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Cherry Cheesecake To Die For

The Carnegie Deli inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, never fails for dinner. This night, after the trade show, I found myselt at the Mirage. I wondered toward the deli and ordered up a Turkey, Bacon, and American cheese sandwich on a kaiser roll. And.... for dessert, I ordered a piece of cherry cheesecake.

The sandwich as usual was very good. And plentiful. The picture does not do it justice. This sandwich was huge. The turkey was fresh, tasted great, the bacon crisp and plenty of it, and the chesse, just enough to make it pop. The kaiser roll was fresh and good.

But this is about the dessert.
The slice was tall, and long, with plenty of cherries and sauce topping. The taste, well, it was of course excellent. I was sad when I was finished. It was that good.

The total cost was around $40 without take out service tip.



Harrahs Las Vegas Fulton Street Pizza

Friday night, Vegas time, 9:30pm, my time from Ohio, 12:30am, tired, hungry, and hot. After checking in and unpacking my suitcase, I ventured down to the casino area looking for a bite to eat. I found the Fulton Street Food Hall, located inside Harrahs of Las Vegas.

I spied the pizza area and got in line and ordered two slices. I was given a piece of paper and told the pizza would be heated up for me and to go around the corner and pay for my purchase.

Around the corner was another line I had to wait in. After paying for my pizza, $15.00 for two slices of pizza. Not big slices, but regular sized pieces.

I then proceeeded back to where I ordered the pizza and of course, there were several people in front of me waiting for their slices to be warmed.

Anyway, after waiting in line again, my pzza slices were in my hand. I found a table and had at it.

The taste: None really, just bulk type food. I won't say I didn't like the slices, and i certainly won't state I liked them, they were just there, in front of me, I was hungry, there they were, and I ate them.

That would be the last time I would eat there.



Bonannos MGM Food Court Chicken Parm

The MGM Hotel in Las Vegas is grand for sure, and vast, with a thousand choices for entertainment and dining. But sometimes, after a very long day working at the convention center, you want something simple and easy.

Stepping off the monorail I wound my way toward the food court. I spotted Bonanno's New York Pizzeria. I bellied up to the counter and ordered the Chicken ParmigiAana with Baked ziti. The cost was just under $15

The server piled on the ziti and sauce and loaded a big piece of chicken on the plate. He topped it off with a roll.

I found a table easily and dug right in. Holy cow, the chicken was tender, juicy, the breading perfect, the cheese good, and the sauce, it just topped it off right. This did not taste like a $15 meal. More like a $40-50 meal.

The ziti was lathered with cheese and sauce and was fantastic. A perfect compliment. Again, for $15 in Vegas, this was the dinner bargain of my trip.



Fatburger Las Vegas Strip XL Burger

Fatburger Las Vegas Strip
I was in Las Vegas last week and I asked my good friend Travis where could I get a great tasting burger? Without hesitation he replied, "FATBURGER!" Travis lives in Vegas and I trust his opinion. That evening after work we stopped at Fatburger.

On a Tuesday at 7pm it was not crowded, a bonus for sure. Walking to the counter I surveyed the menu on the wall. I selected the X-Large Fatburger with bacon and American cheese. I added the "Skinny Fries" and a Coke Zero. Cost was just under $20.00

Inside Fatburger Las Vegas
I was handed a table number and we went to out table. In less than ten minutes our orders were brought to us. As you can see from the pictures published with this post, the burger is big, a half pound of grade A beef.

Fatburger X-Large Size And Skinny Fries
The bun was fresh, not soggy, the burger was well cooked and not greasy, the cheese was melted, and the bacon cooked, not a lot of bacon, but it was cooked. The taste was very good. Not the best burger I ever had, but it was delicious. And filling. The fries came in two types, skinny and fat. i opted for the skinny. They were well cooked and tasted good. The Coke Zero completed the meal. (Free refills on soda)



Nathans Hot Dogs - MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas

A month ago, I attended the ASD Las Vegas trade show. After a very long day of travelling and show set up, I was tired and returned to the MGM hotel. Not having a bite to eat all day, I found myself wandering the MGM food court. I spied Nathan's hot dogs and got in line. I ordered two hot dogs and french fries. I paid my $9 dollars and waited for my number to be called. A few minutes later I had my tray of Nathan's.

The hot dogs are unique. The casing is different than most hot dogs. It has an almost crunchy casing. I loaded them up with ketchup and went to town on them. Nathan's hot dogs taste good, the bun was fresh and warm, the hot dog itself fresh and not over cooked. The fries were standard fare but were good. For a quick bite to eat after a long day, Nathan's in the MGM Grand Hotel is a good choice.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 4 out of 5 shots and recommends Nathan's Hot Dogs inside the MGM Las Vegas Hotel for dinner.



