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The Complete JFK Conspiracy Archives

complete jfk conspiracy archives
Bobby - Teddy - John
The conspiracy began November 22nd, 1963. The united States Of America’s 35th president, John F. Kennedy, was gunned down in cold blood in front of thousands of spectators as his motorcade rolled through Dealey Plaza. Conflicting eye witness accounts of multiple shooters confused police. A puff of smoke and suspicious characters lurking on the grassy knoll was claimed to be seen.
The supposed magic bullet that inflicted seven wounds was scrutinized. The medical examiners office blatant errors and omissions during the make shift autopsy. The Warren commission blundering the investigation from day one.
Oswald proclaiming he was a patsy and that he did not shoot JFK. Jack Ruby silencing Oswald shooting him in the gut as he was being transferred to a maximum security location.
Fifty years later the rest is conspiracy history. Below are the stories and conspiracies surrounding the Kennedy assassination still active today.



Nixon Covertly Meets With Extraterrestrial

Nixon Covertly Meets Extraterrtrials
As history depicts, Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, Texas, November 22nd, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Lee Harvey Oswald was the only suspect and was taken in to custody. Shortly thereafter, Jack Ruby silenced Oswald putting an end to any stream of information. The Warren commission took over and convoluted the facts of the assassination planting the seeds of a conspiracy that has lasted almost 50 years. That is the official record.
For decades the Grassy Knoll Institute has claimed that Richard Nixon was the mastermind behind the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy and used Oswald as a Patsy to take the fall. Before today, it was merely speculation, but the Grassy Knoll Institute investigators finally caught a break.
While researching the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, an old black and white photograph was found between the pages of the novel, Camelot. Scribbled on the back of the photograph was a date and place, (October 31st, 1963, Yorba Linda) and an informal agreement between Nixon and the extraterrestrial pictured.
*Yorba Linda is Nixon's home town.
*The meeting took place a mere three weeks before the assassination.
*No one could really explain the trajectory of the supposed "Magic bullet."
*Strip Clubs became an almost overnight sensation as many opened just weeks after the assassination.
*The photo was between the pages of Camelot, the term coined by the press of Kennedy's presidency.
* Nixon had the resources and contacts to place men and convolute facts.



