Jacob's last moments of life, quotes a Star Wars scene between the Emperor and Skywalker. (It is your destiny. I have foreseen it.)


Men with guns are running around the camp, herding the castaways to the center of the compound. (Much like they were the other day when at the church) All 17 castaways are accounted for. The castaways are clinging to each other. The soldiers have their weapons trained on them, ready to fire at the first sign of insurrection. From the jungle comes a voice, a command, to withdraw their weapons. The soldiers comply.

The camera pans out and to the left to show the jungle. The brush is moving as someone is walking in sight of the camp. A moment later, Charles Widmore steps from the jungle brush.
Widmore, stern looking and peeved yells: "Attention everyone! Where the Hell is Desmond Hume?!"


Sawyer, agitated, lashes out at Widmore: "Listen up old man, we just got here yesterday. Your little green army soldiers roughed us up and locked us in that cargo transport."
Jin expands on the explanation: "We do not know where Desmond is. We came to the camp looking for food and shelter."
Widmore: "Those were not my men that held you captive!"
Sawyer: "They sure as hell look like them."
Kate to Widmore: "What do you want with Desmond? Are you going to kill him like you just killed Jacob?"
Widmore: "I killed Jacob because he's one of Ben Linus's puppets. I didn't want him to escape and alert Linus that we were back on the island. I'm trying to keep Desmond safe. He is the key to this entire operation."
Sayid: "What operation are you talking about?"
Widmore: "Hold on, I must make certain that Jacob is indeed dead. I've seen this to many times to believe it without being a doubting Thomas."


Widmore has his men stand down, but still heavily armed. Widmore walks to where Jacobs body is lying. He inspects Jacob's lifeless body, poking it a few times with his walking stick. He reels around to the castaways and exclaims,
"What he told you, it's a lie. He and Linus are the ones who held you captive for so very long. They are the ones who tortured you for their own SADISTIC pleasure. I'm here to put and end to it. To end your suffering. I'm here to help you!"
Michael, still clutching Walt, demands an answer stating that, "You aren't the first person today to tell us that you were here to help us, and not harm us. But that man over there is dead and you are holding us all hostage at gunpoint."


Widmore changes his tone, becomes more relaxed, and asks the castaways to please sit down. He states that after all they've been through, they deserve to hear the truth of why they are held captive on this island. Widmore opens up his back pack, takes a tin cup from it and a bottle of Dharma water. He carefully pours himself a drink and sips it as if it were 100-year-old scotch. (perhaps it is)

Widmore puts the tin cup down and begins: "As most of you are aware, Ben Linus and I are mortal enemies. However, it wasn't always that way. Years ago, we were partners. Partners in a project that would someday save mankind from their own terrible vices. We called it the Dharma Initiative."

Widmore continued: "In the Summer of 1969, Ben and I attended a rock concert, some of you might remember Woodstock, the Summer of love. It changed our lives. We saw how people could live in peace when they had a common goal, a common purpose. The music that played was emotional to us. Barry McGuire's Eve Of Destruction hit home, especially when he sang this verse,

Don't you understand what I'm tryin' to say
Can't you feel the fears I'm feelin' today?
If the button is pushed, there's no runnin' away
There'll be no one to save, with the world in a grave
[Take a look around ya boy, it's bound to scare ya boy]

And you tell me
Over and over and over again, my friend
Ah, you don't believe
We're on the eve
of destruction.

And right there we knew what we had to do."

"The castaways were intently listening as Widmore spun his tale: "My father was a very rich and powerful man, and when he died, I inherited millions of dollars, enough to buy an island. This island." With the Vietnam War escalating out of control, with the United States, The Soviet Union, and China at each others throats just waiting for the other to blink, we saw what the near future of the world could be. Death and destruction."

Linus had several connections in the exotic real estate business and we searched for the perfect paradise, an island large enough to support a small commune of people dedicated to peace, love, and harmony."

Sawyer looks disgusted and butts in: "Chucky, Is this the time we're all supposed to lock hands and sway back and forth singing Kum Ba Ya."
Widmore looks peeved, and tells Sawyer, "When I'm done with this story, you may want to sing a few of those lines."

Widmore returned to his story: "Eloise and I used our inheritance and purchased the island and we began construction on this very compound that we are located at right now. Ben and I decided that a simple life, living off the land would be the most gratifying way of life for our new commune. Hence, we built cabins instead of a five-star hotel. To keep our little island adventure a secret, I created a new corporation, The Hanso Foundation, and had all the contracts and paper work channeled through them."

Several years later, our son Daniel was conceived and born on the island. He would be the first native of the island. But at that time, as with all good plans, it began to unravel. Linus was becoming more and more paranoid about the unrest of the super powers of the world and if a world war was declared, it would be the end of the world as we knew it.

So he convinced me to protect the island. Convinced me that a catastrophic event would soon be coming and that we needed to be prepared for it. I used my contacts with the military and several private sector scientists to create a protective grid. In less than three months a working prototype was in place.

