The Grassy Knoll Institute leaves no stone unturned, nor any sandwich unfinished in our investigations of conspiracy theories. From the Kennedy Assassination, Big Foot, Lochness Monster, Beatles Hoax, Moon landing, Princess Diana alive, Elvis, Michael Jackson and many other conspiracies in history. My intrigue with conspiracy theories began with the Warren Commission and their published results which lead to my

President John F. Kennedy Conspiracy Theories:
President Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory

Political / Government Conspiracy Theories Below

President John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy (Cornerstone Conspiracy)
Apollo Moon Hoax (Or Real Landing)
Big Brother Is Watching You And Me
Chem Trails - Not Just For Dinner Anymore
Digital TV Rings In Big Brother Era
Extinction Size Armageddon Asteroid
Flu Shot Conspiracy
Human Digital Implants
In God We Trust
Internet Virus Conspiracy
Lure Of The Red Planet
Mars Moon Phobos Is Hollow
NASA Offers Proof Apollo 11 Not A Hoax
Princess Diana Is Alive Living Incognito (Or France)
Princess Diana Plans On Attending William's Royal Wedding
Subliminal Messages

Hollywood / Television Conspiracy Theories Below:

American Idol Conspiracy
American Idols Jesse And Becca Scandal
Anna Nicole Smith Conspiracy
DirecTV Versus Dish Network HD Claims
Easter Island Moai And The Situation
George Carlin's Last Words
Ghost Hunters (Or Money Hunters)
Michael Jackson Fabricated His Own Death
Natalie Wood Found Alive
Sanjaya Consortium Of American Idol
Walking Dead's Governor Is Not A Biter Yet
Walking Dead Governor Proof Of Life

Aliens / UFO Conspiracy Theories Below:

Angels Versus Aliens
Arkansas Fish And Bird Mass Death Mystery Solved
Easter Island Moai Conspiracy
NASA Shuttle Atlantis
Nixon Covertly Met With Aliens To Assassinate President Kennedy
Radio Signals From Space Received
Roswell, N.M. UFO Crash
St. George And The Dragon (Saddam)
The Future Is Behind Us
UFO Cause Of Weather Climate Changes
UFO Crash In Ohio
War of The Worlds "Live" Broadcast Conspiracy

Myths / Legends Conspiracy Theories Below:

And Jupiter Aligns With Mars
Beatles Hoax - Paul Is Dead (Or the Walrus)
Big Foot Captured - Real Or Myth
Big Foot Revisited
Big Foot Still On The Loose
Bill Gates The Anti-Christ (Not with Vista he ain't)
Curse Of Oak Island Treasure Located
Elvis Presley And Jim Morrison Found Hiding In Montana
Guitar Hero Jesus Rocks
Heron Of Alexandria (Time Traveler)
Jack The Ripper Case Solved (Shocking Evidence)
Lochness Monster Re-Surfaces
Nostradamus And Osama Bin Laden
Time Travel Achieved

Sports Conspiracy Theories Below:

Ben Roethlisberger Conspiracy (Steelers QB)
ESPNU Flexes Media Muscles
NFL Acquiesces To Fans
NFL Network Conspiracy
NFL Risking Players Lives For The Almighty Dollar
New England Patriots Perfect Season

Science / Technology Conspiracy Theories Below:

Area 51 Secret Activity At Night
Asteroid To Impact Earth
Crop Circles Exposed
First Glimpse Of Asteroid TU24
Mars Has Water
Missed It By That Much
NASA Finds Life On Mars
New Generation Stealth Jet Technology
Scientists Create Life
Vanguard Of An Invading Army

Religious Conspiracy Theories Below:

Miscellaneous Conspiracy Theories Below:

Girl Scout Cookie Conspiracy
Lorna Doone Cookie Conspiracy
Parking Deck Conspiracy


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