Dealey Plaza And The Grassy Knoll

To mark the 45th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd, 1963, I offer these photos taken back in June of this year. The photos are of the Texas School Book Depository, the infamous grassy knoll, Dealey Plaza, and the spot marked on the highway where president Kennedy was first shot. Make sure to click the thumb nail for a larger version.
dealeyplaza031Dallas, Texas, June of 2008. The view from the infamous grassy knoll. Conspiracy theories begin here, where eye witnesses heard and saw smoke and gun shots coming from. If shots were fired here, then indeed it is a conspiracy. The School Book Depository is on the left.
dealeyplaza04Again, a view from the grassy knoll where eye witnesses claim they heard and saw smoke and gun shots. If shots were fired here, then indeed it is a conspiracy. You can see the white “X” marked on the street where President John Kennedy was shot.
dealeyplaza051A wider angle view from the grassy knoll. You can see from this photograph that the grassy knoll was a perfect location for a second shooter. If Oswald had missed or just wounded Kennedy, the second shooter would complete the job.
dealeyplaza06Dealey Plaza, a view from the grassy knoll, close up view of the white painted “X” on the highway. I zoomed in on this spot to show the positive angle from the grassy knoll for a clear clean shot from the fence on the grassy knoll. Not much of a monument.
dealyplaza01Dealey Plaza, right side of the highway. The infamous grassy knoll is off to the right. Route 30 triple underpass is off in the distance. This is approximately the spot where Abraham Zapruder stood while filming the Kennedy Assassination.
dealyplaza02Dealey Plaza, a slightly different angle from where Abraham Zapruder was standing filming President Kennedy’s motorcade as it came by. Moments later president Kennedy was shot and the limo wenti speeding away under the triple underpass road.
grassyknoll03Another photograph of the grassy knoll and the pergola. (The white monument type structure lining the perimeter) The Route 30 and 35E highway sign is in the foreground and the triple underpass that the motorcade sped under after President John Kennedy was shot.
grassyknoll04The picket fence on the grassy knoll where according to conspiracy theorists a second assassin was hiding waiting for the Kennedy motorcade to come into view. When the correct angle was in view, he fired hitting Kennedy forcing his head to snap back.
grassyknoll05The fence on the grassy knoll, the triple underpass, and the street sign for Route 35 and 35E. Eye witnesses claim to have heard at least one shot coming from the grassy knoll and the picket fence. White smoke and a figure of a man was also reported to be lurking behind it.
grassyknoll06Another view of the picket fence located in the back ground of the grassy knoll. The man standing behind the fence in this picture had a perfect view of the white painted “X” on the street. A perfect location for a sniper to hide, fire his shots at the president, and flee the area.
grassyknoll07Photo of the grassy knoll and pergola from across the street. This is where hundreds of people came out to greet President Kennedy’s motorcade and then ran for cover as shots rang out from the School Book Depository and the grassy knoll as witnesses would attest to.
grassyknoll08A close up view and reverse angle of the grassy knoll. As you can see by the white “X” on the street, the angle is perfect for a second shooter by the picket fence. As we know by now, the “X” was the spot where Kennedy’s motorcade was. A perfect shot from the grassy knoll.
grassyknoll09This is a reverse angle zoomed in photograph of the grassy knoll and the picket fence where the alleged second shooter was hiding waiting for the motorcade to come into angle. By looking right, you can see that Oswald had to wait as well until both shooters were in harmony.
grassyknoll10This photograph was taken from the same spot as the previous, but with wide angle. We see the infamous grassy knoll, the picket fence where the alleged second assassin was hiding, and the underpass where the Kennedy motorcade sped off to after he was shot.
schoolbook01This photograph is of the Texas School Book Depository where Oswald was perched on the sixth floor waiting for Kennedy to come into angle. Notice the white “X” on the left side of the photograph and the grassy knoll. The perfect spot for both shooters to hit their mark.
schoolbook02This is a close up photograph of the School Book Depository. Oswald climbed the 6 floors, took out his rifle that was hidden the day before and waited for his prey to come into sight. Oswald was on the 6th floor, and you can see from that position he selected a very good kill zone area that aligned itself with the grassy knoll.
We can conclude from these photographs that perhaps there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president. Case in point, if Oswald was the only shooter, he would have lined up his shot on the motorcade before the limo turned left. This way, the limo and his target would be coming toward him. But if he had missed, Kennedy would have escaped. Enter a second shooter on the grassy knoll. With two expert marksmen, the probability of a successful kill more than doubled.



Did Oswald Act Alone

A View To A Kill
As the motorcade turned left from Houston Street, throngs of people lined the street waving and cheering at president John F. Kennedy and his lovely wife Jackie. Being a warm day in Dallas, Texas, the limo they traveled in was a convertible model.
Hundreds of people had camera’s snapping away at the president as he rode passed smiling and waving to the crowd. Abraham Zapruder was one of them. He was filming the presidents motorcade. An instant later, all hell broke loose. Shots rang out, the president slumped over, people dove to the ground covering up, police officers and secret service men shouting as the black limo carrying the president sped away toward the triple underpass.
What happened next is what conspiracies are made of. Many witnesses claimed to have seen and heard smoke and the sound of a gun shot coming from the grassy knoll. Some people heard 3 shots, some four, and some five shots. Some people claim to have seen suspicious people lurking around that seemed out of place such as a man with an open umbrella on a sunny day.
Keep in mind, it was total pandemonium. People just witnessed their president gunned down and murdered. Of course there would be inconsistencies with their recollections of events that just transpired.
Tomorrow is the 45th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was captured and questioned and was the number one suspect and then was brutally gunned down on national live television by Jack Ruby as he was being transported to a more secure location. Before Oswald died, he yelled out that he did not kill the president and that he would not be a patsy. This is a telling statement by Oswald. If Oswald did not act alone, it would mean there was a cover up and a conspiracy.
Forty Five years later, the debate continues. My own blog, the Grassy Knoll Institute, is directly tied to the Kennedy conspiracy. There are generations born since that only have history books and the media to learn the facts or what is believed to be the facts.
I want to know what my readers believe.
Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone in assassinating president John F. Kennedy or was there a second gunman that fateful day, November 22nd, 1963?
Please leave your answer in the comments section.