The design was quite simple really. An enormous focused electromagnetic pulse discharged into the atmosphere. The pulse would then combine with the ionosphere and would form a net that would neutralize any radiation that would spread. The pulse was capable to create a grid that would surround a small island.

However, this barrier, or shield, took massive amounts of energy to maintain. In the 1970's, the only energy powerful enough to sustain the burst was an atomic reaction. Through the black market, we purchased a nuclear bomb. We stripped it down and constructed a small reactor plant on Hydra Island."

Sawyer chimed in again: "And you had Doc Brown deliver it in his DeLorean!"

Widmore: "No James, my freighter delivered it. Along with the machinery, steel, and raw materials to construct the stations that you have found dotted across the island. We were preparing for the ultimate worst case scenario. If the grid failed, we could move under ground and live in the stations until the radiation subsided. The stations are all interconnected and we could freely move from one to the other. My freighter also brought all the Dharma canned and powdered goods you see on the island. We had enough food and supplies for 84 people to survive for 10 years. We were well prepared."

Kate: "84 people. Why 84 people?"

Widmore: "In the beginning, we were going to invite 40 couples with like minds to join us in paradise. Eloise, myself, Ben and Anna would complete the 84 people. That was the plan until we found that the protection grid had a side effect we did not anticipate. This is where Linus and I differed on what course of action to proceed with. Linus went insane with Godlike delusions and when I was on the mainland making final preparations and delivering the final freighter of supplies, he slaughtered the original inhabitants of our commune, allowing only a few loyal followers to survive. This is why it is imperative that I find Desmond Hume. He can reset the island so to speak. He is the key."

Sayid: "Side effect! Other than make the sky turn purple and shake the ground violently, what else does the pulse do?"

Widmore: "It made the island very difficult to locate. It almost hid it from view. When the shield was activated, you needed exact coordinates to find your way back. We literally had a private garden of Eden. And it has taken all this time to finally reach the island again."

Widmore stands, addresses the group: "I know that none of you trust me. So I am offering you a good will gesture. Some of you are going to be very happy with this action. If you follow me, perhaps you will begin to understand what is happening on this island. However, you all must come as a whole, I will not allow the group to be split."

Sawyer: "No way Emperor, I've heard this song before, and I'm not going to dance to this one."

Widmore: "If you speak for the group, than so be it. The second option is to take you all into custody, something none of us want to endure. Remember the bear cages James, the tanks are full of kibble for you. Please, everyone think for a moment. If I wanted to harm you, I would have ordered my men to do so. But here you stand, alive. Unharmed. I promise that I will do no harm to you if you agree to come with me."

John Locke: "Folks, he's not going to let us stay here. I say we find out what this island really wants with all of us. I thought I knew, but I was obviously wrong."
Jack to Widmore: "We have your word, no harm will come to us!"
Widmore: "I promise, I will do you no harm."


The castaways gather light supplies in their back packs. Widmore informs them that their destination is the temple. You can see in the faces of the castaways that they are worried about the temple. The castaways begin their trek following the soldiers and Widmore to the temple. Several hours later they arrive. Sayid asks Widmore if he is gong to ask him to kill the smoke monster? Widmore replies, "Smoke monster. No Mister Jarrah, there is no smoke monster at the temple."

A fire is crackling, a familiar smell wafts through the air. People are walking back and forth inside the temple compound. Hurley sees the people and rushes to the front of the line and runs to the temple. He begins yelling "Libby, Libby!" as he's running. The camera focuses on a blonde woman and she turns around revealing that it is indeed Libby.

Libby smiles and runs towards Hurley. They embrace, kiss, both of them crying. The rest of the castaways reach the temple and there before them are the rest of the castaways. Ana Lucia, Miles, Frank Lapidus, Mister Eko, Leslie Artz, Eloise, Charlotte, Daniel, Cindy, Ilana, and Naomi. Even Richard Alpert. An emotional reunion ensues between the castaways as they get re acquainted with each other.

After several minutes, Widmore announces to the group, "I hope this small gesture allows you to take that first step in trusting me. Our journey is just beginning. We must find Desmond Hume. Our very lives depend on it. I want to organize search teams of three people each and we will scour the entire island. Everyone please see my wife Eloise for your search area and partners. Time is of the essence so we must press on."

Kate is talking to Sawyer, Jack, John, and Sayid. She doesn't trust Widmore anymore now then before. In a low tone, Kate says, "All he has done is increase his chances of finding Desmond by combining forces. What is he going to do when he finds Desmond? Kill him like he did Jacob. Desmond told us he never got along with him. That he wasn't deemed good enough for his beloved daughter Penny. And now he spins this yarn about Desmond being the key to our salvation. I don't trust him. "
Jack: "I agree. This is to easy. If Linus were here, wouldn't he have tried to stop us by now?"
Sayid suggests, "Perhaps we should go along with his plan. If any of us finds Desmond, we could warm him that Widmore wants him. It may give us more time to understand what Widmore really wants from him. And from us."
All in unison, "Agreed!"


