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Broadway 49 Cafe - Chicken Planks

Broadway 49 Cafe Chicken Planks
Broadway 49 Cafe Chicken Planks
Inside the New York City Crowne Plaza Hotel sits the Broadway 49 lounge. It is not a complete service restaurant, just bar food type food. However, I found myself sitting there and ordered some chicken planks and french fries. In a few minutes my order was paced on my table.

The chicken tenders were surprisingly good. They were hot, lightly breaded, juicy, and seasoned just right. I hate when the batter is thick and the chicken is wafer thin. The proportion for these tender was good. The fries were hot, well cooked, and tasted good. A pickle, tomato, lettuce, and some dipping sauce was added. A diet Coke completed the order. What you see is exactly what I was expecting to see. And that's usually a good thing.

The service was adequate, the waitress friendly, and the food was good. The cost was $15 dollars which in New York City is acceptable.

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 3 out of 5 shots and recommends Broadway 49 Cafe for dinner.



Brasserie Restaurant – Angus Burger

New York Brasserie Bacon Cheeseburger
New York Brasserie Bacon Cheeseburger
When in New York City, sometimes you don't have to leave your hotel to have a good tasting and affordable meal. One good example is the Times Square Crowne Plaza. Located at 49th and Broadway, the Brasserie restaurant sits inside the hotel. Attire is casual and it was busy, but not packed. Eating before 8pm in New York City helps as well.

We got seated quickly and the waitress brought out some bread and rolls and asked for our drink order. I ordered a Coke of course. A few minutes passed and our drinks arrived and we gave our waitress our dinner order. I asked her about the burgers and she said they were very good. I went with the Angus burger with bacon and cheese.

Shortly, my dinner platter arrived. It was exactly as ordered. The lettuce and tomato and onions on the side. Several toppings were also present. A generous portion of fries completed the meal.

The burger was hot, huge, juicy, and well cooked. The bacon wasn't your typical wimpy limpy slice but thick well cooked big slices. The cheese was a nice Monterrey Jack. The bun was fresh and warm. The taste was very good. The fries crunchy and hot. The cost was $16 dollars plus Coke.

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 4 out of 5 shots and recommends The Crowne Plaza Brasserie Restaurant Angus burger for dinner.



Stage Deli - Hot Turkey Sandwich

Stage Deli Broadway Hot Turkey Sandwich
Stage Deli Broadway Hot Turkey Sandwich
Revisiting one of my favorite restaurants, the Stage Deli, located on Times Square in Manhattan, New York, I opted for the hot turkey sandwich with gravy and mashed potatoes.

As usual, the Stage was packed but we were lucky to get a small table by the windows. Our waiter came right over and asked for our drink orders and if we wanted any appetizers. Being a veteran of the Stage Deli and the size of their portions, we ordered Cokes only and declined appetizers knowing the proportions are just as large as the main dinner items.

In under 10 minutes, our waiter brought our dinner order to our table. As you can see, the portion was huge. The turkey breast was piled high, hot, tender, and juicy. Not processed but carved from the breast. The gravy was hot and thick. The mashed potatoes were real, not processed and as mentioned above, very good. Two pieces of bread under the turkey and potatoes completed the entree. The cost was very affordable for New York, $15 dollars before tip. 

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 4.5 out of 5 shots and recommends Stage Deli for dinner.



Stage Deli - New York Style Cherry Cheesecake

Stage Deli New York Style Cherry Cheesecake
Stage Deli New York Style Cherry Cheesecake
The Stage Deli in New York is not only famous for it's huge sandwiches, they are also famous for their New york style cheesecake. And nothing says New York like a big ass piece of cheesecake from the Stage Deli located on Times Square.

When entering the Stage Deli, the cheesecakes are enclosed in a glass showcase. There are many different types of cheesecakes available. I chose the cherry cheesecake.

I must say, it was fantastic. The texture was smooth, creamy and tasted fantastic. Service at the Stage Deli is second to none. Very fast, courteous, and professional. The price was about 10 bucks without tip.

The Grassy Knoll Diner scores 5 out of 5 shots for Stage Deli Cherry Cheesecake and recommends them for dessert.



