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Big Bang Theory Series Finale Spoiler


Everyone rejoice!!! The CBS comedy television hit series The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for another season as several cast members took a cut in pay to allow the series to stay under budget and stay on the air. Alas, all good things must come to an end and at this time next year, there will only be several episodes left before the series finale. And of course the Grassy Knoll Institute investigators got its hands on the script for the finale.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading now if you do not want to know the ending of the Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon And Amy:

The series finale opens with Sheldon and Amy in the year 2025. Sheldon is in a tuxedo and Amy in a beautiful wedding gown. They are in an empty air force hangar room with three other couples holding hands, several NASA personnel, and a Chaplin. Sheldon and Amy are getting married. The Chaplin is performing the ceremony in Klingon. KA, Plau!

As soon as the ceremony is completed, the  hangar door opens and a new generation space shuttle is shown ready for liftoff. The shuttle with fly them to the new orbiter that will take the space pioneers to their new home. Sheldon and Amy along with the other three couples are to be the first human candidates to colonize Mars. Sheldon blurts out, "I'm going to Mars! Take that Wolowitz!"

Sheldon and Amy along with the rest of the Mars colony board the shuttle, get strapped in and are awaiting liftoff. Sheldon of course is looking everywhere taking in the nuances of the mission. He hears in his earpiece the slow and steady countdown to liftoff. At thirty seconds to go he notices a light blinking on the pilots main board. Sheldon informs the pilot that there is a light blinking on the main board. The pilot responds, "Yes I know, its been on ever since we test piloted the ship. Its probably nothing." As the shuttle engines roar to life and the ship rises into the sky, over all the noise of the engenes you can hear Sheldon screaming, "Check the engine light!!!"

Penny And Leonard:

Penny and Leonard are still living at the apartment. Penny gets a call from her agent about a starring role in a new CBS comedy series. Penny will portray the part of a theoretical physicist at the local university. She is a genius in her field. Mark Harmon is her supervisor and has a crush on him.

In episode one, Penny comes home from a long hard day at work and hears a raucous coming from the before vacant apartment across the hall. Seconds later the apartment door bursts open and three men in their early twenties emerge. All three men spy Penny at once and introduce themselves to her. The men reveal to Penny that they are male strippers who just got hired at the Beef-Cake Factory at the local university.

Penny finds this all to familiar in a "Bizarro World" sort of way but accepts the job and cannot wait to tell Leonard. Leonard is thrilled for Penny and it will also give him more time to concentrate on a breakthrough experiment that will make him rich and famous.

Penny finds out during production of the first season of the show that she is pregnant. Leonard is thrilled stating that our babies are going to be brilliant and beautiful.

Meanwhile, Leonard, by dissecting several formula's from Sheldon's childhood writings, discovers a fuel based on water molecules that will power all forms of combustible engines. He takes his formula to the patent office. While waiting to be helped, Leonard is approached by several men in black suits. They ask Leonard to please come with them to have a private conversation. The men introduce themselves as attorneys from Exxon. They are prepared to offer Leonard one billion dollars for the rights to his patent. Leonard is unsure. He wants this formula to be for the world, to free the world of pollution. He then stops and says, "Awe, screw it, I'll take the money!"

Howard And Bernadette:

Howard wakes up from a terrible nightmare. He only remembers bits and pieces but his father was in the dream. For the next week he has the recurring nightmare. In his nightmare Howard is returning from space and gravity does not affect him anymore. He has to hold onto furniture to avoid floating away. He makes his way to the kitchen for something to eat. Just as he is about to take a bite of his sandwich, he hears a knock at the front door. He makes his way through the kitchen and the living room and makes it to the front door. He opens the door and his father is standing there. In a tuxedo. With a martini in his hand. Shaken not stirred. He says hello to his son in an English accent. Howard wakes up screaming.

Howard and Bernadette add to their family and now have three children, Halley, Lexel, and Herschel. All named after periodic comets.  Bernadette's tenacity and motivation allows her to quickly climb the corporate ladder and become CEO of the pharmaceutical company she works at. Dan (Dan was Bernadette's boss who hired Penny as a sales rep) and the rest of the employee's are scared to death of Bernadette. Bernadette has the top floor of the building vacated and has it renovated into one very large private office suite. With its very own private bathroom and latte machine.

Howard and Bernadette are watching television on the couch when Howard tells Bernie the nightmare he has been having. Seconds later they hear a knock at the front door. Howard clams up and tells Bernadette, "This is it, this is it, my fathers at the door. What do I do?" Bernadette looks annoyed at him and says, "Answer the door putz!"

Howard walks slowly to the door, grasps the handle and slowly turns the knob. The door bursts open and its Doc Brown from Back To The Future. Doc tells Howard that something has to be done about his kids. Doc needs Howard to come back to the future with him to show him what is in store. Bernadette tells Howard to pack snacks stating she knows how grouchy he gets when he's hungry. Seconds later, Howard snaps awake from another dream. 

Rajesh Koothrappali and Emily Sweeney:

Raj finally gets some karma mojo and finds the love of his life again. Raj happens upon Emily in the same cemetery he and her were at when they originally broke up. Raj asked her why she was walking alone in the cemetery and Emily stated matter of fact, "Its one of my favorite places to go and think. And those thoughts are mostly about you!" Emily smiles and Raj's heart melts. Raj excitedly says, "Me too, I come here all the time to think about you!" Raj and Emily embrace and passionately kiss.

Months later, Rajesh and Emily are married and move into a townhouse apartment with more room. Emily informs Raj that the one room at the end of the hall is her sanctuary room. And only she is allowed to enter. Emily reminds Raj what happened when they first started dating and Raj was snooping in her apartment and broke her bedroom night table. Raj smiles and nods and tells Emily, "Trust me Emily, I have learned my lesson. That is your own private room and I promise not to go in there." Emily smiles big at Raj, grabs his hand and leads him to their bedroom.

The years go by. Emily is at work and Raj is home alone wondering through the house. He admits to himself that Emily's secret sanctuary room is getting the better of him. He must know what is inside. His curiosity finally gets the better of him and he walks to the closed room and slowly opens the door. He finds a light switch on the wall and flicks it on. To his horror, he sees scattered on the floor and tables naked human body parts. Arms, legs, heads, torso's. His phone rings and it scares the wits out of him. Raj looks at the phone and its Emily. He slams the door closed and answers the phone.