The castaways initiate their search party and set out for Desmond. All corners of the island are to be searched. In a matter of minutes, the temple camp is empty except for Widmore and a group of men to coordinate the search effort.

Jake, Kate and Daniel are one of the search teams. Their ultimate destination is the foot statue and the temple inside. Along the way they will inspect caves and gulleys where Desmond could be hiding or held captive. Jack strikes up a conversation with Daniel seeking information on Widmore.
Jack: "Daniel, your father mentioned 84 people were planned to live on this island. Why only 84? It looks like this island could house hundreds comfortably. "
Daniel: "I really don't know what my father had planned. I just know he is obsessed with regaining control of this island. He has dedicated his entire life to this cause. He won't tell me the reason, but I have an idea what it might be."

Meanwhile, Boone, Locke and Miles are headed to the hatch, where Desmond was first spotted. Miles is somewhat spooked at walking along with two formerly dead men. He breaks the ice and asks, "John, when you died, did you see a white light, or clouds, or heaven, anything?"
Locke: "No Miles, I didn't. I know i died, and know that Ben strangled me to death, but nothing after that. I woke up and found myself in a taxi on the way to the church. And now I'm here. That's all I have."
Boone replies without being asked, "I don't remember dying at all. Widmore rescued us all and took us from this God forsaken island. I was living on the mainland when one day, I awoke and found myself talking with Hugo."


Boone, Locke, and Miles approach the hatch where Desmond was originally. Cautiously they peer into the hatch. John says he remembers that there is a side entrance not far away and that they should go and search the station. They all agree and move on to the side entrance. After 20 minutes in the hatch and about to give up, they come upon the control room. Tied to a chair facing away from them is a man who appears to be Desmond. Locke slowly walks toward him and the man slightly turns his head to reveal it is Desmond.

Locke quickly begins to untie him, removing the duct tape from his mouth first. Desmond tells Locke to stop. He is wired with explosives. If he is removed from the chair, the entire station will go up. Locke looks under the chair and spies a timer counting down. 108...107...106...105...
Locke stands and informs the group that there is only a little more than a minute to free Desmond and escape.

Miles is skeptical: "Wait a minute, Widmore wants him alive, Linus wants him alive, we all want him alive. So who wants him dead? I think it's a trap. Lets get out of here!"
Locke: "Very true. Boone, Miles, get topside. I'll stay with Desmond and try to disarm this bomb. Now get going, there's only 35 seconds left."
Boone and Miles scramble through the station in record time. They hear no explosion. In the control room, Desmond and Locke await their fate. There is no explosion."


Kate, Jack, and Daniel deviate from their planned coordinates and rendezvous at the hatch. Miles and Boone are at the secret entrance. All five head back into the station and meet Locke and Desmond coming out. Desmond tells Jack, "Hello Brotha, I told you i would see you in another life!" Both smile and laugh. The backtrack and reach the surface. As they walk through the hatch door, Tom, Ethan, and several goons with guns are waiting for them.
Tom yells, "Everyone just stand still and no one will get shot today. Everyone, hands up slowly and each of you's take a few steps away from each other."

The goons tie their hands and they are marched through the jungle to the bear cages. They are all unceremoniously tossed in. Tom tells Kate to bad your lover boy isn't here, he could show everyone how to pull the handle and get kibble for everyone to eat. Tom leaves with a hearty laugh.


Kate is pacing, freaking out being trapped in the cages once again. She sees that her previous escape route has been sealed as the top of the cage has been barricaded. Jack tries the cage door and sides but to no avail. The cage is solid. Music is being piped in to the cage. It's 1970's folk rock style music.
Jack asks Desmond: "Why does Widmore and Linus need you? Why are you the key to our survival?"
Desmond: "Honestly brotha, I have no idea. I cannot stop what is happening. I only know what is going to happen. And what already did happen. Desmond has a dramatic pause and then continues, Ever since my boat washed ashore on this island, I have been having visions. At first, I thought I was delusional, sick from the boat crash, perhaps with fever from the island, but I have been reliving the same sequence of time over and over again. Why do you think I knew that Charlie was going to die? And how i saved him all those times. Because I have already seen it. Already experienced it."
Daniel: "That would explain the strange readings and test results I was getting with my test rockets on the island."
Jack: "Whoa, whoa, Desmond. Are you saying we're stuck in some type of Star Trek time warp?"

A voice from outside the cage: "That's right Jack."
The group turns to see Ben Linus outside the cage.
Ben continues: "Hello Jack, I told you the island wasn't done with you yet!" Linus is smiling as he speaks.
Jack goes crazy with rage, he smashes against the cage doors screaming at Ben, "What the Hell are you doing to us? Where is my father? Why are we back on this island? What purpose do we serve here?"

