Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens

The Grassy Knoll Institute isn’t all work and no play. Sometimes we observe just for the fun of it. This is one of those times. All of these lovely sexy sirens have appeared in a Sci-Fi movie or television series. Sexy Sirens pay homage to these women for their courage (And cleavage) to broaden their scope of appeal, and for the very revealing wardrobe that accompany science fiction flicks. Sit back, let your mouse do some clicking, and Enjoy.

Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens Archives:

Alice Eve Bringing Sexy Out Of The Darkness.
Amanda Tapping Love A woman In Uniform.
Amber Heard Sexiest Zombie Ever.
Anna Faris Sexy Scary Movie Scream Queen.
Anna Paquin Sucking Vampires and tending bar.
Anna Torv Sexy siren living on the fringe.
Bai Ling Hollywood Nip Slip Queen and Star Wars Princess.
Billie Lourd American Horror Story 1984
Deborah Ann Woll Vampires Don’t Suck
Elizabeth Mitchell They will not control us.
Emma Stone Is Coming To Get You Barbara
Eva Mendes Sexy veteran scream queen.
Gemma Massey Sexy Halloween Adult Model
Gillian Anderson Putting The X Where It Belongs.
Grace Park Sexy Cylon with a secret.
Jennifer Lawrence - Academy Award & Golden Globe Winner.
Jessica Nigri - Zombie Slayer And Cosplay Warrior.
Jessica Simpson Smartest tuna in Sci-Fi
Jodi Comer Killing Eve Villain
Jolene Blalock Sexiest Vulcan on Star Trek.
Julie Newmar Original Science Fiction Sexy Siren
Karen Gillan Dr. Who Knows Who Is Sexy.
Katee Sackhoff Harbinger of death but what a way to go.
Kathy Ireland Veteran SI Swimsuit Model
Krista Allen Star of soft core porn series, Emmanuelle In Space.
Kristanna Loken Painkiller Jane and sexy terminator.
Kris Williams Dead sexy ghost hunter.
Laura Vandervoort The V Queens Sexy Daughter
Lauren Cohan Greene With Envy
Lena Headey Guns, Nipples, Tattoos, Game Of Thrones Queen.
Megan Fox Sultry eyes and killer body.
Mila Kunis The ultimate friend with benefits.
Nikki Ziering The poor mans Pamela Anderson.
Natalia Dyer Stranger Things Have Happened
Olivia Munn Princess Leia never looked so sexy.
Rachel Nichols Star Trek Orion Slave Girl
Scarlett Johansson Best breasts in Hollywood.
Shannon Elizabeth Leggy Dancing With The stars Beauty.
Star Trek Sexiest Women Phasers on stunning!
Summer Glau Terminator in a bikini.
Tracy Dali B movie scream queen and Halloween Model
Tricia Helfer Sexy blond Battlestar Galactica Cylon
Tyra Banks Proved her breasts are real.
Xenia Seeberg She worships his shadow
Zoe Saldana Bringing sexy to Star Trek – Stardate: 36.24.34

2006 Sexy Halloween Trade Show Models

Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens brought to you by the Grassy Knoll Institute marketing team to boost readership and placement on search engines.


  1. Fick Frac Fan10/04/2016 4:56 PM

    Out of all the gorgeous women on here, you don't have Kate Upton. You need to get on that right away.

    1. Has she appeared in any Science fiction or horror movies?

    2. Was the recent Three Stooges movie sci-fi?

    3. As bad as that remake was, I was not able to find any horror of science fiction elements in that movie.


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