Catholic Bad Habits

Catholic Nuns Of The 1960s
 Going to Catholic grade school in the 1960's was difficult enough. Adding angry nuns was a recipe of pure Hell. The nuns were vicious, without mercy. I knew my mission in life the day I pulled Sister Ann Teresa's habit off her head. I had to know what secret treasures lay hidden beneath. The Grassy Knoll Institute conspiracy began. 

Growing Up Catholic In the 1960's Archives Below:

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  1. The good Monsignor2/16/2014 3:35 PM

    I went to Catholic school in the South in the 1960's, and AM left handed. The nuns NEVER tried to "break me" of it. The only thing I remember is that my first grade Sister, asked my mother, who stated that left handedness was a family trait.

    As to the other tales of terror, I never was a victim, as I told the nuns I had a vocation to the Priesthood ( I didn't lie, in fact, I made Monsignor in the late 1990's - and hold one of the ranks the current Papal Clown has decided we don't need anymore). The only times I saw some jerk get a nun's fury - it was long over due and well earned on his part!!!!!

    1. I am still left handed. My point was that the Nuns tried to convert me to right handed. And, you were never the center of a Nuns eraser because you told the Nuns you wanted to be a priest. (Some may say that was the cowards way out, some may say it was forward thinking, but who am I to judge)
      Sorry the guy with the big white hat downsized and your job went out the window.
      It would also appear by your comments that you condone violence to grade school children administered from their teacher. I do not think it would be appropriate at any time for a Nun to throw an eraser and hit a child in the head or to strike a child with a ruler thin side up over their knuckles. Perhaps your church has different beliefs. Perhaps that is why you were let go from your job.

  2. We were never hit with the edgeside of a ruler, nor did I in eight years see an eraser thrown at anyone.

    I am still a priest, and still one of the last protonaries apostolic created under Benedict XVI. I still have and will have the assignment given to me by the Apostolic Nuncio until I retire some 15 or so years in the future. A priest is rarely out of a job.


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