75 Responses to “Did Oswald Act Alone – JFK 45th Anniversary”

  1. David Gardner said

    The only thing that makes me question all of the assassination conspiracy theories is that by this time, if the conspiracy was as massive as it is alleged to have been, the truth simply could not have been held back. I tend to believe that if Oswald did not act alone, it was the work of two or three people rather than a massive conspiracy and cover up by the entire federal, state and local governments. The body switch described by David Lifton in Best Evidence could be easily explained by over-zealous Secret Service personnel who were consumed with protecting the family’s privacy and were simply trying to avoid a press mob at the autopsy site.
    It is a mystery – one of the great mysteries of our day. Perhaps we will never know for certain.
  2. This assasination is in my mind the first time I read about it, some 34 years ago. The first thing was, this can’t be true, the way they said it, government/FBI/CIA.
    This was a overall planned action, by the government/FBI/CIA/
    Sectret Service.
    There must been at least two teams, mayby three. Two at the back, one at the front(head shot). If you look in this matter and see all the people who has there interest in this killing and spoke about it, there were about 10-12 shots. You have to ask yourself what happened afterwards. With his car(directly repaired and cleaned?), body(no good autopsy), the place where the shots rang out(within hours it was clear and open for the puplic), the investigation(wellknown about the magic bullet theory?), the many people who were there at the scene, the book depository(three bullits in line with the rifle gun Mauser-the wrong one at first, see testimony of sherrif of Dallas-Roger Craig).
    It’s one big blur, created by the government/FBI/CIA/Secret Service. The truth will and can’t come out, everybody knows that JFK is killed, not by Oswald. The official files, or whats left of it, will not be open till 2032, thanks to G.W.Bush. WHY? Thats mine real concern. They continue it and I realy hope that Obama, can do his job and build a country that is proud of itself. Not make war, but put that money in their own country, because a lot of people need that, see what happened with Katrina. But when he is stopping war in Irak/Afganistan, I hope the people of the warindustry will let him live, if not he ends up like JFK.
  3. To big for Conspiracy??
    When is the last time you have seen films or documentation
    about the 10 million Humans purged from Stalins regime?
    We’ve seen thousands of Hitlers Death camps..
    How many Stalin death camp and mass execution pictures
    have you seen ..??? Im betting none..
    The 60′s are full of “lone nut gunman” Gandhi, MLK ,RFK, JFK to name a few… All men of peace and threatened corrupt powerful “leaders”
    Im not a conspiracy Theory Nut…..Im a Common Sence and truth Nut..

  4. Max Jackl said

    I’m voting on a conspiracy. If oswald acted alone, wouldn’t he have shot Kennedy before the limo turned so he would have a target straight away and coming toward him.

  5. Packer said

    I think the question isn’t “did Oswald act alone”, but rather “did Oswald act AT ALL”? Personally I doubt whether he was involved in the actual shooting at all. He seems to have been set up to take the blame by someone far more powerful, organised and ruthless. Oswald, an immature 24 year old who liked to think he was playing with the big boys, MAY have been involved in the conspiracy at some level, but possibly not fulfilling the role he thought he was. Most probably, those behind the assassination used Oswald as the patsy he said he was, while telling him he was playing some other important part in the proceedings.

  6. Anti-Christ said

    Oswald did not act alone. He was the designated patsy, as the C.I.A. orchestrated the perfect assassination.

    • Billy Boy said

      The CIA is one of the most incompetent organizations in the world. How could they possibly have conspired to kill the president and then successfully covered it up for 45 years? Bozo!

      • LOTGK said

        They didn’t successfully cover it up. I exposed the conspiracy plot.