Japonais Restaurant - Mirage Hotel Las Vegas

Japonais Filet
The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has several outstanding restaurants and Japonais ranks as one of the best. As most of you are aware, I am not a friend of oriental cuisine so when I walked into Japonais, I had the feeling that I may not enjoy the evening. I was wrong!

The seating was not traditional, simply small tables low to the floor with bench seats and low lighting. As expected, the restaurant had a Japanese theme. (Hence the name) But that isn't what's important.
As you can see, I ordered filet mignon with creamy potatoes. It was served on a square low brim hot clay plate. The filet was around $40.00 without tip. A coke was added to complete my meal.

Surprisingly, the fillet was very flavorful, tender, juicy, and excellent. I was a little skeptical about the potatoes as well but they were very good. Instead of mashed, they were puree style with grilled asparagus.
The Grassy Knoll Diner awards 4 shots out of 5 and recommends Japonais restaurant for dinner. Minor deductions for a minor mishap with our waitress and the cost being just a tad to pricey.



Francesco’s Italian Restaurant – Las Vegas

Francesco's restaurant, nestled inside the Treasure Island casino was hard to find. It blended right into the casino atmosphere. Luckily, we found it and wandered in for dinner.

There were a few of dining that evening so table table appetizers were ordered. Above is a fine selection  of seafood dishes from the menu.

Chicken Parm
I ordered the chicken parmigiana. Before I did, I saw an order delivered to a table next to us and it looked fabulous. It would not disappoint.

The chicken was very lightly breaded, well cooked, juicy, smothered in cheese, with a tangy tomato sauce covering a tender chicken breast. The taste was very good. The sauce was tangy, the cheese good, and the chicken well cooked and good tasting. The meal was cooked to perfection and the service very efficient. And the cost, surprisingly low at around $25.00 without tip.

The Grassy Knoll Diner awards 3.75 shots out of 5 to Francesco's Italian Restaurant and recommends them for dinner.



California Pizza - Bacon Pizza

California Dreaming - On Such A Winters Day
While the Mirage Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas has fabulous restaurants for fine dining, it also has the California Pizza restaurant. Don't get me wrong, California Pizza is a fine establishment, with a great menu including some top shelf pizza's, but instead of having the ambiance of Stack Restaurant, it has the feel of a quaint little pizza shop where you can order your favorite pizza and toppings.

We waited in line for roughly 10 minutes, which really isn't bad at all, and were seated and greeted by a friendly waitress. Water and plates were brought to the table in minutes. The waitress took our order and said she would be right back with our drinks.

I ordered the personal 10 inch size pizza with bacon as a topping. Twenty minutes later, it was brought to the table.

The pizza was cooked very well, all the slices were completely cut, (I so hate when pizza shops cannot cut the pizza correctly, missing parts of the crust or not cutting all the way through causing a mess) and the bacon topping was adequate, not generous, but adequate. BTW, the bacon topping was cooked well, not fatty like other pizza shops do.

The pizza tasted good, was of course hot, just came from the oven, and the price was adequate, $15 dollars not including tip.

The Grassy Knoll Diner awards 3 shots out of 5 and recommends California Pizza at the Mirage Hotel for lunch and or dinner.


Responses to “California Pizza”

Aintgotno said

  1. i want one NOW

Ben said

  1. I want to open a pizza place that does NOT skimp on toppings for a change. I want thin crust and thick toppings and that is so hard to find.
    15$ for a personal pizza seems a little steep, is that standard or Vegas pricing?

LOTGK said

  1. Ben, at the Mirage, it’s pretty standard. A little pricey, as are all the hotel restaurants there.
    There was a time in Las Vegas, (And I’m showing my age now) that food was cheap there. I remember steak and eggs for $1.99 at the San Remo hotel (Now Hooters Casino and Restaurant) and the steak was good, not some cheap grade C left overs.
    Alas, I also remember the Tropicana Hotel as being nice.

Gumby said

  1. Looks sparse. Not nearly enough for the price. But when in Rome.

NegativePlus1 said

  1. That pizza looks small. 15 bucks is too much for that size pizza. You got ripped off man.

Valdunagan said

  1. What Pat didn’t tell you is that with the cost of the pizza, three showgirls from the Love Theater were there to entertain him and his party until dinner was finished.
    Not including tips. LMFAO

DataKing said

  1. Tips, or tits? Certainly predicates the size of the gratuity.

LOTGK said

  1. Ixnay on the showgirlsnay.
    Very good points DKing.

Max Jackl said

  1. Vegas has to pay for the silicone some how.


Stack Restaurant - Filet Mignon

How Did They Arrive At This Name
At least I know where this restaurant got it's name from. The waitresses and hostesses were all gorgeous women and of course, all were stacked in the breast department. Pamela Anderson size stacked. Hence the name. Stack!
Tomato Soup And Grilled Cheese
We had reservations and we were seated right on time. Menu's were brought out and drinks were ordered. (Lemon water for me)
I started out with tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. I love tomato soup and it did not disappoint. The soup was hot and thick and very tasty. So was the grilled cheese sandwich. Crunchy but not burnt.
A perfect Filet Mignon
The main course was of course filet Mignon and a twice baked potato. The filet was cooked perfectly, medium well done. The portion was generous, the taste, very good. Not a sliver of fat. All grade A choice filet.

