April Fools Day

April Fools Day

We get serious on our feast day. As usual the Grassy Knoll Institute celebrate our feast day with cutting edge news that no one else delivers. Just like pizza. Click the link button below (Me) to see the archives as we build to April Fools Day.

April Fools Day 2017 Archives Below (Me):

Trinity Of Catholic Nuns 04/01/2018

April Fools Day 2017 Archives Below (Me):

The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Spoiler 04/01/2017
Sasha And Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Next To Die 04/01/2017
Liar Liar Pants On Fire 04/01/2017
Patient Zero Thought Screen Helmet Patient 04/01/2017
How Old Is Shannon Tweed 04/01/2017
Curse Of Oak Island Treasure Located 04/01/2017

April Fools Day 2016 Archives Below (Me):

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 TV 04/01/2016
Urban Legend My Ass 04/01/2016
2016 Presidential Election Odyssey 04/01/2016
Small Explosion In North Korea 04/01/2016
Paris Hilton Is Pregnant 04/01/2016

April Fools Day 2010 Archives Below:

Secret And Sexy life Of Candice
UFO Lands In Youngstown Ohio

April Fools Day 2008 Archives Below:

Iconic Hollywood Hills Sign Altered
Miss America Winner 2008
Is There A Doctor In The House
Having Some Catholic Nun Fun
Ghost Hunters TAPS Record Entity Proof
Michael Jackson In Disguise
Big Brother Is Finally Watching Us
Woman Displays Her Bust
Burger Chef Is Still In Business
Nude Gymnast Exposed On Las Vegas Blvd
Wordpress March Data Update
Zombama And Hellery For 2008
Colonel Sanders Is Still Alive
Putting On My Jester Cap

April Fools Day 2007 Archives Below:

Pope Benedict Announces Radical Dress Code Changes
Hell Really Exists - Closer Than You Think
UFO Crashes In Las Vegas
Triple Dog Fare For EFX2 Blogs
Light In The Fog
R.I.P. EFX2 Blogs
EFX2 Blogs Assasinated President Kennedy
EFX2 Command Center
EFX2 Fortune Cookies
May You Rot And Burn In Hell
Ass Kissing Lessons
Hillary Clinton Sans Makeup
Real Father Of Anna Nicole Smiths Baby
Boy Scouting - Gemma Massey
Bill Clinton Hires A New Aid

April Fools Day 2006 Archives Below:

Thanks For Playing And Reading
Slade Wilson Expert Marksmen
UFO Crashes In Las Vegas
Doctor Bitzky Seymour Bush
Doohead Finally Meets Benny
Modblogs Hottest Bloggers
Dinner At Hooters Las Vegas
Explosion At Nellis Air Force Base
Real Reason Modblog Server Is Down
Grassy Knoll Institute Secret Laboratory Located
I Met Jay Leno - I Think So Anyway

April Fools Day 2005 Archives Below:

Take Your Best Shot
Modblog Sold To MSN For $1.5 Million
Modblogger Sexy Princess Pooarm
Patuca Gold Pens A Book
Crystal Pegasus Spreads Her Wings
Originalism And Elisla Join The Party
Deep Blue Muff Dives
It’s Clobbering Time
Real Reason Modblog Is Offline
Burger King Enormous Sandwich Kills 72
Iceberg That Sank Titanic Located
LOTGK Gets Star On Walk Of Fame
Modblog Bitzky Reveals Huge Secret
Benthere And Hubby Revealed
Clay Aiken Lands FOX Sitcom Deal
Teddy Kennedy Forms Car Pool
History Goddess Located
President Bush Flips Off Canada
Michael Jackson Case Takes Turn For Worse
Michael Jacksons Never Ranch For Sale


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