Doctor Who 13th Doctor Revealed

The Next Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi, the twelve doctor in the ultra popular cult series, Doctor Who, has resigned offering the new director the luxury of picking out a new doctor that would fulfill his or her own vision of the Doctor Who francise.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading now if you do not want to know who the next Doctor will be!!!

The Grassy Knoll Institute has received credible intel that the next doctor has already been decided upon and are merely waiting until the 2017 season to wrap up filming to allow the actor to fulfill current obligations. 

Steven Moffat, the current Doctor Who showrunner revealed that he is stepping down and will hand the reigns over to Chris Chibnall after the 2017 season is completed. Chibnall will be permitted to put his own spin on the English series and was given the previledge to select the next doctor, the 13th Doctor. For Chibnall, the search was over almost before it began. He knew exactly who he wanted as the doctor to reinvigorate the series to bring it to a level of popularity not realized before.

No folks, we are not talking about Donald Trump, the GOP presidential candidate for 2016. I could almost see Trump stepping out of the Tardis to battle the Daleks informing his companion that the Daleks have no chance of penetrating the Earths atmosphere for the wall he had built was to tall to scale. And oh, the dialog between the Daleks and Trump. 
Daleks in unison: "EX..TERM..IN..ATE!" 
Trump: "You're fired!"

All right, you have waited long enough. Chibnall has selected Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) as the 13th Doctor.....
I'll let that sink it for a moment or two....

Jenna Coleman left Doctor Who to star in an eight part series portraying a young Queen Victoria and her love affair with Prince Albert. Scheduling conflicts for Coleman, filming, editing, and promotion of the series forced the Doctor Who francise to cancel the 2016 season and completely reboot for 2017 - 2018. 

If you recall the last episode had the Doctor wandering the desert and happened upon a small diner. The waitress was Clara Oswald. This episode sets up the cliffhanger for the 2017 season as Clara as the next Doctor. I know what you are thinking. (I'm a psychic remember) You are going to inform me that Clara Oswald cannot be the next Doctor because she is not a Time Lord.

Chibnall will skirt that issue easily explaining that the Doctor and Clara are the hybrid together. In that last episode, the Doctor realized the danger of the two being together and configured a device to remove Clara's memory of him to avoid her from harm. Clara alters the device and the effects are reversed onto the Doctor. At that point, both the Doctor and Clara became one, each sharing an essence and consciousness. Clara retained all of the Doctor's centuries of knowledge and experience.

Since Clara is technically dead, well, frozen in time, she will live as long as she wishes to before returning to Galifrey to complete her death sequence.

Clara also has a Tardis. The Diner Tardis.

And she already has a companion. None other than Ashildr played by Maisie Williams. Ashildr or ME was prominatly showcased in several episodes forshadowing the 2018 season. Williams is signed for the last two seasons of Game Of Thrones but it will only be 13 episodes in total for 2017 and 2018. Williams will have her filming completed allowing her to begin filming Doctor Who.

The 2018 season of Doctor Who will debut the first female Doctor with a female companion.



  1. Jenna Coleman is one fine looking woman.

  2. Doctor Who is a man, now he's female. And 18 years old.

    1. Doctor Who is an alien from Gallifrey. His regeneration cycle restores him, and as the last epoisode revealed, the new regenerated Doctor can be either man or woman.

  3. Not a big fan of doc who but the side kick Jenna Coleman is HOTTIE. I'd watch just for her.

    1. I believe that is why she lasted as the companion for so long.

  4. Hey, check out this story dated January 30th, 2017. I posted this update four months before this news story.

  5. Who Is Doctor Who5/29/2017 1:18 PM

    You may just be correct sir. There is plenty of scuttlebutt goings on with the show right now. More cloak and dagger then, well, Cloak and Dagger. With the Game of thrones wrapping up its last season next year, Maise Williams could presumably be available for the companion to Jenna Coleman. Well played sir. Well played.


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