Ben to Jack: "Jack, your father is dead. He was always a figment of your imagination. In fact, everyone you knew or thought you knew from your past is dead. They no longer exist Jack."
Jack: Do you really expect us to believe you, after all the lies you told?"
Ben to Jack: No Jack,... I expect you to die. I always wanted to say that!" (In his best sarcastic tone)

The music in the cage gets a little louder, the song changes to Neil Young's classic, Comes A Time:

Comes a time
when you're driftin'
Comes a time
when you settle down
Comes a light
feelin's liftin'
Lift that baby
right up off the ground.

Oh, this old world
keeps spinning round
It's a wonder tall trees
ain't layin' down
There comes a time.

You and I we were captured
We took our souls
and we flew away
We were right
we were giving
That's how we kept
what we gave away.

Oh, this old world
keeps spinning round
It's a wonder tall trees
ain't layin' down
There comes a time.

Cue the Lost logo......
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ABC Lost Sequel Finale Found Here Titled: After The Gold Rush



ABC Lost Sequel - After the Gold Rush - Finale

ABC Lost Sequel - Episode Four - After The Gold Rush
ABC Lost Sequel - Episode Four - After The Gold Rush
Previously On Lost:
Jack: “Whoa, whoa, Desmond. Are you saying we’re stuck in some type of Star Trek time warp?”
A voice from outside the cage: “That’s right Jack.”
The group turns to see Ben Linus outside the cage.
Ben continues: “Hello Jack, I told you the island wasn’t done with you yet!” Linus is smiling as he speaks.
Jack goes crazy with rage, he smashes against the cage doors screaming at Ben, “What the Hell are you doing to us? Where is my father? Why are we back on this island? What purpose do we serve here?”
Ben to Jack: “Jack, your father is dead. He was always a figment of your imagination. In fact, everyone you knew or thought you knew from your past is dead. They no longer exist Jack.”
Jack: Do you really expect us to believe you, after all the lies you told?”
Ben to Jack: No Jack,… I expect you to die. I always wanted to say that!” (In his best sarcastic tone)
Important Lost Clue
Important Lost Clue

Jack has calmed down a bit as Kate tries to sooth him anger. Ethan arrives, whispers into Ben's ear and they have an unheard conversation. Miles overhears something about the Prometheus and a wheel. The group has no idea except Daniel.
Ben Linus calls out to Goodwin, who is standing with a group of men just a few yards from the bear cage, "Please turn the music off, there is no need for psychological conditioning anymore. That dog just won't hunt no more. It's time to tell the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 why they are back on the island."

Boone retorts that is the second time today someone told them that. Ben completely ignores Boone, and then offers the castaways freedom if they can behave in a civilized manner.
Ben states: "Jack, everyone, we really do need to talk. You may not realize it, but I am saving your lives. I've done it before, but this is the last time. The island isn't what you think it is. Please, come with me to my headquarters, where we can converse in a secure atmosphere."
Jack: "And if we decline?"
Ben: "I insist!"
Tom Friendly smiles and readies his rifle. Ben holds his hand up to Tom, and says, "Tom, no need for that. Where are they going to go?"
Tom unlocks the cage and the castaways file out and follow Ben and his men. A few meters from Ben, Sawyer and Juliet lie in ambush. Their plan is thwarted as a rifle is nudged into Sawyer's back and he hears the sound of a trigger being pulled back.
Sawyer: "Son-of-a-bitch!"


Ben is very cordial, he smiles at James and Juliet.
Ben: "It's truly good to see you again Juliet. And, Ah, Hello James. You should let John Locke do the tracking from now on."
Sawyer: "OK Gunda Din!"
The group marches for an hour and comes to a mountain face. Brush and vines are pulled away to reveal a secret entrance to an island station. It's marking on the outside is in Greek lettering, Daniel translates the words, "Sisyphus Station." Daniel groans, "Oh no, I was wrong!"

Ben walks in first and lights and equipment turn on as he walks down the corridor. They pass what looks to be the infamous room 23. They continue walking deep into the station, into the mountain. At the end of one of the corridors is a door. Ben opens the door to reveal a large conference room complete with table, chairs, television monitor, file cabinets, over head projector, and white boards hanging on the walls.
Ben turns and asks every to, "Please sit, make yourself comfortable."


The castaways all take a seat. Linus goes to the file cabinet and pulls out about a dozen files. He sits down and flips open the top file.
Ben: "I was hoping that Jacob could be here to help relieve some of the confusion but we all know what Charles Widmore did this morning. So, I will begin by telling you that Jacob visited each and every one of you when you were children. I think most of you remember this visit, some may not.
Sawyer: "Wait a minute, you're telling me Jacob, who doesn't look a day over 40, visited me 30 years ago? How is that possible Mr. Wizard?"
Ben: "What Widmore didn't tell you, the island has a very special property. While you are on the island, you do not age. However, a caveat also awaits."
John: "Is that why Richard never aged?"
Ben: "Yes, John. And you as well. And me."
Jack: "How is this possible, the island having magical properties. We've only been here 108 days, of course we haven't aged. Nobody has."
Ben: Smirks, "Jack, that is what I'm trying to tell you. If you would please let me finish."