        • A Hidel said

          Bullshit, You are full of shit! there was NO conspiracy and you don’t know or have proven anything. Oswald acted alone. that is all there is to it. what “proof” do you have? what have you exposed? nothing, you got nothing.

          • LOTGK said

            A Hidel,
            Perhaps you didn’t notice that this is the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory. It’s a humorous blog. You have been fooled. Read a few more updates and you will realize you were taken hook, line, and sinker.

  7. Ben said

    I do believe there are more conspiracies than we will ever know about and that this is one of the biggest… next to the whole WTC bombings being an inside job that is.
    Oswald was set up and I have no doubt that there was another shooter (or shooters) on the grassy knoll. Wait a sec, LOTGK… lurking on the grassy knoll… it was you!!! ;)

  8. LOTGK said

    Ixnay on the grassy knoll vay…..

  9. Orson said

    My God! There’s a ton of evidence that Kennedy was done away with by elements of the CIA with the help of the mob. They say a massive conspiracy like this would sooner or later come to light? How? Blatant evidence means nothing. People are sheep and will always remain that way. The only hope for a return to Democracy in this country is A MASSIVE TURN OUT OF PEOPLE IN THE STREETS, demanding justice, people willing to risk their lives – not in Iraq – but in the streets of America. This country is run by desperate criminals who will stop at nothing. The CIA has helped wipe out millions of people around the world. Does this bother the American people? Not a bit. The media has them worrying about unborn foetuses, meanwhile actual children are being maimed in the streets of Bagdad, in Panama, in Nicaragua and elsewhere – and the the conscience of Christians aren’t bothered at all. Stay on your knees, fools. That’s where serfs belong.


      Amazing Orson…you have it ALL figured out! The Christians of America have no conscience….they are a bunch of hypocrites running around and beating down the “hard working” American while they suck the “lifeblood” from a society that so desires to be healed! The Government is out to get us! It is run by Empirilistic Christians who want to convert the world to their “mindless” cult!!! I’m sure by now…you would say…right on brother…tell it!!! Why is it so hard to believe what has been told…what people have seen? Why do you hang on to an idea that the people that join together to “form a more perfect union” are the very ones that you fear the most. Why? Because you are an anarchist! “massive turnout in the streets?” What does that mean? “demanding justice” for whom? The criminal? What astounds me is that you speak with such conviction as if you know the truth….I don’t think you would recognize the truth if it was right in front of you. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Well….how about this; I challenge everyone of you “conspiracy theorists” to use your collective brainpower and financial backing…(pool it all together) and solve it once and for all!!! Then we can all know that you were right! My guess on that one is that the “all seeing big brother”, “the man”, big rich government that has been completely filled with Christian bygots for all time or at least 1963 will squash you all like little tiny bugs by deploying a nerve agent in the middle of your street rally and cover it up as a cult “kool aid” scenario….sounds strangely familiar…

  10. Robyne said

    Analysis of the Zapruder film clearly shows the driver of Kennedy’s limo actually fired the last frontal shot.

  11. David said

    I could not get that from the Zapruder film. Watch “JFK: The Bush Connection” for a pretty good 10 part ‘law and order’ type indictment of Bush 41 on the subject. If you can debunk any part of this, I would like to know about it.

  12. Polly said

    I would like to think Oswald was bribed by Castro for $6500 as I read recently, but then where was the money after Ruby killed him?

  13. TrustNo1 said

    The man who fired the kill shot from The Grassy Knoll is named James Files. I found his confession video on this Doom 2012 site. He used an early version of the Remington Fireball XP-100 that fired a .222 bullet. After firing the kill shot, he says he bit the removed bullet casing and left it on the fence. In 1987, John Rademacher found a .222 shell casing with a dent that matches a bite mark in The Grassy Knoll area…
    An extensive review of James Files is available at

  14. Jimbob said

    After reading this u are rite about one thing, what me see and read can not be taking as facts.
    i have watched some videos of that day and looking at it, it seems his wife had something to do with it, she acts so weird when he gets shot and looks as if the second bullit comes from underneath the president so tell me who else could shoot him from tht angle????????

