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Julie Newmar - Catwoman Original Sexy Siren

Julie Newmar, perhaps the original Sci-Fi Sexy Siren.
Newmar was born in 1933 and by perusing her IMDB site, began her career in 1952 and continues to work to this very day.

Newmar has appeared in dozens of movies and televisions programs including playing Princess Eleen in Star Trek, her famous line stating her newborn child is Doctor McCoys baby. She also played Miss Devlin in the ultimate science fiction television series, The Twlight Zone. However, what made her famous was donning the "Catsuit" and portraying her six foot frame and mile long legs feline villain Catwoman in the television series Batman in a recurring role from 1966 through 1967.

Catwoman had a thing for Batman and used her feline feminine ways on the Batman. Batman did his best to avoid temptation but always put himself and his side kick Robin in peril.

The episodes Newmar appeared in were choke full of double entendre predictaments for both Catwoman and Batman. For the 1960's it was considered highly risque.

The Grassy Knoll Institute Salutes Jule Newmar and is proud to add her as a Sexy Siren.

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Alice Eve Sci-Fi Sexy Siren

Alice Eve, 34 years young actress was born in London, Englang. Eve is not just another pretty actress. She has a multitude of movies and series to her credit but we are interested in the Science Fiction and horror genre she has starred in.

Her feature roles include Men In Black 3 and Night At The Museum. The role she is most recognized is the portrayal of Doctor Carol Marcus in the rebooted Star Trek francise. She is the love interest of Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness. (Thats Alice pictured debating with Kirk in a pivotal scene)

Alice Eve is also featured in a 2017 science fiction thriller titled Replica's. For more visit Alice's Instagram Page.

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Rachel Nichols - Star Trek Orion Slave Girl


Rachel Nichols, 36 years young, born in the state of Maine is our new Sci-Fi Sexy Siren.
Rachel has appeared in Conan The Barbarian, the remake of The Amityville Horror, as an Orion Slave Girl (Pictured Above) in Star Trek - Into Darkness and of course as most of us know her from, Kiera Cameron, the time traveling cop in the series Continuum.

Rachel also stars in a new science fiction movie released in 2016 titled Pandemic.

In other related news, the Grassy Knoll Institute has it on good authority that Nichols will be joining TAPS next year in a rebooted series Ghost Hunters with Jason Hawes. Rachel will be part of a new paranormal investigating team visiting allegedly haunted establishments across the country.

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Star Trek Melons - Alice Eve

Star Trek Melons Alice Eve
Star Trek Melons Alice Eve
The Dark Zone excitedly introduces yet another 2013 Halloween Melons category, Sci-Fi Melons and Alice Eve is easily best in show. Eve portrayed Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness, the rebooted Star Trek series.

We look forward to seeing plenty more of Alice Eve in the future.

Happy Halloween



Zoe Saldana - Sci Fi Sexy Siren

Zoe Saldana Star Trek Sexy Siren
Zoe Saldana Star Trek Sexy Siren
Zoe Saldana is starring in the newest Star Trek project, the blockbuster motion picture, Star trek XI, in theaters this Friday. Zoe plays the communications officer LT. Nyota Uhura on the starship Enterprise. Her performance confirms that sexuality is alive and healthy in the future. It is rumored that she is involved with both James Kirk and the logical Vulcan Spock. (It must be pon far season) (Now we know why William Shatner wanted a role in this film) Zoe also starred in Pirates Of The Caribbean, and has another new movie, Avatar, coming out later this year.

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The Women of Star Trek

Sexy Women Of Star Trek
Sexy Women Of Star Trek
Star Trek, a science fiction cult phenomenon TV show created by Gene Roddenberry first aired in 1966 which spawned many blockbuster movies and spin-off TV series since. From Star Trek, to The Next Generation, to Deep Space 9, to Voyager, to finally back to Enterprise, a sort of prequel to where it all began.

Along with the Earthlings of the future battling aliens and solving the problems of the Universe, there was always one constant on Star Trek. Thats right. Women. Beautiful women. This is a tribute to the beautiful women with lead roles in all the series.

Star trek Nurse Chapel
Nurse Chapel
Nurse Chapel. Original series. Gene Roddenberry's wife, Nurse Chapel had the hots for Spock, the half human, half vulcan Commander. She had her chance a few times with Spock, but never quite brought the romance to fruition. She also had a recurring role on TNG as a betazoid queen and was also the voice of the computer in all following series.

Star Trek Lt. Uhura
Lt. Uhura
Lt. Uhura, Communications officer. Original series. Uhura made Television history with Captain Kirk with the first interracial kiss as both were being controlled by aliens with telpathic powers. No one messed with Uhura, she would lull you off guard with her singing and then cut you up with her knives.