Emily wants to know if he wants her to pickup BBQ take out for dinner that night. Raj is still reeling and mumbles yea, sure, that is fine. Emily chimes in, "I so love the tender meat and the BBQ flavoring. I can't wait to sink my teeth into it." Emily ends the phone conversation saying she will be home in less than an hour. Raj nods OK and realizes Emily cannot hear a nod and says, "Yes dear, see you in an hour." Emily says, "Maybe we can watch my favorite movie tonight, So I Married An Axe Murderer?" Raj lowly responds with a yes Emily, whatever you wish. Rajesh's mind is going a mile a minute. He really did marry an axe murderer. Why didn't he see all the obvious signs. Oh, he's doomed, doomed.

Emily arrives home with the BBQ dinner and smiles at Raj who is cowering in the corner of the house. Emily holds out her arms and walks towards Raj and says, "Come here, I'm so hungry I can eat you up!" Raj cowers back and yells, "Stay away from me." Emily sees the terror in his eyes and point blankly asks Raj if he went into her sanctuary room. Raj nods yes. Emily continues to move towards Raj her smile now turning a ghoulish grin. Emily is now within a foot of Rajesh. She looks him in the eye and says to him, "Rajesh, I have something to tell you. And its about the sanctuary room. This is hard for me to say because I love you so much but,... But,...APRIL FOOLS!!!"

Emily explains that she knew eventually that Raj would not be able to stay out of that room so one day she brought home lifelike mannequins from dermatology school and placed them randomly in the room. Emily could not believe Rajesh held out so long. Both embrace and kiss. Emily then says, "By the way, I found your subscription to Big Badonk-adonks years ago so I guess we are even."

Stuart Bloom:

 Stuart continues to work at his comic book store after an unknown source wires money every month to his bank account. This money allows Stuart to keep the doors open on the store and eek out a small existence. Years go by and the inevitable comes to pass. Stuart reads in the news that comic book legend Stan Lee passed away.

Sadly, Stuart, dressed in his only grey suit, closes the store to attend the funeral of Stan Lee. Thousands upon thousands of mourners are gathered at the service. Many of them are dressed in their favorite superhero costumes. At the end of the funeral service, as Stuart was walking away a man approached him and asked if he were Mr. Bloom, the proprietor of the comic book store. Stuart looks worried and replies yes to the question. The man retrieves an envelope from his suit pocket and hands it to Stuart telling him that Mr. Lee has been watching him for some time now. Stuart opens the envelope and inside is a cashiers check from Stan Lee for 5 million dollars and a note.

The note from Lee was one paragraph. It said:
Whatever life holds in store for you, never forget these words: With great power comes great responsibility. This is my gift, (It is) my curse to you. Who are you? You are Stuart Bloom, benefactor of the late Stan Lee. The truth is Stuart, you don't know the way you feel, except you know the kind of man you want to be. Its as if you have reached the unreachable, and you weren't ready for it. Now go find the woman of your dreams and love her forever. Stan.

As Stuart continues to walk from the funeral service, he absentmindedly bumps into a woman who is also clumsily walking. It is Sara Jean Underwood, Playboy model of the year and the sexiest nerdy girl in Hollywood. They both smile at each other and Sara strikes up a conversation with Stuart. She tells him the estate of Stan Lee requested her attendance at the funeral service and that I would meet the man of my dreams here. Sara smiles and looks into Stuarts eyes and says, "Isn't that just the weirdest coolest thing you ever heard."

Stuart and Sara are dating. Stuart is taking it slow....

Barry Kripke And Leslie Winkle:

Barry finally gets tenure and moved up the ladder of success ever since Sheldon left to prepare for his and Amy's Mars habitat. He gets more involved in artificial intelligence and creates a working prototype of a female android. The female android looks astonishing like Leslie Winkle who just happens to be Kripke's current girlfriend. The androids artificial intelligence quickly adapts and learns human traits. As human and android experiments go, Kripke and the android who he named Sara, hook up. Things are progressing smoothly with the real and the android Leslie (Sara) until Leslie walked in on Barry and the android. Leslie was pissed, stated to Barry, "I thought you were stopping with just the hand?" Kripke, locked in an embrace with the android Sara replied, "No, that was Wolowitz that stopped with just the hand. I'm all in."

Will Wheaton:

Will Wheaton is at yet another minor "Con" signing autographs to a very small audience. His cell phone rings. Its from director, producer, and screen writer J.J. Abrams. Abrams complimented Wheaton on his 13 appearances in the Serial Apeist series stating he liked what he saw.  Abrams tells Wheaton he wants to cast him in his new rebooted Star Trek series.  Abrams wants him to play Wesley Crusher, the time traveller, who comes to this time line to see what happened to the time line. Wheaton agrees on the spot and calls his agent immediately to beg his agent to get his Serial Apeist 14 contract voided.

Sheldon's Spot:

It was no coincidence that Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Even Howard, wound up at the apartment hashing out the days events, quantum and theoretical equations to solving the worlds mysteries. Hidden inside the frame of the couch was a sophisticated listening device recording every word of every conversation (Even the time when Penny and Leonard "did it" on Sheldon's spot) The device was planted the day Sheldon moved in. An evil race of aliens have been monitoring the device ever since. They were "This close" to understanding how normal humans interact with each other and with that understanding would help the aliens conquer the world.

Final Scene:

Penny and Leonard are on the couch watching television. They hear a knock at the door. Penny opens the door and Sir Paul McCartney is standing outside. Penny does not recognize him and asks if she can help him. Paul asks if her name is Penny. Penny takes a steps back and replies that yes it is. Paul smiles and replies, "I finally found you, I finally found Penny Lane. I've been searching so long for you." Penny steps back more and asks Leonard to come to the door. Penny asks Paul McCartney how did he know her middle name was Lane? Paul smiles and says, "Well, the cats out of the bag now isn't it. I'm your father Penny!" Penny interrupts Paul and tells him to "SHUT UP!" Paul introduces himself to Leonard who does know who McCartney is. Leonard tries to explain to Penny who Paul is. Leonard invites McCartney inside the apartment.

