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Nostradamus Quatrains And The 2018 Vikings

In our spare time here at the Grassy Knoll Institute (And we have plenty of that) we like to dig into the Nostradamus quatrains and attempt to decipher their meanings. One particular quatrain has once again garnered our full attention as we now believe it pertains to the Minnesota Viking football team.

Not like that last Nostradamus Quatrain we unsuccessully decifered in 2009 claiming the Vikings winning the superbowl. (We were damn close, but alas, no cigar) We found a Quatrain that looks ahead to the year 2018. This is what intrigued us. We will let you, the reader, decide.

Who was Nostradamus? Nostradamus was a 16th century prophet and astrologer who supposedly foresaw the future of the world. His technique used was a form of meditation where at night, he would sit alone peering into his brass tripod that was centered with a flame. His claim to fame was his prophecies of the first and second world wars, Hitler and his regime, the Kennedy brothers assassinations, Napoleon and his battle at Waterloo, the World Trade Towers, the coming of the Anti-Christ, and now, the Minnesota Vikings.

Nostradamus mixed his prophecies and quatrains to confuse the reader of when events would take place. We found the following quatrain here.

Century 20 - Quatrain 18
The ram, eagle, and boar unite in the new fortress,
Casualties extend until the lion rests in zenith.
The one eyed man hard at work,
The hungered wolf is not denied.

Line One: 
The ram, eagle, and boar unite in the new fortress,
When you look at this sentence and view it in a football related sense, it describes Sam Bradford.
Bradford was drafted in 2010 by the Rams, traded to the Eagles, and again traded to the Vikings a week before the 2016 season began. We can easily see the RAM and EAGLE mentioned directly in the quatrain but the boar had us intrigued. Lets break the word boar down. Stay with us here. The first letter "B" we believe denotes the quaterbacks name, Bradford. The rest of the letters to the word "Boar" are o..a..r... As in a Viking oar. Put it together and you got BOAR.

The second part of the first sentence, unite in the new fortress, well, I think all Viking fans know what that means. The Vikings moved into a new stadium in 2016 (New fortress) where they will do battle with the ram, eagle, lion, etc. To a 16th century man, Nostradamus would only be able to comprehend this vast architectaul struture and what transpires inside it as a fortress.

Line Two:
Casualties extend until the lion rests in zenith.
The first word in this quatrain line, "Casualties". Lets delve into this word.
The casualties Nostradamus foresaw can only be the injuries incurred to the Vikings players. From Teddy Bridgewater, Adrain Peterson, to the enire offensive line. Add in half a dozen defensive lineman, linebackers, corners, safeties, special teams. All positions have been affected in the 2016 season. The Vikings were poised to make a solid run at the Super bowl only to be relegated to the walking wounded. Let us not forget OC Norv Turner quit, and would be considered a casualty as well as head coach Mike Zimmer, who had missed time.

The second part of the of the quatrain line, "extend until the lion rests in zenith." is a telling sign. The Zodiac dates for the Lion "Leo" is July 23rd through august 22nd. The Vikings injuries began with Bridgewater, right after the zenith, (The height of) the Lion, (Leo) Therefore, with the added word "Extend" could only mean that Nostradamus saw the injuries continue to occur until the next year, when once again the Lion was in its Zenith. Coincidentally, that is the end of training camp 2017.

Line Three:
The one eyed man hard at work,
Up until just the last several weeks, we could not decipher this quatrain line. Did this line refer to a pirate of the high sea's? Eric The Red? A deck of playing cards? Or perhaps, coach Zimmer? We can all agree that Zimmer is a hard working coach. He puts in the time and energy and expects his players to follow his example. When it was announced that Coach Zimmer was undergoing his eighth surgery in his right eye just before the start of OTA's, excuse the pun, but this quatrain line came into focus. Indeed,  the hard working one eyed man can only be Mike Zimmer.

Line Four:
The hungered wolf is not denied.
As with the third quatrain line, this fourth line also took time to understand. The hungered wolf is not a phrase associated at all with the Vikings. Until you look deeper into the ownership of the team. Zygi Wilf purchased the team and spared no expense adding high priced players and a quality coaching staff and funding a 1.1 billion dollar stadium complex for the Vikings to call home. When you look at the word wolf in the Quatrain, it is but a mere letter away from Wilf. It has been established that over the 500 years since Nostradamus wrote his quatrains of the future, translations have sometimes faltered from the original  French language to the translated English language. One vowel is not uncommon for many of the quatrains of the centuries.

Now that we have established the wolf is in reality Wilf, we must complete the interpretation of the final line. Zygi Wilf is certainly hungry for a championship in Minnesota. His money has been well spent and he now awaits the fruition of his dream. A Superbowl Victory! The wolf is not denied can only mean that Wilf realizes his goal. But alas, when will his dream come true? We can only speculate that it will be in the year 2018, when the Superbowl will be hosted by U.S. Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Vikings.

