Ghost Hunters Find New Life On Destination America

Wait - What Was That?
Jason Hawes, creator of Taps, (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) announced back in June of this year that season eleven would be the last for the successful and popular Ghost Hunters series to air on the SYFY channel. Hawes not only hinted but expressed big things for the Ghost Hunters franchise in the future. The Grassy Knoll Institute is now able to reveal those big plans.

Hawes has been in negotiations with two major television giants, HULU and Amazon Prime Video since his announcement in June. Hawes wanted a 13 episode season with a larger budget for production, editing, and of course, more wonderful ghost busting toys to entice spirits to make contact with the team.

Both HULU and Amazon Prime Video want more input and control on the cast of paranormal investigators. Both networks wanted Hawes to persuade Grant Wilson, co-founder of TAPS and investigator during the Ghost Hunters most popular years, to return to the program. They also want Kris Williams to return as well. The team needs a pretty face. (Sexest? Yes! But true? Yes!)

Wilson is mulling over the offer and perhaps he will commit to special appearances during high profile haunted locations. As of yet though, he has not come on board.

Kris Williams is another story. She is now living in Australia. Williams stated in print, on social media, and interviews that she would never return to Ghost Hunters. However, perhaps she was jaded from the bloodletting episode from Ghost Hunters International and with a fresh network at the helm, perhaps she will consider a new start. (After all, who doesn't need a paycheck?)

Former Ghost Hunter investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry snagged their own paranormal series titled Kindred Spirits slated to air on Destination America cable channel. However, the show is now moving to the TLC network,  (Debut episode slated to air early October)

With Destination America channel losing out on Kindred Spirits, the cable channel executives approached Hawes and apparently offered a kings ransom for the rights to a new rebooted Ghost Hunters. The channel is a perfect fit for the series and would blend in nicely with the other paranormal shows already airing on the network.

Expect Hawes to make the announcement Halloween weekend that he is moving the Ghost Hunter series to the Destination America channel and new episodes will begin airing in 2017.

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  1. Kris Williams was the reason I watched ghost, to see her in a white shirt with the infrared light shining through.

  2. I believe you Grassy One, it makes perfect sense. And Kris Williams, I hope she does return.

    1. Sometimes my logic is impeccable, much like Spock, putting the entire ship in danger.

  3. Ghost hunters jumped the shark two years ago. I think thy go away for good.

  4. I believe Taps was frustrated in the way SYFY channel proudcued and edited the series. Jason Hawes claims he is returning, not just to SYFY.

  5. Kris won't return, and it's just as well; she's been burning her bridges with the paranormal community. Chatting with one of the members of GHI Kris was a source of friction on the show, which was apparently the reason she was finally bumped off GH the year before (apparently the network execs wanted her to stay, and the compromise was that she would be moved to GHI - thereby remaining as the network's paranormal eye-candy while getting out of GH's hair). Behind the scenes she was openly mocking the paranormal community and paranormal believers in general, so having her return would do nothing to improve morale on the team -- not that I think Jason would ever accept her back anyway.

    Of course the network probably doesn't realize she's in a monumental struggle with weight gain of late, now topping the scales at a near 200 pounds. That combined with her toxic personality have closed the window on her continued tv career.

    1. I thought she moved to Australia and deep into Geneology.

    2. Moved to Australia, yes (she's getting married there in November) but not so deep into genealogy. She touches on family trees & such but doesn't go into any depth, and also incessantly fans the flames of paranoia with people looking to have their DNA tested, constantly harping how their DNA will be sold to the "highest bidder" and used for all sorts of nefarious purposes. A bit extreme (actually a LOT), if you ask me.

      She spends her time now milking the quasi-celeb status she obtained through a decade of working on GH/GHI -- that and alienating everyone who disagrees with her on Twitter.

      She's long used her looks to cultivate her "following", but once those start to wane her popularity will plummet, as she doesn't have the personality to make up for it.

    3. How do you really feel about her?

  6. Love Ghostbusters hurry back


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