Ben: "Jacob had a purpose for visiting you. You were all candidates. One in thousands of candidates. As the years passed, many of the candidates fell out of favor with our program. You were part of the 84 selected. oceanic Flight 815 never crashed. We needed a back story, and the plane crash was the perfect scenario, the perfect cover. On the mainland, authorities and the NTSB investigation found the downed plane in deep water. All the passengers were strapped in and all souls were considered lost. You were now all officially dead.
Kate interrupts: "How did you know we would all be on that plane. What if we didn't make it. what then?"
Ben: "Jacob was very persuasive and manipulative. He planted the correct seeds and offered the best case scenario for each and every one of you. The rest was easy."


The conference room door opens and Goodwin walks in and immediately goes to Ben. Goodwin whispers in his ear for a few seconds and Ben stands and announces to the group, "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I have some pressing island business to attend to." Ben calls out for Ethan and seconds later Ethan walks into the room.
Ben: "Ethan, please entertain our guests until I return." Ben and Goodwin head toward the door, Ben stops, turns to the group and says, "My good people, this station is the only safe haven from the smoke monster. Please do not leave the station walls. We cannot afford to lose any more of you."

As Ben and Goodwin walk down the stations corridor, Goodwin asks about smokey, "I thought you turned that program off?" Ben says, "I did Goodwin, but they don't know that now do they?"
Ben to Goodwin: "Did you retrieve everyone?"
Goodwin: "No, Alpert is still missing!"
Ben: "Find him!"


Ben gathers his men and heads back to Dharmaville. Widmore's men are casually deployed inside the camp. In a brutal attack, Widmore's men are massacred by Ben's team. Widmore is not dead, only wounded. When the situation is secured, Ben descends dow the hill and into camp. he approaches Widmore, stops and kneels close to him.
Ben: "Remember when I said I would murder your daughter Penny for payback on your men killing my daughter Alex? I lied Charles!"
Linus aims his pistol and shoots Widmore at point-blank range in the head and several times in the chest. Ben laments, "That's for Alex YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
Ben to his men: "Gather up our other guests, bring them back to the Prometheus station right away."
Ben looks back at the lifeless body of Charles Widmore and states, "May God have mercy on your soul.... And mine."


Back at the Prometheus station, the castaways have questions for Ethan hoping to gather some needed intel on their situation.
Jack to Ethan: "Ethan, I know you were dead. How can you be here now. How can all of us be here now?"
Ethan: "Jack, You're dead! We're all dead! My God, haven't you figured this out by now?"
Sawyer: "Well now I've heard everything. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. We're all dead. What are we, in some sort of way station, in some sort of Purgatory waiting for Christmas bells so Ethan here can earn his Angel wings! Hell, being abducted by aliens and put in a virtual reality chamber is a better explanation than Purgatory!"
Ethan: "Ask your man Desmond. He knows. He'll tell you. I don't know why he hasn't already."


Ethan sees a red light blinking on the monitor board and excuses himself. Guards are right outside the door. The castaways are alone. John turns to Desmond looking for information.
Desmond: "We are not dead! I assure you of that. I do not know all the facts, but we're alive."
Daniel: "Desmond, my experiments on the island, they were confusing to me. On the island, it appeared that time was irrelevant, that it didn't exist. But right off shore on the freighter, time was passing normally. Do you know anything about this? Why time is not moving?"
Desmond: "I know that I have been repeating certain events. I know I've been to the church before. Saved Charlie's life many times. I've found Penny many times. And many times I didn't. It's like I'm given as many chances as i need to get things right, but something goes wrong every time, and I wake up and start all over again."
Daniel: "Yes Desmond. Yes. A loop. The Sisyphus effect!"
Miles: "Can I buy a vowel here. What the Hell is the Sisyphus effect?"
Daniel: "In Roman mythology, Sisyphus was a wise king punished by the Gods for smiting them. As punishment, he was compelled to roll a huge stone up to the top of a mountain. When he reached the plateau, the stone rolled back down to the bottom. He then had to start at the bottom and roll the stone back up and repeat this loop for all eternity."
Boone: "So we're back in Roman times, we're all smited by the Gods. Destined to repeat this over and over forever?"
Desmond: "No, something is different this time. I can feel it. This isn't how it started last time."
John: "Then that's a good thing. Maybe we have the edge on Ben. Maybe he doesn't know what's going to happen next. We may have the element of surprise."


Ben Linus has returned to the Prometheus station with more guests. The remaining castaways had been rounded up and led to the station. Ben asks the 7 members already there to join them in the larger meeting room further inside the station. Hugs and kisses from all the castaways and secretly exchanged information among the themselves.

The survivors are as follows: Jack and Kate, Jin and Sun, Sawyer and Juliet, Sayid and Shannon, Charlie and Claire, Hurley and Libby, Bernard and Rose, Daniel and Charlotte, John Locke, Ana Lucia, Frank Lapedus, Cindy, Miles, Mr. Eko, Michael and Walt, Dr. Leslie Artz, Nikki, Ilana, Boone, Naomi, and Desmond.

