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The Grassy Knoll Institute reveals rumors, theories, thoughts, and updates on your favorite television programs. We nailed ABC Lost for six seasons,  the House finale, Persons Of Interest finale, Fringe, and many more programs. Check here for the latest updates and theories on Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and whether the Governor on AMC's TheWalking Dead is still alive or became a biter.

The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Revealed 04/01/2017
Sasha And Rick Grimes Next Walking Dead Victims 04/01/2017
Ghost Hunters Find New Life On Destination America (September 2016)
Doctor Who 13th Doctor Revealed 08/11/2016
NCIS Tony Dinozzo Exits In Season 13 Finale Spoilers 05/02/2016
HULU Plus 11.22.63 Original Program Series Finale Spoilers 04/03/2016
Season Six Finale Spoilers Of The Walking Dead 04/01/2016
Walking Dead Glenn Is Not Dead 10/26/2015
Walking Dead Govenor Proof Of Life 02/03/2014
Hulu Plus Commercials Suck Mirror Balls 01/07/2014
Walking Dead Governor Is Not A Biter Yet 12/02/2013
NCIS Ziva David Replacement Revealed 07/30/2013
Fringe Series Finale Spoilers 01/13/2013
House Series Finale Spoilers 05/02/2012
ABC Lost Sequel - 4 Part Series - Beyond The Church 07/12/2010
Sci-Fi Channel Ghost Hunters Secrets Revealed 10/24/2007
ABC Lost Secrets Revealed 09/23/2004


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