Penny states that it can't be true, McCartney cannot be her father. Her mother would have told her something that big. Paul reveals that years ago he and Susan (Penny's Mom) met at a Wings concert and fell in love. For one night only. The next day both went on their own separate long and winding roads. And now the journey finally found its way to your door. Penny still does not believe and calls her mother on the phone. Susan asks why Penny is asking and Penny reveals that McCartney is standing inside her apartment right now. Susan confirms to Penny that McCartney is indeed her father. She tells Penny that she didn't meet her husband until 6 months later. Both decided to raise Penny as their own. Penny hangs up the phone and looks at Paul and asks are there anymore surprises I don't know about?

Paul asks to sit down and continues, "Well, back in 1964 there was a bit of a scandal concerning the Beatles, and out of that came a wild conspiracy theory that I was dead. That I died in a car accident. People took the lyrics from our songs and put new meanings to them to support claims that I was indeed dead and the Beatles were covering it up. Well, after all these years, may I introduce to you, the one and only William Shears Campbell." Both Penny and Leonard look dumbfounded. Leonard says, "Wait, now hold on, so you are not Paul McCartney?" William nods no. He tells Penny and Leonard that Paul did indeed die in an accident and the band management found me. I was a look-a-like and had plastic surgery done to my face. I assumed the role of Paul McCartney for the next three years. Until John Lennon couldn't take it anymore and broke up the band."

Penny asks, "Anything else Paul, or William, or Billy, or Mac, or Buddy, you want to tell us?" William says just one more thing. You have a half brother that lives not so far from here. His name is Howard Wolowitz. As soon as I'm done visiting you I am going over to his house and knocking on his front door and introducing myself."

Penny looks petrified and moans, "Oh the horror!"

Fade to black, cue the music,
Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state, 
Then nearly fourteen billions years ago expansion started, wait.....

For Debbie and her fantastic brisket


Sasha and Rick Grimes Next To Die

Sasha Williams played by Sonequa Martin
Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln

Two major characters from AMC's The Walking Dead series are acting on borrowed time.
First, let us look at Sonequa Martin. Ms. Martin will be starring as the lead character in the new Star Trek series Discovery. It is to debut in 2017. Sonequa is the major talent on this series, not unlike when she played Tamara on ABC's series Once Upon A Time. She played a minor role with only several recurring episodes. With Star Trek Discovery, she is the star.

Final Analysis: Sasha Williams will die attempting to end the life of mega villain Negan. Sasha will take down several key Negan followers but Negan will survive.

Second, Rick Grimes. Original cast member. Leader of the group. Literally the heart and soul of the epic series. Which means his time is due. The comic book canon had him dying in the first several episodes so his acting on screen is merely a mirage.

Rick has already given his goodbye speech to Michonne and everyone knows Carl will become the eventual leader of the rag tag survivors.

Final Analysis: Rick survives the season 7 finale airing this Sunday night but call him unemployed for season 8. Rick goes down swinging and takes Negan with him in an epic one on one battle set in a "Thunderdome" type setting. two men enter, both men die.



Ghost Hunters Find New Life On Destination America

Wait - What Was That?
Jason Hawes, creator of Taps, (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) announced back in June of this year that season eleven would be the last for the successful and popular Ghost Hunters series to air on the SYFY channel. Hawes not only hinted but expressed big things for the Ghost Hunters franchise in the future. The Grassy Knoll Institute is now able to reveal those big plans.

Hawes has been in negotiations with two major television giants, HULU and Amazon Prime Video since his announcement in June. Hawes wanted a 13 episode season with a larger budget for production, editing, and of course, more wonderful ghost busting toys to entice spirits to make contact with the team.

Both HULU and Amazon Prime Video want more input and control on the cast of paranormal investigators. Both networks wanted Hawes to persuade Grant Wilson, co-founder of TAPS and investigator during the Ghost Hunters most popular years, to return to the program. They also want Kris Williams to return as well. The team needs a pretty face. (Sexest? Yes! But true? Yes!)

Wilson is mulling over the offer and perhaps he will commit to special appearances during high profile haunted locations. As of yet though, he has not come on board.

Kris Williams is another story. She is now living in Australia. Williams stated in print, on social media, and interviews that she would never return to Ghost Hunters. However, perhaps she was jaded from the bloodletting episode from Ghost Hunters International and with a fresh network at the helm, perhaps she will consider a new start. (After all, who doesn't need a paycheck?)

Former Ghost Hunter investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry snagged their own paranormal series titled Kindred Spirits slated to air on Destination America cable channel. However, the show is now moving to the TLC network,  (Debut episode slated to air early October)

With Destination America channel losing out on Kindred Spirits, the cable channel executives approached Hawes and apparently offered a kings ransom for the rights to a new rebooted Ghost Hunters. The channel is a perfect fit for the series and would blend in nicely with the other paranormal shows already airing on the network.

Expect Hawes to make the announcement Halloween weekend that he is moving the Ghost Hunter series to the Destination America channel and new episodes will begin airing in 2017.

Good job.... Onto the next....



Doctor Who 13th Doctor Revealed

The Next Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi, the twelve doctor in the ultra popular cult series, Doctor Who, has resigned offering the new director the luxury of picking out a new doctor that would fulfill his or her own vision of the Doctor Who francise.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading now if you do not want to know who the next Doctor will be!!!

The Grassy Knoll Institute has received credible intel that the next doctor has already been decided upon and are merely waiting until the 2017 season to wrap up filming to allow the actor to fulfill current obligations. 

Steven Moffat, the current Doctor Who showrunner revealed that he is stepping down and will hand the reigns over to Chris Chibnall after the 2017 season is completed. Chibnall will be permitted to put his own spin on the English series and was given the previledge to select the next doctor, the 13th Doctor. For Chibnall, the search was over almost before it began. He knew exactly who he wanted as the doctor to reinvigorate the series to bring it to a level of popularity not realized before.

No folks, we are not talking about Donald Trump, the GOP presidential candidate for 2016. I could almost see Trump stepping out of the Tardis to battle the Daleks informing his companion that the Daleks have no chance of penetrating the Earths atmosphere for the wall he had built was to tall to scale. And oh, the dialog between the Daleks and Trump. 
Daleks in unison: "EX..TERM..IN..ATE!" 
Trump: "You're fired!"

All right, you have waited long enough. Chibnall has selected Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) as the 13th Doctor.....
I'll let that sink it for a moment or two....

