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Sasha and Rick Grimes Next To Die

Sasha Williams played by Sonequa Martin
Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln

Two major characters from AMC's The Walking Dead series are acting on borrowed time.
First, let us look at Sonequa Martin. Ms. Martin will be starring as the lead character in the new Star Trek series Discovery. It is to debut in 2017. Sonequa is the major talent on this series, not unlike when she played Tamara on ABC's series Once Upon A Time. She played a minor role with only several recurring episodes. With Star Trek Discovery, she is the star.

Final Analysis: Sasha Williams will die attempting to end the life of mega villain Negan. Sasha will take down several key Negan followers but Negan will survive.

Second, Rick Grimes. Original cast member. Leader of the group. Literally the heart and soul of the epic series. Which means his time is due. The comic book canon had him dying in the first several episodes so his acting on screen is merely a mirage.

Rick has already given his goodbye speech to Michonne and everyone knows Carl will become the eventual leader of the rag tag survivors.

Final Analysis: Rick survives the season 7 finale airing this Sunday night but call him unemployed for season 8. Rick goes down swinging and takes Negan with him in an epic one on one battle set in a "Thunderdome" type setting. two men enter, both men die.



Sexy Siren Lauren Cohan

Green With Envy
Lauren Cohan, 34 year old actress plays Maggie Greene on the extremely popular television program The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead airs on the AMC cable channel Sunday's at 9pm. Lauren's character is surrounded by flesh eating Walkers (Zombies) as she and a fierce band of survivors attempt to stay one step ahead in the apocalyptic setting.

The grassy Knoll Institute believes Laurens character will play a pivotal role in the Season Seven premiere debuting in October 2016. Our belief is that Maggie will be the victim of notorious bad guy Negan. Here is the link posted April of 2016 Walking Dead Spoilers

Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens brought to you by the Grassy Knoll Institute marketing team to boost readership and placement on search engines.

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Walking Dead Season Six Finale Spoiler

Spoiler Alert:
Do not read beyond this sentence lest you want revealed who dies in the upcoming season six finale of The Walking Dead airing Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 on AMC.

Yes, yes, we finally get introduced to Negan, portrayed by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his companion Lucille. When Negan appears, you, as fans of The Walking Dead understand someone is going to die. Horribly.... From the business end of Lucille. The Barbed wire baseball bat Negan aptly wields.

There are many candidates to choose from. In the comic series, Glenn dies at the hands of Negan so of course he is top choice for the television series. Daryl is also in the running. Daryl is not part of the comic book series world, thus, his time, although fun and long, may have come at hand. Another likely candidate is Abraham. He has lost his way... Again. And now that he has sparked a new romance with Sasha, perhaps Negan chooses the biggest of the Rick-tatorship. And speaking of Rick, he is the leader of a group of people that has slaughtered a staggering number of Negan's men. An eye for an eye so to speak. Sort of like Carl's eye.

But the season six finale promises to be the most shocking twisted finale of the series.

Something volatile and obscene has to occur. Enter Glenn  Rhee, the nimble former pizza delivery guy making fun of Rick trapped in the tank surrounded by zombies. (Hey asshole in the tank) Up to only a few episodes ago he was the only cast member not to have killed another human being. Glenn then murdered several of the saviors in cold blood while they slept. Negan has to be in the bull pen warming up. He has to be. Right? Right!

Enter the last surviving member of the Greene family, Maggie Greene. Betrothed to Glenn. Pregnant, carrying Glenn's child, and perhaps the future of humanity. Maggie watched as her entire family was wiped from the earth as her father Herschel got beheaded by the governor and her sister Beth's lifeless body was carried out by Daryl. Can this woman withstand any more agony? The answer is no, she cannot.

Glenn, however, must realize the impact of his actions, breaking his own code and murdering human beings. Glenn will be punished. His penance will be to watch in horror as Negan has Maggie chaperoned into the killing zone, has her set upon her knees, forcing Glenn to watch as Negan winds up his bat Lucille and repeatedly strikes Maggie and her unborn baby until both are dead.

You were warned......



Walking Dead Glenn Is Not Dead (Spoiler Alert)

So, after watching last night's episode of The Walking Dead, (Spoiler Alert) I do not believe Glenn is dead. And here is why: When Michonne is schooling Heath about him "Being out there" she says something to the effect,
“Have you ever had to kill people because they already killed your friends and are coming for you next? Have you ever done things that made you afraid of yourself afterward? Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours, walkers or your friends?"

See there, Michonne is foreshadowing what happened to Glenn. He had the blood and guts of Nicholas on him.  The scene shows only Glenn grimacing, not actually being bitten.

I am sure that Glenn ducked under the dumpster and snuck away to safety. Remember, Glenn is the resourceful one. He knows better than anyone how to avoid the walkers. For God's sake, he was a pizza delivery guy in a previous life.

Glenn is still alive.



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