Rosie O'Grady Restaurant And Bar - Fish And Chips

Rosie O' Gradys Restaurant And Bar New York
Rosie O' Gradys Restaurant And Bar New York
Being Irish, I have an soft spot for Irish cuisine. While In New York, we were drawn to the huge red neon sign that shone outside Rosie O'Grady's. Thinking it was an Irish restaurant, we went in for dinner. We were in luck, it wasn't packed yet, and we were seated in about 10 minutes.
Rosie O'Gradys Fish And Chips
Rosie O'Gradys Fish And Chips
Being that Rosie O'Grady's is an Irish restaurant, and their specialty of the house was fish and chips, I decided not to tempt fate and went with the special. Fresh bread and butter was brought to the table almost immediately as we sat down. It was very good.As you can see, the portions were generous, with four large beer battered fried cod with chips, (Flat fries) and a coke to finish the meal. The batter was deep fried to a crispy outside and a flaky moist inside. A squeezed lemon on the fish was the only topping I used. And well, ketchup for the fires, or chips.
Rosie O'Grady Apple Pie Dessert
Rosie O'Grady Apple Pie Dessert
Dessert was apple pie ala mode. The portion was average size, and it tasted good, but there was some type of paper wrapper on the plate as well. I don't know if the apple pie was frozen and the wrapper sort of stuck to the bottom, but that was the last bite I took just to be safe.The service was good, the restaurant was clean and efficient, the food hot, well prepared, and cooked to order, and the price was around $20 dollars excluding tip. Points are deducted for the dessert.

The Grassy Knoll Institute awards 3 shots out of 5 shots and recommends Rosie O'Grady's for dinner. (But not dessert)



Bantry Bay Irish Pub - New York Cheeseburger

Bantry Bay
Back in February, while attending the Toy Fair, a huge blizzard canceled my flight back to Youngstown and I had to scramble for lodging for the evening or stay trapped at the airport all night. I supposedly got lucky and found a room at the Best Western hotel about 10-12 miles from LaGuardia airport, New York. Being that the Best Western did not have a restaurant, and I did not have a rental car, my options were to go hungry or find a place to eat within walking distance. (I should have went hungry)

The Bantry Bay Bar is located just on the outskirts of Brooklyn, within walking distance of the Best Western hotel and since I was walking in blizzard conditions and I was hungry,  Irish food it was.

The Sign On The Wall Said...
Walking into the joint I was greeted with this sign. At least there weren't any bugs. And no employee's either. The place was deserted which is never a good sign. A few shout out hello's and a blond waitress appears from the back room, smiles, and told me to take a seat anywhere. She handed me a menu and said she would be right back for my order.
Yes - I Said Cheese Balls
My order started with an appetizer of cheese balls with marinara sauce. I won't say these were tasteless, or terrible, but I will certainly print it.
Not The Cheeseburgers You're Looking For
My main order was a cheeseburger and french fries. When it arrived to my table, things were looking up as the cheeseburger looked pretty enticing. Until I took a bite. I have to say, it was one of the worst tasting burgers I ever encountered. Being very hungry, I managed to choke about half of it down and relied on the adequate at best fries to fill my hunger desire.

The cost for this meal was about $20 not including tip.

The Grassy Knoll Institute awards 1.25 shots out of 5 and does not recommend the Bantry Bay bar located in Brooklyn, New York.


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    That cheeseburger looked good until I read that it sucked.

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    Looks can be deceiving huh. What did it taste like? Just burned, or raunchy tasting.


Caffe Palermo - Little Italy

Caffe Palermo On Mulberry Street

Caffe Palermo
148 Mulberry Street
Little Italy, NY 10013

No dinner is complete in Little Italy until you have dessert at Caffe Palermo, an authentic Italian style Caffe nestled in the center of Mulberry Street. You name the dessert, Caffe Palermo not only has it, but it will be the best tasting dessert you ever had. Trust me, I have had dessert there many, many times, and each time is better than before.

A word of advice. Try the cannoli. Caffe Palermo got you covered.