The twice baked potato was a huge portion. In fact, it was two large potatoes. I only ate one but it was very good.

The cost was pricey, coming in at around $60 plus tip. (Apparently the price of breast implants has risen)

The total experience was pleasant, service and food excellent allowing the Grassy Knoll Diner to award 4 out of 5 shots to Stack and recommends Stack for dinner while in Las Vegas.


Responses to “Stack Restaurant Las Vegas”

  1. Gumby said

    So where are the pictures of the stacked blonde waitresses?

  2. Aintgotno said

    only in america … :D

  3. LOTGK said

    God bless America.

  4. Chica said

    Haha I could spend 60 bucks feeding my family for two weeks. The waitresses must have been worth it.

  5. LOTGK said

    Gumby, I have a few snaps of the waitresses. Seriously, they looked like Pam Anderson clones.
    Blue, Las Vegas should be a country all it’s own.
    Chica, they were.

  6. Fish-On-A-Wall said

    Should be called Stacked.

  7. Ben said

    First Hooters now Stack, I am waiting for a restaurant called “Hung”…I wonder if they’d serve vietnamese cuisine.

  8. Dexterp said

    sound like fun


Kokomo’s Steak And Seafood Restaurant - Filet Mignon

Mirage Kokomo Steak House Filet
The Mirage Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas has some very fine restaurants. None finer than Kokomo's Steak and Seafood. Of course reservations are required and we were covered. We were seated right away which was a slight surprise for it was pretty busy.

The waitress came over promptly and took our drink order and left us a basket of bread and rolls. A few minutes later she returned to take our dinner order.

Of course, being in a steak house, I ordered the Filet Mignon and baked potato. I asked for the filet to be butterflied and cooked medium well done.

A very short time elapsed and my steak was brought to the table. The filet was cooked perfectly and the potato exactly as ordered. (No sour cream or chives)

Cutting into the steak, it was heavenly, juicy, tasty, an almost perfect combination. Zero fat on this filet. I ate every bite. The baked potato was excellent as well, (As far as naked potatoes go) which completed an almost perfect meal.

The cost was around $40 without tip which is a steep until you consider where the location. (The heart of the Las Vegas strip)

The Grassy Knoll Diner awards 4.5 shots out of 5 to Kokomo's Steak and Seafood Restaurant located inside the Mirage Hotel and recommends the filet for dinner.


Responses to “Kokomo’s Steak And Seafood Restaurant”

  1. Soup Cop Jean said

    We were just at the Mirage and ate there. I had the exact same dinner and I agree it was fabulous. Great service and cleanliness. Yay for the Mirage.


Carnegie Deli - Turkey Sandwich

Carnegie Deli
The hamburger at the Carnegie Deli was so good that we returned for a second visit on our last trip. This time I ordered the turkey breast and American cheese sandwich on a Kaiser roll.
Turkey And Cheese On kaiser Roll
As was the last time, the service was quick and courteous and the order correct. The turkey was piled high, (Not as high or as much as the Stage Deli in NY, but who's is?) and the cheese fresh and plentiful. The roll was fresh and not hard.

Although this sandwich does not compare to the Stage Deli turkey sandwich, it was good tasting and priced right. (About $14.00 without tip)

The Grassy Knoll Deli awards 3.5 shots out of 5 and recommends the turkey sandwich at the Carnegie Deli inside the Mirage Hotel.



Harrah's Cafe - Breakfast Platter

Harrash' Casino Big Breakfast
Harrah's Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas has plenty of gaming area but when you are hungry, where are you going to eat? One option is Harrah's Cafe. Our flight arrived late and we checked in late and I was very hungry. (They don't feed you on the plane) After we checked in and settled into our room, we went down to the Cafe. The cafe was busy but not packed. We waited a few minutes in line and then were seated.

Being that it was late, I asked if breakfast was available. It was. Breakfast is always available in the Cafe. Delighted in this knowledge, I ordered the sausage, egg, and home fries platter. Toast and jam came with the order.

The eggs were cooked OK, not runny, not burnt, the sausage links were well cooked, and the home fries were well cooked. All in all, a good breakfast. Throw in the toast and jam and it was a great dinner, err, breakfast.

