Ghost Hunters Kris Williams Big Secret Revealed

kris williams big secret revealed
Kris Williams And Jason Haws – Ghost Hunters Big Secret
For over two months, TAPS ghost hunter investigator Kris Williams has been teasing the Twitter universe with some big secret she would reveal in the near future. The Grassy Knoll Institute investigative team dug up her secret.
With the success of Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy, TAPS is rolling out yet another paranormal show starring Kris Williams,
Ghost Hunters Miami Beach.
Kris Williams will team up with Amy Bruni and explore the East Coast paranormal activity hot spots including Disneyland and Universal Studio’s. The rest of her team will be composed of the new graduates of Ghost Hunters Academy second season. Look for the premiere debut during the SYFY 2011 Winter season.
You can find more updates at Ghost Hunters TAPS official website and Kris Williams official Twitter channel.
Still want more Kris Williams! We have more right here. Check out
Kris Williams Sexy Sci-Fi Sirens Page.
Happy Halloween – Samhain

  1. Gumby said

    Damn, she’s hot. I’d expose myself to her if I were a ghost.

  2. Anti-Christ said

    Kris Williams has met me during one of her investigations though she doesn’t realize it.

  3. Sammy Biscayne said

    Is that really Kris Willaims? She’s sexy. She’s always covered up on TV.

  4. Valdunagan said

    She is the only reason why I watch the show, to catch glimpses of her ass and very boobs. Just being honest, demons and spirits are just bonus coverage. Love when she wears clothes that are see through in infrared lighting.

  5. Kathryn said

    Disneyland is on the west coast – disneyworld is orlando
    No such show as gh Miami beach
    Kris is joining ghost hunters international

  6. Chris said

    Thats not Kris Williams…

  7. Fakefinder said

    Neither are who they say they are…just cloze look alikes.The faces give them away..

  8. Harbor Master said

    Yup.yup. She is the only reason I watch the show too. Like a girl who’s not afraid of anything

  9. JeepManfrmCan said

    Give me break! That is the worst fake photo of Kris and Jason yet! Keep trying, you may get it right yet!

  10. JeepManfrmCan said

    Look at the tattoo on fake jay. Does it match the ral Jay? Nope!

  11. Lord Of Wolves said

    KW: paranorm porn star…credibility= 2

  12. Anonymous said

    I believe Kris has had some breast augmentation. Apparetly prior to GHI!

  13. Imadudeshesadude said

    There is no way that is either Jason Whatshisnuts or Kris Williams. She is much more “curvy” then the chick in this pic.But, Kris Williams look just like Olivia Wilde just less anorexic.

    • LOTGK said

      Kris Willaims has been hitting the treadmill regularly and eating more healthier. She said on her Twitter account she lost 7 pounds so far.

  14. Anonymous said

    This entire article is bullshit… That picture is NOT of Kris Wiliams and Jason Hawes and there is no such thing as Ghost Hunters Miami Beach. It’s one thing to have misinformation but to just make shit up that has no basis in fact is waste of time. Whatever this Grassy Knoll Institute is I would guess it’s no institution at all. Probably just some asshole living in his mom’s basement…

    • LOTGK said

      Well look, another Troll hiding behind an anonymous screen name. I find you amusing thinking that this story was an actual article. Weak minds like yourself can be so easily swayed.
      And yes, we all know that it isn’t Kris and Jason and that there is no GH Miami Beach. This post had an actual purpose and Kris Williams did find it funny, however, it was not her big secret she was speaking of on her social web pages.
      What is the Grassy Knoll Institute? Well, it’s the home of the 99 cent conspiracy theory.
      We keep overhead and expenses low to provide more affordable and better tasting conspiracy theories for our readers.
      Hurry, supplies are limited at these prices. And quit calling me Shirley. (Didn’t that tip you off that this is a humorous site?)
      One more thing. About your living arrangements. We contacted your mother. She didn’t have anymore room in the basement. Your sorry lazy ass has been living there for the past ten years hoping to score that dream job you spent all that money on in college. I had no idea people paid Trolls to surf websites and make ass hat comments on them.
      Good luck with your degree.

  15. Mike said

    If I were a ghost, I’d be grabbing tit all night!

  16. Plot Spoiler said

    Is that really Kris? This picture of her is super hot! Wow!
  17. Jason is married and that is not Jason Hawes and thats not Kris Williams.

  18. TITANIC said


  19. Bored said

    Sorry, but, to me, that does not look like Kris Williams. Kris Williams has much prettier eyes than the woman in this picture.

  20. Anti-Christ said

    Jesus Christ! I told you Bored to get on back to Hell and perform your duties.

  21. Enid Dee said

    Thats not Kris Williams. She is much prettier than listed above.

  22. Anonymous said

    who is this LOTGK fool who calls other people trolls but is stalking a web page with a fake picture of cris williams. Go kill yourself loser and quit putting your two cents in on everyone elses post no one likes u

  23. Bored said

    Miami—Ummmm, WHAT?

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