In essence, this quatrain reveals severe injury to the Minnesota Vikings. These injuries will last the entirity of 2016 and regress in late August at the Zenith of zodiac symbol Leo the lion which is late August. Just in time for the 2017 season.

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Vikings Have A New Offensive Coordinator - Now What

Today, it was announced that offensive coordinator Norv Turner resigned from the Minnesota Vikings. After two and a half seasons with the team, the offense is ranked 31st out of 32 teams. Pat Shurmur has been promoted to replace him. Shurmur and the Vikings face the Detroit Lions this coming Sunday in a NFC North clash.

Turners exit is one of many the Vikings have had to endure this season. Beginning with Teddy Bridgewater, starting quarterback, suffered a severe knee injury during practice just days before the regular season was to begin. If that wasn't bad enough, Adrian Peterson, NFL rushing leader in 2015 and arguably the best running back on the field, went down in week two with a knee injury. Add left tackle Kalil and a horde of other starters both on offense and defense left the team thin at depth.

In related news, Maytag also reported several repairmen have resigned and are now employed by the Vikings.

So now what?

Shurmur knows offense and he knows Sam Bradford, the quarterback the Vikings traded for with the Eagles eight days before the season started for a hefty price of next years first round draft pick. These are the predictions I forsee for the upcoming Lions game and future games going forward.

Leading rusher for the Vikings this Sunday: Cordarrlle Patterson. Patterson is the kick return man and part receiver but come Sunday he will lead the team in rushing. shurnurs scheme will have Patterson in motion looping behind Bradford when in the shotgun formation. This will keep at least one defensive player from targeting only Bradford. Patterson will also line up in the split back formation as well. Patterson will get the ball half a dozen times and have success in moving the chains.

Shurmur will also deploy a fast passed no huddle offense with quick hit passes to avoid Bradford from getting sacked. Rookie Treadwell will debut and be utilized in short passes across the middle. These changes will be enough to keep the Lions at bay and off balance just enough to score enough points to win.

Vikings win 23-16 Sunday.

On a sidenote: If you need a good washer or dryer, you know who to call.

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Vikings Are On Double Secret Probation

Your Delta Tau Chi Name Is Flounder
Point of parliamentary procedure:

Little did Viking House realize that they were on double secret probation since early September. Dean Spielman had great expectations this year but after the Vikings midterm exams, scoring a dismal 2-7 record, talk has now shifted to a top draft choice next spring. Right after all the toilet seats explode in the dormitory.

What? Over? Did you say "Over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is!

 For the past three weeks since the Ponder pine riding, Ponder has dare I say, put up respectable numbers. Against Green Bay, Ponder completed 67% of his passes, rushed for 38 yards and a touchdown and recorded an 86.4 passer rating. Against Dallas, he completed 68% of his passes, passed for a touchdown, rushed for 29 yards and a touchdown and recorded an 82.7 passer rating. Against the Redskins, he completed 81% of his passes, passed for two touchdowns, rushed for 13 yards and a touchdown and recorded a 113.1 passer rating.

Some advice: Start drinking heavily.

With that said, I am aware of what the TV bobble-head analysts are saying:
Ponder was a reach. Ponder locks in on his primary target, takes to long to get set in the pocket, leaves the pocket way to early, takes his eyes off the field when forced out of the pocket, does not see the wide open receivers, hasn't passed for over 240 yards this season, etc. Ponder is all but run out of town.

As a die hard Viking fan I have seen this movie before. As recently as the Tavaris Jackson years. All that talk that he is "Thee" guy to take the Vikings to the next level. And then three years later, some guy named Favre replaced him and ran Jackson out of town. And still no Super Bowl ring.

And now we have the new "Guy" in Josh Freeman. The big armed quarterback that will vault the Vikings to the top...

Thank you sir may I have another. WHACK! Thank you sir may I have another. WHACK!


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Mars Needs Women

The Minnesota Vikings last four games are against the Bears, Texans, Rams, and Packers. Christian Ponders career as quarterback is on the line the next four weeks.



Another Reason To Hate Catholic Nuns

Another Reason To Hate Nuns
The Minnesota Vikings, (My team) lost the NFC championship game Sunday to the New Orleans Saints. And these sons-of-bitches nuns are smiling and carrying on after the game like they just got to kiss the Popes ring.

I will exact revenge!!!

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Minnesota Vikings Christmas

Viking Thunder Report
11 Viking Victories
On the eleventh day of Christmas,
The Grassy Knoll sent to me,
Eleven Viking Victories.
The Minnesota Vikings are sitting at 11 wins and winner of the NFC North division. The next two games are critical to nail down the playoff bye week. Here’s to Adrian Peterson racking up 150 yards, Sidney Rice hauling in 100 receiving yards, Percy Harvin returning a kickoff for a score, and brett Favre to checking off into a running play.
Merry Christmas Viking Fans!!!