Star Trek Yeoman Rand
Yeoman Rand
Yeoman Rand. Original series. Captain Kirk's sexy blonde eye candy. Yeoman Rand was put into several dire situations. Her most famous episode was when the crew contracted a deadly aging disease and she had to cope with Kirk aging rapidly and finding out that the disease had infected her as well.

Star Trek Dr. Beverly Crusher
Dr. Beverly Crusher
Moving to the spinoff series, The Next Generation, Beverly Crusher, the ships chief medical officer, has a history with Captaqin Picard and several episodes elude to their steamy past. Her son Wesley is apparently the most gifted man in the universe.

Deanna Troi star trek
Deanna Troi
Deanna Troi, half Betazoid, half Human ship counselor. The Next Generation. She used her telepathic powers to aid Captain Picard in alien negotiations and to sense fear and danger. Was romantically linked to Worf, the Klingon warrior, and to Commander Will Riker.

Tasha Yar had sex with Data
Tasha Yar
Tasha Yar. The Next Generation. The tough, blonde, rebel with a past security chief. She was killed off by an alien resembling an oil slick. She later appeared as a cloned Romulan and also in an alter universe episode. And she had sexual relations with Commander Data, the human android.

Major Kira Nerys
Major Kira Nerys
Major Kira Nerys. Deep Space 9. Former member of the Bajoran underground and now Captain Cisco's right hand woman. Romantically linked to Odo, the shape shifting head of security on the space station.

Jadzia Dax star trek
Jadzia Dax
Jadzia Dax. Deep Space 9. Jadzia was a Trill, a species that had a symbiotic relationship with a worm like being. Dax was well over 300 years old, and was transplanted in many hosts, both male and female. She was romantically linked to the stations doctor, Julian.

star trek Ezri Dax
Ezri Dax
Ezri Dax. Deep Space 9. After Jadzia Dax was murdered, the Trill host, or symbiot survived and needed to be transplanted into a Trill host or also face death. Ezri, the young ambitious officer, never wanted to be joined with the Trill, but was the only host. She continued the rest of the series as a very confused, yet sexy Star Fleet officer.

Captain Janeway
Captain Janeway
Captain Janeway. Voyager. Janeway, a seasoned captain is marooned in the Delta quadrant 75 years away from home. Her ship and crew must face terrible challenges alone. Janeway was romantically linked to Chakota, Commander and former leader of a rogue faction called the Marquee.

B'Lanna Torres Voyager star trek
B'Lanna Torres
B'Lanna Torres. Voyager. The half Klingon, half Human chief engineer of Voyager. Also a rebel Marquee fighter, and was romantically linked to both Chakota and ended up marrying Tom Paris, the crack pilot of Voyager.

Kes Voyager
Kes Voyager
Kes. Voyager. Kes was a two year old Okampan alien from the Delta Quadrant. Her life span was 9 years and was romantically linked to the Talaxian Neelix, the holographic doctor, and to Tom Paris. She left the show in grand style saving the crew from the Borg and propelling them 20 years closer to home.

Seven Of Nine sexy borg
Seven Of Nine
Seven Of Nine. Voyager. Seven was assimilated by the Borg as a young girl and was finally freed by the crew of Voyager 20 years later. Even though she carries some remnant Borg hardware on her face and body, Seven emulated sexuality. She was romantically linked to Tom Paris and the holographic doctor.

Hoshi Sato
Hoshi Sato
Hoshi Sato. Enterprise. Hoshi was a skilled linguist and accepted Captain Archers request to become communications officer for the first Warp 5 space ship. Her character never had a chance to develop any personal relationships but the best guess would be Malcolm, Tactical officer.

T'Pol Of Vulcan sexiest vulcan
T'Pol Of Vulcan
T'Pol of Vulcan. Enterprise. T'Pol, the 66 year old Vulcan science officer was forced by the Vulcan high command to help the humans in their quest for space exploration. T'Pol made Star Trek history by having the first nude love scene with Trip, chief engineer.

There you have it. The sexiest women of Star Trek. All 15 of them.

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Jolene Blalock - Sci-Fi Sexy Siren

Jolene Blalock Star Trek Sexiest Vulcan Subcommander T'Pol
Jolene Blalock Sexiest Vulcan On Star Trek
Get A Peak Under Subcommander T'Pol's Uniform

In honor of Gene Roddenberry's Sci-Fi saga Star Trek "Enterprise," the last of the popular Star Trek series, the Grassy Knoll Institute presents the sexy Vulcan T'Pol, played by Jolene Blalock, the 66 year old Vulcan vixen just ripe to enter Pon Far.

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