Jenna Coleman left Doctor Who to star in an eight part series portraying a young Queen Victoria and her love affair with Prince Albert. Scheduling conflicts for Coleman, filming, editing, and promotion of the series forced the Doctor Who francise to cancel the 2016 season and completely reboot for 2017 - 2018. 

If you recall the last episode had the Doctor wandering the desert and happened upon a small diner. The waitress was Clara Oswald. This episode sets up the cliffhanger for the 2017 season as Clara as the next Doctor. I know what you are thinking. (I'm a psychic remember) You are going to inform me that Clara Oswald cannot be the next Doctor because she is not a Time Lord.

Chibnall will skirt that issue easily explaining that the Doctor and Clara are the hybrid together. In that last episode, the Doctor realized the danger of the two being together and configured a device to remove Clara's memory of him to avoid her from harm. Clara alters the device and the effects are reversed onto the Doctor. At that point, both the Doctor and Clara became one, each sharing an essence and consciousness. Clara retained all of the Doctor's centuries of knowledge and experience.

Since Clara is technically dead, well, frozen in time, she will live as long as she wishes to before returning to Galifrey to complete her death sequence.

Clara also has a Tardis. The Diner Tardis.

And she already has a companion. None other than Ashildr played by Maisie Williams. Ashildr or ME was prominatly showcased in several episodes forshadowing the 2018 season. Williams is signed for the last two seasons of Game Of Thrones but it will only be 13 episodes in total for 2017 and 2018. Williams will have her filming completed allowing her to begin filming Doctor Who.

The 2018 season of Doctor Who will debut the first female Doctor with a female companion.



NCIS Tony Dinozzo Exit Spoiler Alert

Tiva - Tony And Ziva Reunite On NCIS

Sadly, the hit series NCIS is losing another long time member. Anthony Dinozzo, played by Michael Weatherly will be checking out in the season finale several weeks from now. And I know his fate on the show.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading now if you do not want to know what happens.

The episode opens with Tim McGee at NCIS headquarters on the phone with Delilah. It seems to be a heated exchange. Special agent Athony Dinozzo is seen exiting the elevator with Bishop. As they approach their work stations they spy McGee on the phone. McGee abruptly ends the conversation and hangs up the phone. Tony quipps, "Who you talkin to there McTalky?" McGee looks up annoyed as Gibbs swiftly walks in and anoounces to "Gear Up everyone!" McGee and Bishop make eye contact as the crew is headed to the elevator. 

The case the crew is working plays out through the episode and finally the case is closed. Dinozzo, McGee, and Bishop return to headquarters and stow away their gear. Tony is at his desk. McGee and Bishop are talking in hushed tones. McGee explains that he and Delilah hit a rough spot and Dililah broke off the engagement. Bishop looks longingly into McGee's eyes and the sexual tension is undeniable.

While at his desk Tony receives a cryptic text message saying only, "I WILL." Tony knows very well who sent the message and what the message means. He jumps to his feet and heads to the elevator. The elevator door opens and Gibbs is inside. Tony stops, looks at Gibbs, and tells him that he has to go, he has an important "Thing" that he must do. Gibbs steps out of the elevator allowing Tony to enter. 

As Tony turns his back Gibbs slaps him in the back of the head. Tony turns and asks, "Why the head slap Boss?" Gibbs smiles and flips his cell phone cover down revealing just a smidge of the text he just received, the letters ILL are seen until the cover closes. Gibbs smiles and says, "Its about time Dinozzo!" Tony smiles and Gibbs continues, "Go on, get out of here. Go do your thing."

Tony is seen at the airport purchasing a ticket. A one way ticket.
Next Tony is sitting on the jet next to several noisy children.
Hours later Tony is exiting the plane.

Tony hails a cab and jumps in the back of the taxi. He arrives at his destination, a swanky hotel. He stops at the front desk, and asks if any keys were left for him. The attendant hands him a key to the penthouse suite. He takes the elevator to the top. Tony stops at the door, takes a deep breath, inserts the key, turns the handle and slowly opens the door. In the dimly lit corner of the room Tony recognizes the very familiar silhouette coming towards him. Dinozzo smiles ear to ear and sighs, "Ziva...." You hear Ziva giggling in the darkness. The camera pans to Tony and apparently Ziva lovingly embracing as the room is too dark to make out faces. The camera slowly pans out and fades to black.

Epiloge: The next morning McGee and Bishop are at headquarters casually chatting wondering where Tony rushed off to last night. The elevator opens and Jeanne Benoit exits and walks toward them. She is looking for Tony. McGee informs her that Tony is not here.

Cue the music.....



Hulu Plus 11.22.63 Original Program Series Finale Spoiler

Kennedy Survives Assassination 

Spoiler Alert:
Do not read beyond this sentence lest you want revealed the series ending to 11.22.1963

HULU Plus TV has an exclusive 8 episode premiere mini series airing every Monday. So far, there have been seven episodes with the last set to air Monday, April 4th, 2016. This last episode will be action packed and the Grassy Knoll Institute has gained access to the finale. Hold onto your butts, it is going to be a wild ride.

Jake Ambersons original plan gets foiled as the past pushed back hard preventing him from stopping Oswald from entering the School Book Depository that day. Jake, has to come up with an alternate plan on the fly.

As Jake and Sadie are walking towards Dealey Plaza, he pictures the map of the presidential motorcade in his mind. He now knows what to do. Jake and Sadie hijack a car and race towards Dealy Plaza. Jake steers the car onto Houston Street heading straight for Main Street. He knows the motorcade will be turning onto Houston in a minute or two. Jake realizes that if he prevents the motorcade from turning right onto Houston street, it will not have the opportunity to turn left on Elm Street and will avoid Kennedy being put into the cross hairs of Oswald.

Jake slams the stolen car into several parked vehicles forcing a barrier. Jake and Sadie jump out of the car and flee into the crowd just as the presidential motorcade arrives. The motorcycles that lead the motorcade turn right onto Houston and spot the barricade. They quickly radio to the lead car to alter course. They recommend continuing on Main Street and travel the South part of Dealey Plaza.

