Thought Screen Helmet For Your Pets

Take Me To Your Litter
A Public Announcement To All Thought Screen Helmet Wearers:
Even though you wear your thought screen helmet religiously, it doesn't mean you are entirely safe from alien abduction and / or alien domination. As we all know, the evil aliens become quite angry when the telepathic link has been severed by wearing a properly constructed thought screen helmet lined with velostat. When they notice the interruption they immediately go to the source to investigate.

Upon inspection, the aliens will look for other means of control and your pets are the next logical step. Using their telepathic mind control, the aliens will infiltrate your pets thoughts. Once they have control over your cat or dog, while you are safely sleeping in your bed at night, they will command your pet to jump up on the bed and claw away at the helmet until it is removed. Once it's off and the wearer is now exposed to telepathic thought control, the aliens will pounce and assume control.

The Grassy Knoll Institution has the solution. Introducing Thought Screen Helmets for your pets.
Your move evil aliens. Your move.



  1. Bummer, the photo isn't loading! Where can I buy one?

  2. Robby the robots pet cat.

  3. Yea, Wordpress was having issues on their servers and random pictures were not appearing. Its all fixed now.

  4. Fill the cd container lid with water, chain him to a pole, dangle him off a 75 story sky scrapper, have him try to escape, while landing on all fours, and you'd have yourself a Houdini Cat... I know that's off topic, but damn it, I'm sick of Chris Angel and David Blain! It's time to usher in the age of... Houdini Cat!

  5. Cats.....In.....Space....

    Heavy echo on each word.

  6. LMAO. Take me to your litter.

  7. yea, I thought that was funny.


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