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Julie Newmar - Catwoman Original Sexy Siren

Julie Newmar, perhaps the original Sci-Fi Sexy Siren.
Newmar was born in 1933 and by perusing her IMDB site, began her career in 1952 and continues to work to this very day.

Newmar has appeared in dozens of movies and televisions programs including playing Princess Eleen in Star Trek, her famous line stating her newborn child is Doctor McCoys baby. She also played Miss Devlin in the ultimate science fiction television series, The Twlight Zone. However, what made her famous was donning the "Catsuit" and portraying her six foot frame and mile long legs feline villain Catwoman in the television series Batman in a recurring role from 1966 through 1967.

Catwoman had a thing for Batman and used her feline feminine ways on the Batman. Batman did his best to avoid temptation but always put himself and his side kick Robin in peril.

The episodes Newmar appeared in were choke full of double entendre predictaments for both Catwoman and Batman. For the 1960's it was considered highly risque.

The Grassy Knoll Institute Salutes Jule Newmar and is proud to add her as a Sexy Siren.

Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens brought to you by the Grassy Knoll Institute marketing team to boost readership and placement on search engines.

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Ultimate Lady Joker Halloween Costume

Gemma Massey, international glamour model and Blue Bird films actress got all dressed up for one of her films as Jokette, or as I like to call her, Lady Joker. Gemma makes our list once again as Halloween Costume Contestant #6. Enjoy the photo’s…

Happy Halloween


Consequences Not Wearing Thought Screen Helmet

Consequences Of Not Wearing A thought Screen Helmel
Just Saying...
Don't let this happen to you!!!
Make sure your thought screen helmet is properly constructed.
Do not skimp on the magical 3M velostat cloth.
Make sure your helmet covers your entire dome.
Wear it at all times.