The the lead car indeed stays on Main Street street and radios to all drivers that the route has been altered. Oswald watched in Horror as the motorcade procession travels away from him. Oswald attempts to target Kennedy but does not have a clean view. Oswald fires anyway but misses all three times but does manage to hit the Presidents Limo. The secret service immediately shield President Kennedy and the motorcade races away through Dealey plaza. The same panic and bedlam occur just the same, people ducking for running, soldiers and police asking questions, people filming and taking pictures.

Jake and Sadie slip through the crowd unnoticed.

Jake steals another car and takes Sadie to the rabbit hole. He tells her that once they pass through they will be in the future, in 2016. Sadie smiles and agrees. Jake and Sadie return to the future. When they both walk out of the diner storage room, Sadie immediately begins to age rapidly. Sadie ages 53 years in seconds and her heart cannot take the strain. Sadie collapses and Jake grabs her and holds her in his arms. Sadie looks up through her dying eyes and tells Jake, "I love you." Sadie closes her eyes and takes her last breath in the future.

Jake buries Sadie in an unmarked grave on the diners property. He goes back home. He logs onto his computer and researches the JFK assassination. He reads that there was a plot to kill the president but it was foiled by a a car accident on the motorcade route forcing the Limo to change course. A Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and was murdered by Jack Ruby before he could be brought to trial.

Jake realizes that he has succeeded. America and history has changed. John Kennedy was re-elected for a second term. His brother Bobby followed him for two terms and Teddy Kennedy followed bobby for two terms. And in 2016, JFK Junior is running for President.

Technology advanced as usual, everyone is carrying around cell phones but also the infrastructure of the country has been improved. Hi speed rail is in every major city. You could travel from Cleveland Ohio to Las Vegas Nevada in less than six hours. The twin towers still stand. Most cars in the states now run on electric power. In 2017, the first manned mission to the planet Mars is scheduled. Terrorism is hardly mentioned in the news.

Life is good for all of America. Except for Jake. Jake must decide to let history be as it is now and be without Sadie or go back down the rabbit hole at the diner and begin all over again in October 1960.

Jake walks into the diner and towards the pantry where the rabbit hole is, Jake pauses, takes a few more steps forward, Pauses. A few more slow steps. Fades to black. End of show. Cue the music.



Walking Dead Season Six Finale Spoiler

Spoiler Alert:
Do not read beyond this sentence lest you want revealed who dies in the upcoming season six finale of The Walking Dead airing Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 on AMC.

Yes, yes, we finally get introduced to Negan, portrayed by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his companion Lucille. When Negan appears, you, as fans of The Walking Dead understand someone is going to die. Horribly.... From the business end of Lucille. The Barbed wire baseball bat Negan aptly wields.

There are many candidates to choose from. In the comic series, Glenn dies at the hands of Negan so of course he is top choice for the television series. Daryl is also in the running. Daryl is not part of the comic book series world, thus, his time, although fun and long, may have come at hand. Another likely candidate is Abraham. He has lost his way... Again. And now that he has sparked a new romance with Sasha, perhaps Negan chooses the biggest of the Rick-tatorship. And speaking of Rick, he is the leader of a group of people that has slaughtered a staggering number of Negan's men. An eye for an eye so to speak. Sort of like Carl's eye.

But the season six finale promises to be the most shocking twisted finale of the series.

Something volatile and obscene has to occur. Enter Glenn  Rhee, the nimble former pizza delivery guy making fun of Rick trapped in the tank surrounded by zombies. (Hey asshole in the tank) Up to only a few episodes ago he was the only cast member not to have killed another human being. Glenn then murdered several of the saviors in cold blood while they slept. Negan has to be in the bull pen warming up. He has to be. Right? Right!

Enter the last surviving member of the Greene family, Maggie Greene. Betrothed to Glenn. Pregnant, carrying Glenn's child, and perhaps the future of humanity. Maggie watched as her entire family was wiped from the earth as her father Herschel got beheaded by the governor and her sister Beth's lifeless body was carried out by Daryl. Can this woman withstand any more agony? The answer is no, she cannot.

Glenn, however, must realize the impact of his actions, breaking his own code and murdering human beings. Glenn will be punished. His penance will be to watch in horror as Negan has Maggie chaperoned into the killing zone, has her set upon her knees, forcing Glenn to watch as Negan winds up his bat Lucille and repeatedly strikes Maggie and her unborn baby until both are dead.

You were warned......



Walking Dead Glenn Is Not Dead (Spoiler Alert)

So, after watching last night's episode of The Walking Dead, (Spoiler Alert) I do not believe Glenn is dead. And here is why: When Michonne is schooling Heath about him "Being out there" she says something to the effect,
“Have you ever had to kill people because they already killed your friends and are coming for you next? Have you ever done things that made you afraid of yourself afterward? Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours, walkers or your friends?"

See there, Michonne is foreshadowing what happened to Glenn. He had the blood and guts of Nicholas on him.  The scene shows only Glenn grimacing, not actually being bitten.

I am sure that Glenn ducked under the dumpster and snuck away to safety. Remember, Glenn is the resourceful one. He knows better than anyone how to avoid the walkers. For God's sake, he was a pizza delivery guy in a previous life.

Glenn is still alive.



Walking Dead Governor Proof Of Life

The Walking Dead Returns
The Walking Dead Returns

Walking Dead Governor Lays Dead On The Ground
Walking Dead Governor Lays Dead On The Ground
The Walking Dead returns February 9th after a shocking mid-season cliff hanger revealing  the supposed death of the Governor by the hands of Lilly. One of the final scenes shows the Governor drawing his last breath after being beaten by Rick, run through with a Katana sword wielded by Michonne, and apparently shot by Lilly at point blank range. However, the Governor is not dead. He survived the attack. The proof of life is all in the photo's.

The first photo clearly shows the Governor lying on the ground, his face in the middle of the red Jeep on the left and the red and white SUV on the right. (Pay no attention to the reflection of our floor lamp shining through onto the television) Notice the walkers coming directly toward the Governor in the center?

Walking Dead Walkers Waltz By The Governor
I point your attention to the red and white SUV on the right in the background as the walkers get closer to the Governor lying on the ground. From this vantage point, the woman walker in the front would be stepping on the Governors head at this point.

Gaze again at the first photo to find a reference point. The vehicle is at the same distance in the second photo as the first. Hence, since the walker is still between the red Jeep and the red and white SUV, the walker is in the direct path of the Governors body.