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Fantasy Football League (GPFL)

The NFL regular season kicks off tonight as the Washington Redskins play the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Millions of Fantasy Football leagues also kick off Thursday. For those that don't know what Fantasy Football is, in a nutshell, a group of friends get together, and by using the rosters of each NFL team, draft players at certain positions that they think will score the most points for the season. each week, the fantasy coaches submit a starting lineup and plays another coach. High score wins the game.

Sounds simple right? Well, actually, it was. I say was for many years back, around 1975, my brother George and I dreamed up our own type of fantasy football. No, our lineups weren't online, (The Internet wasn't around yet) nor did we have complete team lineups with stats from weeks and years past, nor backup or practice squad players. Hell, at the time, we only had access to two games on Sunday.

A Sunday ritual was George and me watching NFL football all day. He was a Browns fan, (I didn't hold that against him) and I of course a Viking fan. We were both very competitive brothers. We made wagers on many things, especially football. Parlay pick four and pick ten teams were played weekly. But we found something a little different. A little more personal. Something we could have bragging rights about.

We would not just bet on the game being played, but on the players individual performances and how many points each would score. The GPFL (George & Pat) Football League was formed.

We quickly came up with some easy rules to avoid any stats wars anomalies. The rules were as follows:
* A coin toss before each game determined who got to pick first.
* 8 positions would be selected.
* You had to pick one, and only one Quarterback, one Kicker, one Tight End, two running backs, two wide receivers, and one defense.
* A $2.50 wager per game was the fee to play. No mercy.
* A TD pass equaled 6 points.
* A TD run equaled 6 points.
* An interception, blocked kick or punt, or fumble return for a TD equaled 6 points.
* A safety equaled 2 points.
* A field goal equaled 3 points.
* An extra point equaled 1 point.
* This stands for all players. Example, if a running back throws a TD pass he is awarded 6 points. If your QB throws a TD pass to your receiver, you will 12 points, 6 points for the pass, and 6 points for the reception.
* After both games are played, (The 1pm and 4pm game) the coach with the highest combined score was declared the winner.
* In case of a tie, the coin flip at the beginning of the day determines the winner.

George and I would play weekly keeping a running win / loss record as well as stats for each game. Everything would be recorded in a spiral notebook pad.

As the weeks turned into years, George and I became very good at our game. We understood each other tendencies, who we would likely pick, stay away from, but most of all, we became Mel Kiper like experts. Not just for our own teams, but for every player in the NFL. We knew the best receivers on each team, what running back came in for goal line plays, what defense was the best, how quarterbacks reacted to other teams defenses, and how a team played in bad weather.

We weren't in it for the money. Remember, we were very competitive. If I won that week, I would always send my brother a letter. Inside the letter would be a picture cut out from the newspaper or magazine of one or more of his team members with either an arm or leg missing and I would add a funny caption or two. I loved to gloat and rub it in. And so did George. He would put signs in the front yard displaying his victory. Other times, he would have his friends call me on the phone claiming to be players on his team. They would say, "Truly the night of the Cardinals." (The Cardinals was the name of his team) At the most unsuspecting time, there would be a note hanging in the closet, taped to my steering wheel, in a cupboard door. You never knew where or when he would pull his prank.

As technology caught up in the 1980's, we added a third and then a fourth game to our mix. ESPN was our third game and Monday Night Football became our fourth game. Strategy became more intense, scores became higher, and the rivalry more intense. The rules remained the same however.

The 1990's saw real change to our league and the rules. We added more coaches, 10 of us in total, and we drafted like the NFL did. We had 15 rounds and after week one, we were able to add three more players to our roster. That would be determined by league record. Worst record picks first. If they deferred, second worse selected, and so on. The players we drafted before the season began were ours for keeps. The next year we would start with those same players making the draft an actual rookie draft and other players cut or waived from our coaches. The USA Today paper became our bible. Whatever the stats said we went with. If there was a typo, it was to bad, the bible was the final say. (Born again Christians must love fantasy football )

The Internet changed things once again. We noticed that many of our rules were the same rules as AOL's fantasy football and Yahoo and CBS sports line. Everything was automated. Scores would magically populate and wins and losses would tally each week. (Electronically they keep the baseball score - Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On) Even the gloating became electronic. We would now email our victory smack talk with the push of a few buttons.

My brother George passed away November 20th, 1997. I haven't played our game since. My heart just isn't in it. However, several times over the course of the last 10 years when the New York Yankee's (George's favorite baseball team) or his high school football team, (The Mooney Cardinals) won the World Series or State football Championship, I would stick a yard sign with the newspaper headlines of his teams success on his grave to remind me of the fun we had and that I still miss the hell out of him.

Truly, the night of the Cardinals.
R.I.P. Big George



Viking Thunder

Viking Thunder
Viking Thunder is dedicated to the NFL Minnesota Vikings
The Grassy Knoll Institute operatives are die hard Viking fans but you won’t get any purple colored views of the ownership, management, coaches, or players here. Just cold hard facts (And hopefully humor) about off season moves, player signings, the draft, stadium issues, and finding an offense that has long been extinct. Each week we will critique the current game adding our own one sided opinions on the Vikings.

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