The service was good, the food good, and the price was nice, under $15 dollars not including orange juice and tip. 

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 3.75 out of 5 shots and recommends Harrah's Cafe for breakfast and dinner.



BLT Burger – Mirage Hotel

BLT Burger - Vegas
The Mirage hotel is full of many gambling games. Many fine eating establishments as well. BLT Burger is tucked away down one of the many hallways at the Mirage. On a whim, I decided to try it. Since this was a small restaurant, the seating was cramped. The hostess squeezed us in the middle of the floor. A few minutes later our waitress happened by and asked us what we wanted. I hope I wasn't interfering with her busy day. (She acted like I was)

I think It Was Fried Cheese
For my appetizer, I ordered fried cheese sticks and marinara sauce. Dammit, I thought I was in Mel's Diner and Flo was my waitress. After about ten minutes, she sort of tossed my plate on the table and moved on. Flo can "Kiss my grits!"

To top it off, half of the fried cheese sticks were hollow, I mean empty baby. Pretty much fried batter. Three sticks were like this. The others were adequate tasting, a little to greasy.
This Is Famous???
The way the night was progressing, I wasn't holding out for the entree. Being in BLT Burger, I thought it safe ordering a bacon cheeseburger and waffle fries. I would be wrong. Flo returned with my entree, but alas, it was not a cheeseburger, but some sort of chicken. I think it was chicken anyway. I sent it back to the disgust of Flo.

Ten minutes later my cheeseburger arrived along with burnt waffle fries. As you can see, the fries came in a fancy cup, and the bacon cheeseburger was nothing to write about. (Except in a bad way)

The price for this 7 ounce burger was $14 bucks. The waffle fries were $5 dollars.  The hollow cheese sticks were 8 bucks, and the Coke was $4 dollars. That's right folks, $31 dollars for this meal. Top off the shitty ass service from Flo the waitress tops off the evening.

Let's compare. A McDonalds double cheeseburger is $1 dollar. A large fry is $1.49. A Coke is $1 dollar. That's $3.49 for the same at BLT Burger. And you get curtesy at McDonalds as they ask you to please pull around to the second window.

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 1 out of 5 shots and DOES NOT recommend BLT Burger in the Mirage for dinner.


Responses to “BLT Burger – Mirage Hotel”

  1. No Way said

    I was there last year and what do you expect, its a burger place. Did you expect filet mignon or something? Geez, its burgers.

    • LOTGK said

      If you read my critique, you would understand i wasn’t looking for Filet Mignon. However, I was expecting courtesy and the correct order brought to my table. I don’t think that is asking to much.

  2. Gumby said

    Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, may I take your order!

  3. Moominboy said

    Meh, that’s a shame.
    Oh! I’m gonna post a picture of those swedish MAX burgers I was blabbering about. It’s a swedish burger chain that makes delicious stuff and they are actually buying out McD’s in Sweden.

    • LOTGK said

      Patiently waiting Luke, patiently waiting.

      • Moominboy said

        Alright! Here it is!
        This is not a regular MAX burger and fries. I went for something called Hot Meal, which is a burger with jalapenos and fries with bacon, melted cheese and jalapenos. The size is smaller than in U.S. but normal for Europe. What separates MAX from other chains is that they serve free coffee with a menu. The cost was 78 SEK which is $10.80 but this is meaningless because of the dollar exchange rate. Instead we can compare it to a Big Mac menu that costs 68 SEK or a can of Coke that costs 10 SEK. But it was delicious :) The burger was smaller than their regular ones but very tasty.

        • LOTGK said

          I have had french fries, french fries with cheese, french fries with cheese and bacon, but not with jalapenos on them. Were they sliced or whole peppers?
          The burger looks standard fare and size for McDonalds and Burger King type food places. Not a bad price for the meal.
          Example, a Whopper burger king is $4 dollars, large fry is $2 dollars, large drink $2 dollars. I would guess it was $1 dollar for the add ons, the cheese and bacon for a total of $9 dollars.
          Thanks for posting the picture and critique.

  4. Valdunagan said

    Doesn’t look appealing. In N Out burger looks better.

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  6. Steve said

    This is a problem in so many places nowadays, whatever happend to the polite service and striving for a decent product of the burger establishments of my youth – I’ve paid similiar in a few places for what I thought was going to be a decent burger eating experience and got bad food, over salted/burned fries and shitty attitudes from the serving drones, If i wanted that I’d stay at home lol

    • LOTGK said

      That was my thought. I know I was in a burger joint, but a little niceness goes a long way. I can accept that the food was bad, but when the service is also lousy, well….

  7. Russ Mcglasson said

    I like blogs like this one, I am sure you put an effort on it to keep it up.