Walkers Do Not Devour The Governor
Walkers Do Not Devour The Governor
The third photo shows more and more walkers in the Governors path but they just keep walking on by. Every single one of them. In fact, if you study the photo just a tad, you will see that the walkers in the front have already walked by where the Governor should by lying. (See the red Jeep in the back ground, it is further back then the previous two photos showing that the walkers have already passed the Governor)

Two questions here:
One, why are the walkers not descending upon the Governor to devour his flesh?
Two: Where is the Governors body?

I can answer both questions in one sentence. The walkers are not descending upon the Governor because the Governor was somehow able to get up and get out of the walkers path. But how? He was beaten, stabbed, and supposedly shot and left on the ground for the walkers to have their way with him. Pretty damn good justice for the Governor.

However, from the evidence presented here, the governor did survive episode #8, (To Far Gone)  to terrorize another day. Fact, the gunshot fired by Lilly was not shown on film. She could have easily missed with the way her handing was shaking. Fact, the Governor is lying between the Jeep and the SUV. Fact, the walkers do not devour the Governor. Fact, the governor is not on the ground where he is supposed to be as the walkers cruise by.

My theory is that the Governor is still alive and that he had assistance to escape the walkers in the field at the end of episode #8. One scenario is that Carol provided that assistance, pulling the Governor to safety to another one of the vehicles scattered in the prison field. Carol then drove him off to safety, nursed his wound inflicted by Michonne, and found shelter to allow him to heal. There are other scenario's but this one seems to fit the best.

Carol has an ulterior motive saving the Governor. She needs help to get her adopted children back. She needs an ally. A ruthless motivated ally. The Governor is a perfect choice. Both Carol and the Governor can attack with a united front.

No matter who helped or how the Governor escaped, he did!

We haven't seen the last of the Governor or Carol.



HULU Plus Limited Commercials My Ass

Hulu Plus Adds Commercials
Hulu Plus Adds Commercials
I was surfing the cable channels the other night looking for something entertaining to watch and found nothing. I decided to go streaming and switched on my Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions. Now for the past several months I have been re-watching the classic 1966-71 soap opera Dark Shadows. The series is about a vampire named Barnabus Collins released from his chained coffin finding himself 175 years in the future back at Collinwood. Google or Bing the rest if you want to know more.

I dialed up Hulu Plus because Netflix had just pulled all the Dark Shadows episodes off their list streaming list. That was fine, no problem, Hulu Plus still had them. I opened my list of programs and selected Dark Shadows and selected episode #399 (Abigail insists that Reverend Trask must be summoned again to find and destroy the witch residing in Collinwood.) The episode is 22 minutes in length.

Now when I signed up with Hulu months ago, it was in clear print that even with my paid subscription there would be limited commercials during each episode. No problem, I could accept limited commercials.

I hit the play button and I immediately viewed a commercial. Only 30 seconds, no biggie. Dark Shadows began with a recap of the previous cliff hanger and then the theme music played. And BAM, another commercial. This time there were three in total. And then back to the show. Six minutes later the program was interrupted with yet more commercials. I was beginning to see a pattern here. In all, there were twelve commercials during this episode.

Finally, the daily cliff hanger aired and the credit music began, (Eerie organ music followed by a stern voice saying, "This has been a Dan Curtis Production) I then checked the actual time it took to air the episode. Thirty minutes. Let me repeat that. Thirty minutes. Limited commercials my ass.

I understand Hulu Plus is only $8 bucks a month but Hulu needs to be truthful with its customer base. It needs to amend its Mission Statement.

Hulu Plus should state before you click that paid button:
Once you sign up with Hulu plus and we have your $8 bucks, you will be able to watch all programs available on Hulu. However, Hulu will at their discretion insert as many commercials as we see fit and call it limited commercial interruptions when in fact commercials will average 7-8 minutes every 30 minutes of viewing. In essence, you will pay Hulu for the luxury of watching your program whenever you want plus watch the commercials, commercials that you cannot fast forward through as you can do on your cable DVR systems. Thank you for choosing Hulu Plus.

In essence, although I like some of the programs Hulu Plus offers, I do not like the commercials that go along with my paid subscription.

BTW, Netflix has all four seasons of Farscape. Just saying.



Walking Dead Governor Is Not A Biter Yet

walking dead governor is not dead
The Governor Is Not A Biter Yet
News Flash:
After watching episode #8 (Too Far Gone) of AMC's series The Walking Dead, the Grassy Knoll Institute has uncovered concrete evidence that the Governor is not really dead but very much alive. The Talking Dead episode hosted by Chris Hardwick and guest Robert Kirkman, (Creator of The Walking Dead) confirmed my findings.

Let me explain. In last nights episode, when the Governor was choking the life out of Rick, Michonne ran him through with her Katana sword. The Gov fell onto his back, mortally wounded, but not dead. Michonne was leaving the "Biters" to complete the task. As the biters approached closer and closer, Lilly appeared, looked down on the still alive Governor, aimed a handgun at the Governor, and with her arm noticeably shaking, fired her gun.

So, the Governor is dead right? Wrong! Here is my evidence.

From the show, we did not see the governor dead. Perhaps Lilly missed. Understandable with her hand shaking so much. Perhaps Lilly had a change of heart and did not shoot. There were plenty of gun shots occurring at that time. Perhaps one of them just happened at the exact time Lilly was ready to fire. And that leaves the Governor alive. Yes, severely wounded, but alive.

Robert Kirkman confirmed in the Talking Dead program that when the producers kill off a main character like Hershel played by Scott Wilson, it is an intense death scene. (Hershel getting his head hacked off by the Governor needing several blows to complete the task) So how did the Governor supposedly die? By a gun-shot to the head that was not shown on camera by Lilly, a new character with no real history on the show. I don't think so.

The Governor is alive, severely injured, but alive. He will surface next season. With a new ally. An ally named Carol.