Desmond looks frantically for Penny, but doesn't see her.
Ben to Desmond: "As an act of good faith, (As he motions to his guard) your journey is over my friend." (Penny comes through the door and sees Desmond and runs to him. They embrace and cry in each other's arms.)
Sayid silently speaks to Jack and Sawyer while the reunion hugs are in progress: "Linus is insane. We must act now why we have the numbers. It may be too late if we don't act now."
Sawyer: "We don't stand a chance with no guns and those goons armed to the teeth."


Linus makes his way to the front of the room, breaks open the files once again and asks for everyone's attention. The castaways slowly gather and take seats. Sayid notices that there are only two guards inside the room. Linus begins to talk again.
Ben: "For those that were not here earlier, I'll let the others catch you up. As I was saying, Jacob visited all of you in the past to evaluate your worth as a candidate. Congratulations, you all made it."
Ana Lucia: "Just what made us candidates and how did we pass the mustard?"
Ben: "There were many criteria but three main factors were focused on. One, the candidate had no entangling alliances. Nothing to go back to. Second, personality and fortitude were tested. Life on an island would be harsh sometimes. We needed to know if you could survive the stress. And last, each candidate wanted a chance at redemption. Each of you fits the criteria. For all those wondering, the list of names you were so worried about was simply the list of candidates."


The camera pans to the castaways as Ben keeps talking. Sawyer is on the right side of the room and Sayid on the left while Jack is front and center. In unison, all three leap to their feet and charge the armed guards. Both guards are quickly subdued as Jack is racing towards Linus. Linus sees the attack and quickly pushes a concealed panel on the wall and makes his escape.

Jack and Locke follow through the panel in pursuit of Linus. Down the corridor Linus disappears. Locke and Jack search the station.

On the other side of the station, Sayid is interrogating the captured guard. After several minutes of Sayid's unique methods, the guard reveals the information Sayid was seeking.
Sayid: "One more time, Where is Widmore and his men stationed?"
Guard: "They are all dead! Linus had them killed. He shot Widmore himself at point-blank range."
Sayid: "How many men does Linus have?"
Guard: "18 men including me. We were all for hire."
Sayid: "Why did Linus bring us here?"
Guard: "I do not know. We were hired for security."
Sayid: "How long have you been here on the island?"
Guard: "Just over three months."


Sawyer is running down the station corridor. He is armed with a machine gun taken from the guard he over powered. He turns the corner and spies Linus.
Sawyer: "Hold up there running man."
Linus: "Do you know what you're doing James?"
Sawyer: "I don't do requests! Hands up Linus!"
Sawyer marches Linus outside into the corridor and returns to the conference room.


The castaways have barricaded themselves in the conference room. All the camera's are switched on sweeping the station. The outside camera picks up the soldiers exiting the station. They are either retreating or fleeing.
Jack grabs Ben and demands what the soldiers are doing.
Ben: "It's the contingency plan. If the station was compromised, they were to fall back to the temple and regroup in the secret chamber and await instruction from me."
Ben continues: "I can control them, I can make them do whatever you want Jack. Just let me talk to them."
The camera picks the soldiers up inside the temple. They reach the secret compartment and seal the door.
Boone: "If we let him talk to them we're all dead."
Ben makes a run for the control board. He pushes a button just as Sawyer and Sayid catch up to him. Sawyer busts Ben's nose with the butt end of his gun. He crumbles to the ground bleeding.
Juliet screams, "Look at the monitor. What has he done?"
The temple compartment fills with gas killing the soldiers almost instantly.
Jack loses it and begins to wail on Linus. Linus takes a beating with broken teeth and black eyes. He is groaning on the floor.


Jack regains his composure, leaves Linus on the floor in a pool of blood. He declares that it's time to get off this island once and for all. everyone agree's and they begin to leave. As they reach the exit to the Prometheus station, Linus catches up to the castaways and pleads for them to stop.

