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Travellers Beware: Murphys Deli - Houston Texas

Travellers Beware: If you ever happen to find yourself walking the streets of Houston, Texas in search for a place to eat, do not, I repeat, do not walk into Murphy's Deli. I warned you twice.

As I entered Murphy's Deli, it appeared to be a standard Deli restaurant that are scattered across this great country. Murphy's Deli had a standard counter, a few tables and chairs for patrons to sit and eat, and a menu board behind the counter. What could go wrong?

I ordered a turkey and cheese sandwich on an Italian roll. I added bacon and asked for tomatoes and olives. Before you is what was presented to me and it only cost me $15 dollars! What a bargain!

Upon inspection of this so-called deli sandwich, it had two thin slices of turkey. Processed turkey, perhaps turkey loaf, but certainly not turkey breast. The bacon was three thin strips, just like the microwave kind you get at the grocery store. Yes, you could see through the bacon strips. And the American cheese, not slices, but a little bit of sprinkles. The tomato was paper-thin and the olives just on one part of the sandwich. WTF!

The taste of this deli sandwich, well, it tasted like cardboard. The roll was rough and almost stale. As I said earlier, the turkey was processed or loaf, and the rest of this abomination was so poorly prepared, it ranks as the worst sandwich I ever had the bad luck to buy.

The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 0 out of 5 shots and DOES NOT recommend Murphy's Deli from Houston, Texas for dinner.



House Of Blues Restaurant - Bacon Cheeseburger

Blues Menu
Walking the streets of Houston, we happened upon the House of Blues restaurant. Of course, we had to sample the food there. We entered and we were seated quite quickly. I noticed how dark it was. Ambient lighting I guess, but damn, it was dark.
The Mood
So there we are, at our table, sitting in the dark, and 20 minutes pass by until our waitress comes to our table. She asked if we were ready to place our order. Seriously! I took a look around, and there were only four tables with people at them. We were close to walking out a minute before our waitress appeared. We placed our orders reluctantly and hoped for the best.
A Blues Bacon Cheeseburger
Another 20 minutes went by and finally our order was brought to our table. (Perhaps with it being so damn dark in the restaurant the waitress couldn't find us) Sorry for the dark photo of the cheeseburger, but it was so dark.

Anyway, the burger was well cooked, the bun was fresh and not soggy, the cheese melted, and two hearty strips of cooked bacon topped the burger. Tomato, lettuce, onion, and pickles were on the side. The taste was good. Not great, not bad, but as burgers went, it was good. The french fries were plenty, cut thin, well cooked, and hot. They were good. If only the service was there, it would have been a pleasant experience. However, customer service is a big part of the dining experience.

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 2 out of 5 shots and Does Not Recommend Houston House Of Blues for dinner. The food was good, the service was lousy. there is no excuse for that.



Quattro Restaurant - Houston Texas

Quattro Of Houston
This year the Halloween Trade show took me to Houston, Texas for five fun filled days. After a hard days work we stopped at Quattro restaurant housed inside the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston.
Quattro Fresh Bread
We were tired and as we were going to our room we spied Quattro so we decided to stop and eat. The restaurant was dark, I don't mean closed, but very dimly lit. We were seated quickly and as my eyes focused to the cave like lighting, I noticed that there were not many people in the joint. No matter, we waited for the waiter to take our order. Twenty minutes later he arrived at our table. (Perhaps the dim lighting prevented him from finding us) Anyway, about ten minutes later, hot fresh rolls were delivered to our table.
9 Inch Pizza
Wanting to just get a quick bite, I ordered a personal pizza. Just plain cheese. It was another half hour before it was delivered to our table. The cost was $15 dollars for a 9 inch pizza.

As mentioned earlier, the service was glacier like. I walked in clean shaven and left with a beard.

The pizza itself was OK. It was hot, but apparently the cook forgot to cut the pizza in slices. All I had was one of those butter knives. I didn't want to ask the waiter for a knife, it might have taken another 20-30 minutes for him to return.

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 1.5 out of 5 shots and does not recommend Quattro Restaurant for dinner.