ADDENDUM: Photographic evidence that the Governor survived the attacks. Governor Proof Of Life



NCIS Ziva David Replacement Revealed

NCIS Ziva Replacement Revealed
NCIS Ziva David Replacement:
The Grassy Knoll Institute reveals credible information and scene stills of Emily Wickersham as the new replacement of Cote de Pablo who played Ziva David.
As the season unfolds, Gibbs searches for a replacement for the departed Ziva and finds agent Bishop, (Wickersham) a quirky NSA operative trained to analyze facts and bring forth the best case scenario. Gibbs likes what he sees and offers the job to Bishop (Wickersham) on the spot. Much like he did with agent Todd.
Gibbs tells Bishop (Wickersham) it won’t be a cake walk and that she will have to jump through some hoops now and again to get the job done. Bishop (Wickersham) replies that she is an expert with hoops.
Spoiler alert! Agent Bishop (Wickersham) will also become McGee’s love interest in future seasons.
Season 11 premieres September 24th



Fringe Series Finale Spoilers

Fringe Series Finale Spoilers
Attention all Fringe Series fans. Prepared for the Fringe Series Finale? Want the Fringe Series Spoilers? Today, depending on your own time line, is your lucky day because you have stumbled upon the very guarded Fringe finale ending including all the spoilers and secrets not yet revealed. I know you may be skeptical after looking around this blog page with all the incredibly good-looking women in the side links but let me just say this.
I have accurately predicted the ending to television series ABC Lost, NBC Persons Unknown, and NBC The Event, and even the most recent FOX House series. Below you will read the finale outline detailing the end game of this popular series. Be warned, spoilers are ahead at the very first paragraph in this post. For those dying to know, read on and enjoy. For those wishing to see the end unfold on TV Friday, leave now and come back Friday evening after it has aired.
Where we last left off, September (Donald) informed Walter that he (Walter) must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from the invading Observers. All the components for the plan has been gathered but Peter and Olivia are unaware of what Walter must sacrifice. (Remember when September told Walter that the child must live, and that he meant the child Observer and not Peter Bishop)
Walter reveals certain details to the team:
Walter gathers the team and informs Olivia that she must return to the alternate universe and elicit the help of red-headed Olivia. Walter reiterates once again to Olivia that it will be a dangerous mission. Olivia must retrieve one last piece of the device so Walter can journey through time. Olivia is successful. As soon as Olivia comes out of the tank, she relays a set of coordinates to Walter that only Donald understands.
Donald informs Walter that he is ready and for Walter to prepare. Walter explains that Astrid, Peter, and Donald must create a diversion when the time travel machine is powered on to keep the Observers from arriving to quickly to the scene. Walter and the child Observer will then enter the time travel device.
Hopefully, when Walter reaches the future, he will then introduce the child Observer to the team of Harvard scientists that are artificially creating human intelligence slowly turning themselves into pre-Observers. Walter will explain that what they are doing is the beginning of the end of humanity.
Walter then explains to the team that if he is successful, a paradox will be created as he will have altered the future thus restoring time as it was before the Observers arrived. However, he tells Peter that it is a one way trip. He will not be able to come back. He will be trapped in the future and will not be able to return. September tells Walter the device will be fully powered in two hours. Walter goes to the lab and plays his records one last time. Walter falls asleep.
Peter confronts September and informs him that he is going instead of Walter. September warns Peter that the device was calibrated for Walter, not Peter, and from this universe, not the one Peter is from. peter is concerned that Walter will not follow through knowing the outcome.
Peter steps into the time machine with the child Observer just as Walter and Olivia enter. Walter cries out to Peter to stop and that’s it’s not meant for him. Olivia stares him down and tells him she loves him and to at last bring Etta home. Astrid breaks the silence and reminds the team a diversion must be implemented to keep the Observers from arriving to soon.
Peter arrives in the future, just outside the doors of Harvard University. Outside the science hall is a bigger than life bronze statue of Dr. Walter Bishop. Walter is a hero to the science team working in the lab. History sees Walter as the father of the technology being used to advance humankind’s intelligence.
As Peter introduces himself, a DNA test is performed on him to verify his story. They are intrigued with the child Observer. The child approaches the scientists and touches each of them. In an instant, the child allows the scientists not just to see the future, but experience as if they were living it. Hundreds of years in a single moment.
The Harvard team agree to halt the experiments and since they are the only group working on the artificial intelligence enhancements, the work will stop now avoiding the future they have just experienced.
Peter is relieved and jokingly asks since his father has a statue out front, perhaps there is a job for him in this time line. The scientists laugh and welcome Peter. The child observer walks up to Peter, smiles up at him, and touches him and mouths the words, “Thank you!”
In an instant, the child Observer sends Peter back in time using his own ability to manipulate time. It will be his last act for as Peter disappears into the past, the time line is halted, thus the child Observer is no more.
Final Scene:
Walter is in his Harvard lab, the calendar on the wall shows September 9th, 2008, a sign holder below the calendar says 21 Years, 9 Months, 8 Days without a psychotic episode. Astrid walks in wearing a lab coat, flips the sign holder to 9 days and smiles at Walter and tells him to keep up the good work.
Phillip Broyles walks in the lab and tells Walter he needs a favor. A moment later Olivia and John Scott enter the lab behind Broyles. Astrid is beside Walter, not as his handler, but as his assistant. The only person missing is Peter.
Broyles explains to Walter about a peculiar plane crash and what they found at the crash site. (Remember the Fringe Pilot episode) Olivia is listening intently and looks puzzled as if she is aware that something is amiss.
A moment later a smiling Peter enters the lab carrying donuts. Walter says “Hello son” and continues his discussion with Broyles. Astrid walks by and gently squeezes Walters behind. Astrid smiles at him and Walter gets one of his silly grins on his face and exclaims, “Ohhh, you are far better than red licorice.”
Olivia engages Peter in conversation, introduces herself, and small talk questions ensues. Peter seems uninterested, and is overheard telling Olivia that he is only interested in red heads.
The phone rings with Nina Sharp on the other end. She reminds Walter of his dinner date with her to Celebrate William Bell finding the cure to Peter’s childhood illness. Walter says he has not forgotten and will be there.
John Scott’s cell phone rings. He is talking to the men in the episode that revealed he is one of the bad guys. Olivia looks on at John suspiciously.
Peter stops, looks back at Olivia, studies her form, her blonde hair, her face. Olivia notices Peter staring at her. She allows him to do so for several more seconds before she makes eye contact with him. Peter smiles slyly at her and Olivia reciprocates back the smile.
The time line has been reset with no one remembering any of the past 5 years. Peter changed the future thus eliminating Walter from being committed to St. Claires. Events are now in motion for them to unfold as they did before, sans the invading Observers nor the alternate Peter. (Alternate Peter is now in his own universe)
Astrid takes an old record album from its jacket and places it on the record player, cues it up and places the needle on the vinyl. The sound begins to fill the Harvard lab. The song is At Last by EttaJames.
Peter and Olivia immediately look intensely at each other as the music laps at their ears. Both smile at each other seemingly knowing that they are destined to be together.
At last….
My love has come along,
My lonely days are over,
And life is like a song.
Oh yeah yeah,
At last,
The skies above are blue,
My heart was wrapped up in clover,
The night I looked at you.
I found a dream, that I could speak to,
A dream that I can call my own.
I found a thrill to press my cheek to,
A thrill that I have never known,
Oh yeah yeah,
You smiled, you smiled,
Oh and then the spell was cast,
And here we are in heaven,
for you are mine…
At Last….
Cue the Fringe ending music….
The Beginning….