The waitresses are pretty, friendly, knowledgeable, and very efficient. The prices are very reasonable. And the proprietor, Baby John, (Hello Baby John, It's Patrick) is usually behind the counter hard at work making sure everything is fun and pleasurable for all.

And that is a story that no one can beat
And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.

The Grassy Knoll Institute ranks Caffe Palermo 5 shots out of 5 and recommends the Orange Italian Ice Dessert and Caffe Palermo.



Toarmina Restaurant Of Little Italy

When in New York City, no visit is complete without a trip to Little Italy. There are many amazing restaurants to choose from. Taormina Restaurant, located on famous Mulberry Street, is one of the best ones. The atmosphere was perfect, old Italian style, waiters and servers hustling about all framed in with a wood motiff. We were seated almost immediately even though they were very busy and our waiter brought us our drinks and our menu's.

I started out with penna in tomato Sauce as an appetizer. It was a very generous portion, was prepared perfectly, and was excellent tasting. I couldn't wait for the main course. Some hot fresh bread helped wile the time until it arrived.

The main course was Chicken Parmigiana. The chicken was moist and hot, the batter breading was golden brown, the cheese was hot and smothered the generous portion, and the sauce was hot and just the right kind of spicy.The service was very quick, courteous, and friendly.

The cost, for New York, was very affordable at $25.00 plus tip.

The Grassy Knoll Institute awards 5 out of 5 shots to Taormina Restaurant and recommends it for dinner.



Gallaghers Steak House - New York

Gallagher's Steak House, located at 228 West 52nd Street, Manhattan, NY.

When in New York, I always try to get to Gallagher's Steak House. Yes, you are correct, there are dozens of quality steak houses in Manhattan but Gallagher's just seems to have the leading edge. Of course, you must arrive early which is the only way to get seated unless you want to wait an easy hour for a table. Get there before 6 and you will be OK.

We were greeted and politely escorted to our table where water and fresh warm bread and rolls were immediately placed on our table. The bread is actually pretzel twists, and when butter is applied, it is a heavenly combination.


Drinks were ordered, (I had a Coke) and then dinner. I ordered, being in a famous steak house, (Gallagher's is well known for its wood fired ovens for steaks and chops that enhance the flavor of the meat) the Filet Mignon, and had it butter-flied for it was such a tall piece, I wanted it cooked more than the normal. I added the Gallagher fries as a side dish.

Drinks were brought right away and after a very short wait, I was spying my filet. Of course it was superb, cooked precisely perfect, tender, juicy, with almost zero fat. The fries, (potato wedges) were crisp, hot, and tasty.

The service was polite, efficient, and professional.

The cost was a little pricey with this meal closing in on $60.00 without tip. The Grassy Knoll Institute highly recommends Gallagher's Steak House and awards 4.75 out of 5 shots.



Stage Deli - New York City

Stage Deli, Times Square, New York City

This sandwich was so good, I posted it twice......

Just a quick walk from David Letterman's theater is the Stage Deli restaurant where legend has it the portions are so huge you will not be able to finish it. The Grassy Knoll Institute needed to investigate post haste.

Upon arrival, the joint was packed but the waiter squeezed us in at a table that looked out to the street. Although we were piled in, we were comfortable. The service was exceptional. Although the deli was crowded, the hostess seated us immediately and even obliged our request to sit by a window. In just a matter of minutes, our drinks were on our table and several minutes later our dinner arrived.

I ordered the turkey breast, American cheese, on a Kaiser roll sandwich and of course already drinking the coke provided. Potato pancakes and French fries were also ordered as side dishes.

When my sandwich was brought out, I could hardly believe it. The sandwich was packed so high with turkey and cheese that to eat it, I had to re-distribute the sandwich using the top and bottom of the roll. It was the equivalent of four large sandwiches at other restaurants. And I was staring down two side dishes that were huge as well in portion.

Of course the sandwich was tasty, fresh, and perfect. The coke, a fountain coke, was exceptional as well. The cost was just under $20.00 excluding tip. Remember, the Stage Deli is in the heart of Times Square where everything is expensive. And BTW, I could not finish the sandwich. Not even close.

The Grassy Knoll Institute recommends Stage Deli and it scores a perfect 5 out of 5 shots.