  15. In The Hole said

    Of course Oswald acted alone. The Warren commission proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he alone murdered Kennedy. If there were others, they would have come forward already.

  16. I. M. Wise said

    acted alone? he did’t “act” at all. Lee never fired a shot. The poor bastard thought he was spying and reporting on others who were going to kill the President. little did he know, he was being manipulated and used. can you imagine what must have gone through his mind, when he realized that he was set up?

  17. Craig Of The Avenue said

    Look, Oswald shot keenedy three times and then got shot by Ruby and that was the end. No trial for Oswald, so no wone will truly know exactly what happened.

  18. George Senda said

    Nonsense. The government has done all it can to keep people from seeing into the facilities at Groom Lake/Area 51, it came up with not one but 2 ! stories ” explaining ” Roswell which were bs ( and which the liberal NY Times bought hook, line & sinker ), and you think they couldn’t cover up an assassination where the supposed Commission failed to discover so much and also failed to interview crucial witnesses at the time ?
    There are so many anamolies about the assasination that I can’t even begin to list them here.
    But I will mention 1…
    Remember Jack Ruby wanting to tell all but only in Washington ? Dorothy Killgallen interviewed him in jail. She died soon afterwards and after telling friends she was going to blow the lid off of the JFK assassination and Roswell.
    Ruby suddenly developed a ” cold “. Much was made of this at the time. Suddenly, he was found to have incurable cancer and died from it.
    Remember Yuri Andropov, leader of the Soviet Union and former head of the KGB ? HE suddenly got a cold too and then died soon thereafter.
    And Pope John Paul I died of…mysterious circumstances with no autopsy and his notes were missing. He was going to blow the lid off the Vatican Bank.
    Given enough time you can hide anything in this country.

    • LOTGK said

      Agreed. The public is easily swayed and deceived. Just look at subliminal messages. The government can and do control the public.

      • Robyne said

        LOTGK and Senda are correct on this point. Hidel, you are completely niave and uninformed about (what’s referred to as) ‘machinery of government’. Understand and accept the fact that ALL governments employ ‘spin doctors’ and other agents specifically to “manage” (ie. “control”) the public and media using whatever ways, means, methods and mechanisms they can get away with … all for the sole purpose of maintaining power. Any government will only tell the media whatever it wants the public to think.

  19. A Hidel said

    “The public is easily swayed and deceived”…Yes, by oliver stone and his bootjack film of lies

    • Robyne said

      If you honestly believe Stone could sway and deceive his theatrical public using the limited people and $s at his disposal, think about what a government can (and does) achieve with access to a level of human and financial resourcing available to it.

      • LOTGK said

        The very reason this conspiracy still lingers today is that if you ask 100 people if you think Oswald acted alone, you get about 40% who say no. And, if you ask if they think the Warren Commision report explaine devery detail and avenue, almost all of them will say no. Now you have a conspiracy whether you like it or not. If the Warren commission would have done their job in the beginning, this would be way over.

        • Robyne said

          The sole purpose of the WC (set up by LBJ) was to ‘sell’ the content of Hoover’s preliminary report about the assassination.

    • LOTGK said

      Just like you were easily deceived. See how conspiracy theories are created?…

  20. John said


    • LOTGK said

      Well, since you printed your comment in all CAPS then of course it has to be true. Right?
      However, John, if you would have investigated just a little on this blog, you would have noticed (Hopefully) that it is a humorous site. Or maybe you only read what is in all caps. If so, ASS HAT!

    • Robyne said

      Nonsense you say? Perhaps not.
      “Shortly after the murder of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, a Christchurch, New Zealand morning newspaper printed a detailed story it received on the New York news wire about Kennedy’s “assassin” Lee Harvey Oswald. There was a major problem with this news story, because at the time the New Zealand newspaper went to press in Christchurch, Lee Harvey Oswald had only just been arrested in a Dallas cinema for the alleged murder of a Texas policeman called Tibbet. Several more hours passed before Dallas police even accused Oswald of the murder of President Kennedy. So the Christchurch newspaper inadvertently printed an impossible story, a concocted lie “seeded” onto the New York news wire too early by the real murderers, who forgot that international time zones and thus real-time would allow the New Zealand newspaper to print their pre-arranged cover story hours before the events happened. That single critical planning error proved conclusively Lee Harvey Oswald was only a fall-guy, a patsy arrested and charged on cue by the unwitting Dallas Police Force.”