House Series Fianle Spoiler - Everyone Lies - And Dies

Gregory House Dies
Welcome you lucky bastards to those who regularly read my blog or have somehow stumbled upon this page by pure chance. It is your lucky day. For I am revealing three weeks in advance the ending of the FOX network series, House. As I have done so accurately previously with ABC Lost, NBC Persons Unknown, and NBC The Event, I offer this finale outline script detailing the end game of this popular series. Be warned, spoilers are ahead at the very first paragraph in this post. For those dying to know, read on and enjoy.
House series finale episode titled, Everyone Dies.
The episode opens with House attending a funeral. Doctor Wilson’s funeral. The radical procedure Wilson went through with House’s assistance to shrink the tumor failed. In fact, it accelerated the process and burst killing Wilson. House is alone at Wilson’s casket and stares at him lying in the coffin, and calls Wilson an idiot one last time. Doctor Taub is precariously absent from the funeral. The rest of the team returns to the hospital to take on a new case.
Meanwhile, across town, Doctor Taub wakes up in a hotel room next to a sexy 21-year-old blonde nurse. She speaks softly into Taub’s ear, “Good morning sleepy head.” Taub smiles up at her when the hotel room bursts open. A man with a gun comes toward both Taub and the blonde nurse. He is ranting something to the effect that he warned her what would happen if he ever caught her cheating on him again.
As House sends his team out to perform several tests on the new patient, Doctor Remy Hadley (13) visits House in his office. She does not look well. Her disease has progressed rapidly and 13 asks House for a favor. She reminds him of a conversation they both had several years back when House promised to take her life when the time came when she was to far gone in her disease. House sighs and calls 13 an idiot but complies.
That evening as the team is busy running more tests House leaves the hospital and goes to 13’s apartment. Hadley lets him in and House unpacks his medical bag and tells 13 to change into something she feels comfortable in. House than hooks 13 up to a morphine drip and turns his phone off so he and 13 will not be interrupted.
While House is assisting 13, the patient the team is working on goes berserk. He jumps from his bed and stabs Doctor Adams in the throat and she crumples to the floor. Doctor Chase attempts to subdue the patient and gets his throat cut and is spewing blood. He then unceremoniously throws Doctor Chi Park out the picture window. Doctor Foreman rushes in with a security team and moves toward Chase to tend his wounds. The crazed patient charges the guards and a security officer pulls his gun in panic and fires. His aim was not true. Foreman is hit and lies on the ground dying. Moments later, the patient is subdued but Adams, Chase, Foreman, and Park lay dead on the hospital floor.
Back at the hotel room, Taub attempts to reason with the crazed man but to no avail. Three shots are fired. Taub lay dead on the bed. The blonde nurse dead on the floor beside Taub. And the crazed husband, dead on the hotel room doorway.
As House and 13 wait for the morphine drip to take effect, small talk ensues as the medicine drips into 13’s veins. Remy, (13) admits to House that she always had a thing for him and would have “So done him” alone and with several of her girlfriends if only he would have asked. House smacks his head and calls himself an idiot. 13 smiles as House injects a syringe of medicine into her veins and she slowly loses consciousness.
House checks her pulse, unplugs her from the morphine drip, packs his equipment up, adjusts her blanket, kisses her forehead and softly says goodbye.
Final scene:
House returns home, clicks on the lights, goes to his secret stash of pain killers, downs three or four vicodin pills and swigs down some whiskey. He curls up in bed and closes his eyes. He is awoken by movement in his apartment. He opens his eyes to see Doctor Cutner standing at his bed side.
House realizes he is dreaming and engages Cutner in conversation. House asks him why he killed himself, and why is he here now. Cutner replies, “I’m here for you House. You were always curious of what was beyond death. I’m here to guide you to your biggest puzzle ever. Are you up to it?” House nods yes. Cutner replies, “Let the journey begin. Get out of bed and follow me through your front door.” House gets up and puts pressure on his bad leg. There is no pain at all. He rolls his pant leg up to see a perfectly healthy leg. He looks at Cutner in a funny sort of way, and follows him. The door opens and both walk through.
The door closes. Lights fade. Cue the House ending credit music.
But wait. Less than ten seconds into the ending credits, Dominika Petrova, House’s wife, unlocks the apartment door and walks in. She flicks on the lights and announces to House that she has returned. She has some wonderful good news. She announces that not only does she love House and wants to continue to be his wife, but she is pregnant with his child.
She calls out to House again. She walks toward the bedroom and spies House in bed, the sheets rumpled. She bends down and kisses house on the cheek and becomes startled. Dominika realizes House is dead. She clutches her belly and cries.
Ending credit music continues…..
The End!



ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church

ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church
ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church
Life After Lost. The Grassy Knoll Institute is offering our own unique ABC Lost alternate ending in a four episode arc. The story begins where Lost ended, at the church where the castaways all gathered in the series finale. In this series, many answers will be given. Loose ends tied up. And a mention or two of Juliet's amazing rack.
In brief, The castaways are not dead. They are not in Purgatory. I guarantee no alien involvement, nor virtual reality. They are very much alive. All of them. Tune in for the four part series by clicking the links below.

ABC Lost Sequel - Beyond The Church

ABC Lost Sequel - Reality Check 07/12/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - The Seed - Part 1-4 07/19/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - The Harvest - Part 2-4 07/26/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - Comes A Time - Part 3-4 08/02/2010
ABC Lost Sequel - After The Gold Rush - Series Finale 08/09/2010