Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy - 1973

Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy Record Album
Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy Record Album
The year 1973 was a mere two years from the explosion of disco music and the down fall of modern society. Led Zeppelin released their fifth album, Houses Of The Holy. This album actually had a title, unlike the previous offering, unofficially known as Led Zeppelin IV. However, the rock band stayed with their bizarre artistic view by not having any words on the album cover. You had to buy the album and crack the plastic protective sheet to explore the lyrics and song titles.

What is the first thing you see when looking at this cover? Perhaps these are outcasts from the movie Splash, starring Darryl Hannah as the sexy nude mermaid coming ashore to mate with Tom Hanks. Perhaps a sequel to the Stepford Wives, Stepford Daughters. Perhaps albino zombies attacking. Yes, a total WTF album cover.

The back cover of Houses Of The Holy doesn't offer up any clues as well. No name, no album title, no band members, no year recorded, not a single word or hint of who released the album.

You must remember, this was 1973, way before the Internet, before MTV, before MP3 players. Listening to the FM radio was the base of music knowledge. When we heard a song or album we had to have, we actually had to go to a record store, browse the rows of albums offered, choose our selection, stand in line and pay cash for our record. Finding Houses Of The Holy was somewhat difficult. One had to ask what album was the new Led zeppelin vinyl. Some record stores rectified this problem by adding a sticker to the outside plastic wrapper denoting Houses Of the Holy.

The inner cover stays with the non disclosure theme. Simply a panoramic view of an old English castle on a hill-side with one naked man holding a naked woman over his head. Perhaps he is sacrificing her to the Gods.

Finally, once inside the album, the vinyl sleeve offered the album title, song titles and lyrics, band members, year recorded, and all the other album information.

Led Zeppelin is comprised of four band members. Robert Plant - Vocals, Jimmy Page - Guitar, John Paul Jones - Bass and Organ, John Bonham - Drums.

Album Tracks:
Side One: The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Over The Hills And Far Away, The Crunge.
Side Two: Dancing Days, D'Yer Mak'er, No Quarter, The ocean.

Over the Hills And Far Away was the album's radio air time hit. The exact lyrics follow.

Hey Lady - you got the love I need,
Oh may Be - more than enough.
Oh, Darling Darling Darling walk a while with me,
Oh, you got so much, so much, so much.

Many have I loved,
Many times been bitten,
Many times I've gazed,
Along the open road.

Many times I've lied,
And many times I've listened,
Many times I've wondered,
How much there is to know.

Many dreams come true,
And some have silver linings,
I live for my dream,
And a pocketful of gold.

Mellow is the man,
Who knows what he's been missing,
Many many men,
Can't see the open road.

Many is a word,
That only leaves you guessing,
Guessing' bout a thing,
You really ought to know.
You really ought to know.
I really ought to know.

Sidenote: The lyrics printed in the liner notes are not exactly what is listed above. Also, for the record, Led Zeppelin was not the "Panty wetter" music many claimed it to be. Just sayin.

Led Zeppelin Houses Of the Holy Back Cover
Houses Of the Holy Back Cover

Led Zeppelin House Of the Holy Inside Cover Art
Led Zeppelin House Of the Holy Inside Cover Art

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Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Vinyl
Houses of the Holy Vinyl



  1. The album art depicts a satanic ritual, sacrificing innocent virgins to me.

  2. Great album my friend. I've listened to this album many many times.

  3. A little led for my head. Great band, great album, great times.

  4. I thought it was a Burger King drive through incident myself.

  5. Many many times, I get it. :D

  6. Agreed. I have several of their albums. 5 of them i believe.


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