Ben to the group: "Jack, there is no going back. I implemented the end game scenario. You can never return home!"
Sawyer: "And why the Hell not?"
Ben: "Widmore didn't tell you everything about the electromagnetic shield protecting the island. The discharge has a unique wondrous by-product we never envisioned. Once the shield was activated and the pulse expelled into the atmosphere, it created a time space temporal event. Inside the bubble, on the island, time stands still. Outside the bubble, time marches on."
Sawyer: "Bull..." You're just a con man full of lies."
Daniel: "No wait. That explains why Ben and Jacob visited us in the past and not aged after 25-30 years. When they left the island for short periods of time, they aged. When they arrived back on the island, time stopped."
Hurley: "That's why Jacob didn't want us to ever leave the island."
Jin: "I think Linus is lying to us. Look at your beard Jack. If time stands still here, why is your beard still growing?"
Ben: "Because the time loop resets itself. That was Desmond's job. Widmore brought him to the island to evaluate if he was worthy of Penny. Desmond was to reset the electromagnetic pulse every 108 days. When the pulse was reset, the island reset as well, going back in time 108 days. The inhabitants on the island would then relive the next 108 days as if they just arrived with no memory of previous events."
Jack: "If we forget everything that happened, then how do you know this? How do YOU remember events and we don't?"
Ben: "Before the pulse was activated, there were only four people on the island. Charles, Eloise, Desmond, and myself. We didn't realize we had created the temporal loop until 108 days later when all the construction we had done, clearing the jungle, erecting more cabins, vanished. We were left with what we had before the pulse. The sky went pink, the ground shook, and the work crews believed they had just arrived for work. This went on for several more loops before Charles took the sub to the mainland to investigate."
Daniel: "Jack, it makes sense. My readings were pointing to this scenario."
Charlie: "Guys, how long have we been going through this loop?"
Ben: 'When Charles returned, he confirmed our belief. The mainland advanced almost a full calendar year why we aged only 108 days. That is why your beard grows Jack. You only age 108 days!"


Sayid is agitated. He comes front and center, gun in hand, confronts Linus and point-blank asks him, "You still haven't told us why we are here, why we are candidates, and for what purpose, and why we cannot leave. I want an answer now or I will shoot you."
Ben: "You're not going to like what I have to tell you but it's fact. You have to believe me."
Sawyer rolls his eyes.
Ben: "On September 22nd, 2004, most of you were brought here to the island. It was the 108 day reset cycle. Your plane crash was an elaborate hoax. You boarded the plane but were anesthetized and then removed from the plane and safely transported here. The plane then took off bound for Los Angeles. Our pilot, Widmore's employee, turned off his tracking beacon and crashed the plane in the ocean several thousand miles off course. A rescue boat picked him up at a rendezvous point. The crash was staged, media coverage showed the plane in deep water at the bottom of the ocean. Being so deep, rescue crews could not submerge that deep and the robotic search submarine filmed the bodies still strapped in their seats. You were the seeds of the island. The new life. The chosen ones. The candidates."

Ben: "In March of 2007, fighting broke out along the Iranian border. The bible was correct. The Anti-Christ would come from the East and bring terror to the land and sky. The fighting quickly escalated. We are not sure about the next events, but nuclear missiles were deployed and detonated across the globe. The United States, China, Russia, and all of Europe was consumed in a nuclear holocaust. In three months, half the world's population was dead. Six months later, the planet was dead. Total extinction. Except perhaps for a few well shielded bunkers scattered across the globe."

Ben: "Widmore was in one of these bunkers when the war broke out. He fled on his freighter and the protective shield allowed him to dock on hydra island with Penny and Eloise and his crew. He began his attempt to regain control of my island but I had prevailed."


The castaways are horrified. They wonder if they should believe what Ben has just told them. Jack of course was the doubting Thomas of the bunch.
Jack: "Well, I don't want to stay here. I want off this island. I'll take the sub and make my way on the mainland."
Ben: "The island is all that you have left Jack. It's all any of us have left. The Earth is destroyed. There aren't any tree's, plants, birds, animals. The cities have been destroyed. I saved every one of you from this terrible fate. That is why you are here on this island."
Sawyer: "I ain't calling you Noah Linus!"

Ben: "If you leave this island now, you will only find hardship. It will be a struggle just to survive. The radiation levels contaminated the rivers, oceans, and soil. Nothing is going to grow on the Earth. I offer you a paradise here on my island. We can all live in peace and harmony like the good book intended."


Ben senses hostility, anger, resentment, and asks everyone to return to the station control room. He wants to show everyone the carnage that happened. they group agrees. Sayid has several castaways stand guard.

Inside the control room, Ben turns on the monitors and turns on the monitors. News broadcasts begin playing reporting that nuclear war has begun and mankind is on the verse of extinction. One news reel shows New York City reduced to rubble. Another shows Paris in flames. Each monitor reveals a major city across the globe obliterated. Anarchy reigns supreme as governments break down. Military forces reduced to rogue units preying on the less fortunate. The last report is a remote camera, showing no more movement in the major cities. The power eventually is consumed and the camera flickers to darkness.

Ben: "Four months ago, Desmond and I went back to the mainland to check the radiation levels. Our Dharma shark that we released was still alive and the levels are within human tolerance."
Leslie Artz: "If what you say is true, a nuclear war, the radiation levels would stay deadly for hundreds of years. What you say cannot be true Ben. The laws of nuclear physics come into play here.'
Ben: "Yes Leslie. It does take hundreds of years for the radiation to dissipate. In fact, it took 521 years. Today is September 22nd, in the year 2525!"
Charlie sings the Zager and Evans 1969 tune: "If man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find..."