  21. Nancy said

    hahahahahaha Amelia Earhart shot him from the sky. He didnt really die at the time but was spirited away to the Greek Isles to live out his days. Thats why Jackie married Ari – so she could be with her beloved Jack and no one would suspect anything about her being in Greece. I know this is true – if not, all my years of schooling were for nothing and again I got ripped off by a government intent on letting me believe that I am smarter than I really am. I hate it when I get ripped off by the government – there really should be a law or maybe there is and I was too busy investigating the Greek angle that day and missed the class. I really hate it when that happens.
    (PS I love this site – just found it today thru twitter. I’ll be bock. spoken like Arnie, not to be confused by ari – ari wasnt the Gov of Cali – or was he and I missed that day in class too).

    • LOTGK said

      Yours is one of the best Kennedy conspiracy theories out there.
      And I appreciate you reading and commenting plus the kind words about my blog. Don’t you wish I was your landlord? :D

      • Serendopeity said

        You can be for the bargin basement price of Canadian $315,000 or something like that lololol. However if you low ball the owner I’m sure he’d jump at the offer LOL.
        Look at the pluses – you get a piece of Canada in a beautiful tourism area. you get a kooky tenant – but one who pays the rent full and on time every month (never missed in all my years) and when I am rich writing a book of conspiracy theories that I have made up over the years you have the honour of saying “I knew her when…” Its a win win for everyone!
        Its a short drive from OH – well maybe not as short a drives as it is to say, Cleveland, but if you stay on the US side for the most part gas is cheaper.
        ok, meds are kicking in (cant cha tell LOL) Im out.
        I left you the eviction story at serendopeity.

  22. Anonymous said

    the beatles did it.

  23. Uvij8 said

    “Lee Harvey Oswald” fired the shots, and therefore is responsible for the death and injuries. That is what certainly appears to be the case.
    Did he act alone? Good question, a decent case can be made either way, but neither can be proved.
    The thing that I found the most interesting about the whole affair deals with the remains of “Lee Harvey Oswald”. The funeral director who took care of the final arrangements from begin to end, who really has no horse in the conspiracy theory what-so-ever, has some very strange things to report. Obviously, the deceased man that was embalmed, dressed, put in the casket, then buried, was the only body the funeral director would have seen, or dealt with, but it is after all that, years later, that things get particularly interesting.
    The funeral director said in an interview, the death of the cemetery worker, after a secret supposed disinterment of the body of “Lee Harvey Oswald”, was suspect. Also he (the funeral director), was involved with a documented disinterment of the body of “Lee Harvey Oswald” for a forensic exam, and he saw things with the grave that were strange. He also said that the forensic exam also uncovered some very strange things indeed. He was suppose to write a book about it. Do not know if he did yet, but if what he said was indeed true, it is the grave of “Lee Harvey Oswald” that is the weirdest thing about the JFK assassinating.

    • LOTGK said

      And that dear reader is why the conspiracy theory has not died.

      • Uvij8 said

        Yup! It seems as one question gets resolved, and another pops up. The funeral director thing though is most interesting, you should look into it.

        • LOTGK said

          Funeral homes are usually not heavily protected. Remember, people are dying to get in them, not out of them. In the dead (pun) of night, anything could occur inside the funeral home and or morgue.

  24. Dan Sveaver said

    The question has always been “Was LHO the only shooter, or was he one of multiple shooters?” Why do we assume that he was a shooter at all? Maybe there were 2 or 3 shooters, with none being LHO. What’s the physical evidence that he’s *a* shooter, let alone *the* shooter? He wasn’t seen in the act of shooting. Maybe someone DID fire at the motorcade from the book depository, but how do we know it was LHO? Were his hands checked to see if he had recently fired a gun?