Eva Mendes - Sci Fi Sexy Siren

Eva Mendez  Sexy Siren In Ghost Rider
Eva Mendez  Sexy Siren In Ghost Rider
Eva Mendes - Smokin Hot Sci-Fi Sexy Siren

Seriously, I never realized how many movies Eva Mendes has been in. Of course, she stars in the just released movie, "The Spirit," a sort of Sin City sequel. That alone makes Eva eligible to be the first Sci-Fi Sexy Siren for the new year, but she has starred in plenty more horror and science fiction movies.

*Eva also played the love interest of motorcyclist Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider, who sold his soul to become the best rider in the world.
*She was also in Urban Legend, a horror flick where the local college folks get murdered.
*She played Hanna in Mortal Kombat: Conquest, a science fiction thriller.
*And Eva Mendes was in Children Of The Corn V, Fields Of Terror.

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  1. Eva Mendes is one hot piece of ass. I know thats crass but she has a nice ass. She is made to be stared at.

  2. She has a face you cannot look away from. Her body is the same way.

  3. Coming from a Texan, that's mighty high praise indeed.

  4. Very sexy in a none plastic pamela anderson type of way.

  5. She ain;t got nothing on Marsha.

  6. One of your best yet.

  7. What? No Eva Mendes boot pic? Here ya go--


    and, how in the heck did you miss this shot?


  8. Contessa, Sorry about the delay in your comment appearing but it had links, and those get moderated.
    But good calls on both pics. Eva is hot.

  9. Eva is one hot smokin chick. Very little nudie pics of her around. Would love to see more of her.

    LOTGK Replies:
    Wouldn't everyone?

  10. Very strong addition to the sexy siren series. Eva has that smoky sex appeal look. I am wondering why Jessica Alba has not yet graced your pages. She was in Fantastic 4 which is a scifi movie.


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