The castaways are in a state of shock. No one is keeping an eye on Ben. Not even Sayid. Ben continues his speech.
Ben: "We knew that war was imminent, we prepared for it. That is why we constructed our shield. It's also why we created the Dharma Initiative. One of their priorities was to mass produce non perishable foodstuff. Canned food, flour, corn meal, baking goods, dried fruits and vegetables. We have a warehouse full of supplies enough to last us for years until we grow our own food."

Rose speaks out: "But aren't we just going to go back in time 108 days when the island resets. All the progress we made will be erased."
Ben: "Rose, not anymore. I told you Desmond was the key to our survival. The day before he was to reset the pulse, I drugged him and tied him to the chair in the station. I planted a fake bomb under his chair knowing that he would be rescued by Locke. With Desmond failing to enter the code, the island pulse ran out of energy, and the island did not reset. We are living in the present. This is humankinds shot at redemption."

Cue the Lost Logo and bring up the volume to Neil Young's After the Gold Rush tune.

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming
Sayin' something about a queen
There were peasants singin' and drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree
There was a fanfare blowin' to the sun
That floated on the breeze
Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies
Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies

I was lyin' in a burned out basement
With a full moon in my eyes
I was hopin' for a replacement
When the sun burst through the skies
There was a band playin' in my head
And I felt like getting high
Thinkin' about what a friend had said,
I was hopin' it was a lie
Thinkin' about what a friend had said,
I was hopin' it was a lie

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying
In the yellow haze of the sun
There were children crying and colors flying
All around the chosen ones
All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun
Flyin' mother nature's silver seed
To a new home in the sun
Flyin' mother nature's silver seed
To a new home in the sun


There is a clearing in the jungle. A place that looks all to familiar. It looks like where Jacob's old cabin once stood. As the camera follows along the trail, it reveals a little stone church. There are several castaways walking toward the church. The camera pans to the inside revealing it decorated for a wedding. Hurley pops his head out the church door and sees Ben sitting on a bench at the entrance.
Hurley to Ben: "Hey dude! Aren't you coming in. Everyone is here."
Ben: "No Hugo, I think I'll just sit out here for awhile.'
Hurley smiles, winks at Ben and walks inside.

Mr. Eko is standing atop the altar and Leslie Artz begins the wedding march tune on the organ. Jack enters from the side door and walks to the altar. The back door of the church opens and We see Kate dressed in a white wedding dress. She slowly walks the aisle towards Jack.
Mr. Eko: "Shall we begin..."
The castaways are all smiling, some crying with joy as Jack and Kate are finally together.


The decompression stage.
It's September 22nd, 2528, three years after the electromagnetic shield was disabled. The camera shows Dharmaville, a little more modernized as the castaways have spruced it up over the past three years. A Van Morrison tune, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, is playing softly in the back ground.

The camera pans to a cabin, it's Jack and Kate's cabin. On the porch awning, a wooden sign with the words THE DOCTOR IS "REALLY" IN is burned in to=he wooden sign. Both are sitting on the porch enjoying the day.

the camera moves to Sawyer walking down the path. He waves to Jack and Kate, his neighbors, and walks in his cabin. Juliet is in the kitchen, behind the counter. She is baking muffins. She steps from behind the counter to reveal her pregnant belly. She hugs and kisses James. She asks James if he has decided on a name yet. Sawyer answers, "Bill, or George, anything but Ben!"

The camera leaves the village and shows Rose and Bernard back at their private cabin, warming up some soup.

Jin is fishing down at the beach, the camera pans out to reveal Sun walking along the shore, the camera zooms out more to reveal their baby girl running in the sand, smiling and laughing. Jin hooks a fish, gives a hearty ho ho and turns to Sun and smiles.

John Locke is behind his cabin, in a make shift work shop. He is running a lathe. Charlie walks in and asks him if its ready. John holds up the baby crib and says, almost. Claire walks in the work shop looking very pregnant. She smiles at John and Charlie.

Hurley and Libby are in a clearing, practicing yoga. Hurley has slimmed down.

Leslie Artz has collected all the books on the island to preserve history and to some day teach the children born on the island.

Michael and Walt, are seen constructing a boat. A fishing boat. Both are smiling and have bonded as father and son.

Ben, sitting atop the mountain looking down upon Dharmaville, a wry smile on his face, clears his throat, turns around as if to look if someone is there, and says into the camera, "Perhaps it's time for a new man in charge!"

Sayid and Shannon are walking on the beach. Sayid is fiddling with a walkie-talkie. Shannon looks at him and says, "It's hard to put the past behind you isn't it." Sayid answers, "Yes," smiles, and is ready to toss it back into the sea. Shannon tells him to do it. "Leave it behind. We don't need saving anymore. We have each other." Sayid looks one more time at the walkie-talkie, then back at Shannon, and laughs, drops the device in the sand and continues walking along the shoreline. As they get a bit further down the shore, the walkie-talkie squeaks, and a familiar voice comes on speaking French,

Please help me,
I'm alone now, Please someone come,
The others, they're all dead.
It killed them,
It killed them all.....