Timberwood Grill -The Island

Patty and I went to "The Island" located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the day. At lunch we were starving. We spotted the Timberwood Grill and quickly agreed upon lunch.

Let me say the service was fantastic, the waitress friendly and efficient. Our order was taken and our drinks brought to our table. We opted for outside on this pleasantly warm October day.

In short order, our lunch was brought out. The bacon cheeseburger was fantastic. Again, fantastic. It tasted amazing. Was well cooked. Bun fresh and good. Bacon plenty and crisp. Cheese melted.

Cost was very cheap. about $12 dollars without tip.

I highly recommend Timberwood Grill at the Island.



Rachel Nichols - Star Trek Orion Slave Girl


Rachel Nichols, 36 years young, born in the state of Maine is our new Sci-Fi Sexy Siren.
Rachel has appeared in Conan The Barbarian, the remake of The Amityville Horror, as an Orion Slave Girl (Pictured Above) in Star Trek - Into Darkness and of course as most of us know her from, Kiera Cameron, the time traveling cop in the series Continuum.

Rachel also stars in a new science fiction movie released in 2016 titled Pandemic.

In other related news, the Grassy Knoll Institute has it on good authority that Nichols will be joining TAPS next year in a rebooted series Ghost Hunters with Jason Hawes. Rachel will be part of a new paranormal investigating team visiting allegedly haunted establishments across the country.

Sci-Fi Sexy Sirens brought to you by the Grassy Knoll Institute marketing team to boost readership and placement on search engines.

Lurking On The Grassy Knoll


Celebrities Leaving Country If Trump Wins

All my bags Are Packed, 
I'm ready to go, 
I'm standing here outside your door,
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye.

The presidential election is over and Donald Trump is now President-Elect. Love him or hate him, come this January 20th, 2017, Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of these great United States. But this post isn't about Trump or Clinton. It is about the public figures who went on record stating they would leave the country if Donald Trump captured the election.

The clock is ticking. In a mere 71 days it will be time to put your money where your mouth is. The Grassy Knoll Institute will chart each public figures departure date and destination country. This will be updated weekly until everyone on the list las left the country.

* Neve Campbell - 12/01/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Radio silence.

* Cher - 12/01/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not leave)
Destination Country: Radio silence

* Bryan Cranston - 11/10/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Cranston reverses course and now sincerely wishes Trump success as president.

* Miley Cyrus - 11/12/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country:Miley stated that she doesn't say things she doesn't mean. Then how do you explain your statement before Trump was elected Miley?

* Lena Dunham - 11/12/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Dunham is upset people are now calling her out for her statement that she will leave for Canada if Trump wins. 

* Whoopie Goldberg - 11/11/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Goldeberg stated that it was all a misunderstanding she would leave if Trump won. 

* Chelsea Handler - 11/14/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Handler is now staying. Trump wins Chelsea. 

* Samuel L. Jackson - 11/13/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Jackson stated he pays more taxes than Trump and why is everyone in a hurry for him to leave. Sam, I have to ask, whats in your wallet? Plane Tickets?

* Keegan-Michael Key -
Departure Date:
Destination Country:

* George Lopez:-
Departure Date:
Destination Country:

* Ne-Yo -
Departure Date:
Destination Country:

* Amy Schumer - 11/13/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Amy now claims after the election that hey, it was all in jest. I didn't really mean I would leave the country.

* Al Sharpton - 11/10/2016
Departure Date: DNL (Did Not Leave)
Destination Country: Al said he was just kidding. It was all in jest. He is not leaving. 

* John Stewart -
Departure Date:
Destination Country:

* Barbara Streisand -
Departure Date:
Destination Country:

* Ali Wentworth -
Departure Date:
Destination Country:

Are there any more celebrities that were left out. Add them in the comments section.



Empirical Proof Aliens Are Controlling Government

Attention Citizens Of Earth.

Cause: Removing your tin foil thought screen helmet before the presidential election. 

Effect: Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

Results: Empirical proof that a race of evil aliens are controlling our government.



Ben And Jerrys Ice Cream - Gatlinburg

This first November week in Gatlinburg has been very warm. Hence, the need for ice cream. Ben abd Jerrys is right on the Parkway and was just a short walk from the convention center.

I walked in and ordered two scoops of mint chocolate chip in a cup. At first I thought the employee was making a mistake as he scooped out my ice cream. It looked like vanilla ice cream. I told him I thought mint chocolate chip was green. He smiled and said that Ben abs Jerrys do not add any artificial coloring to their ice cream and I was getting the flavor I ordered.

He handed me the cup and I went to the cashier. The cost for two scoops was $5.46 with tax. I tossed the 54 cents into the tip jar and made my way to a bench on the parkway.

I must say, the ice cream was delicious. And frozen, not mushy like some other retailers hand out. The Grassy Knoll Institute scores 4 out 5 shots with a one shot deduction for the price.



Vikings Have A New Offensive Coordinator - Now What

Today, it was announced that offensive coordinator Norv Turner resigned from the Minnesota Vikings. After two and a half seasons with the team, the offense is ranked 31st out of 32 teams. Pat Shurmur has been promoted to replace him. Shurmur and the Vikings face the Detroit Lions this coming Sunday in a NFC North clash.

Turners exit is one of many the Vikings have had to endure this season. Beginning with Teddy Bridgewater, starting quarterback, suffered a severe knee injury during practice just days before the regular season was to begin. If that wasn't bad enough, Adrian Peterson, NFL rushing leader in 2015 and arguably the best running back on the field, went down in week two with a knee injury. Add left tackle Kalil and a horde of other starters both on offense and defense left the team thin at depth.

In related news, Maytag also reported several repairmen have resigned and are now employed by the Vikings.

So now what?

Shurmur knows offense and he knows Sam Bradford, the quarterback the Vikings traded for with the Eagles eight days before the season started for a hefty price of next years first round draft pick. These are the predictions I forsee for the upcoming Lions game and future games going forward.

Leading rusher for the Vikings this Sunday: Cordarrlle Patterson. Patterson is the kick return man and part receiver but come Sunday he will lead the team in rushing. shurnurs scheme will have Patterson in motion looping behind Bradford when in the shotgun formation. This will keep at least one defensive player from targeting only Bradford. Patterson will also line up in the split back formation as well. Patterson will get the ball half a dozen times and have success in moving the chains.

Shurmur will also deploy a fast passed no huddle offense with quick hit passes to avoid Bradford from getting sacked. Rookie Treadwell will debut and be utilized in short passes across the middle. These changes will be enough to keep the Lions at bay and off balance just enough to score enough points to win.

Vikings win 23-16 Sunday.

On a sidenote: If you need a good washer or dryer, you know who to call.

minnesota vikings icon



Last Halloween Post 2016

Happy Halloween From The Grassy Knoll Institute
Happy Halloween to all the faithful readers of the Grassy Knoll Institute. (And the unfaithful ones as well) Hopefully you enjoyed the bevy of beauties in our sexy Halloween costumes, bumper crop of Halloween melons, humorous Halloween tales, haunted attractions critiques, and all other things Halloween. I truly appreciate your patronage and comments through all these years. 

The blogging landscape has shifted dramatically over the past five years as more viable options such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, has risen to popularity leaving many people abandoning their own blog and blogging social circle.

The Grassy Knoll Institute team has decided to stick around awhile longer. Perhaps, just perhaps, like the picture above, we will be the sole surviving blog from the old Geocities, Xanga, Xoom, Live Journal, Usenet, Vox, Home Builders, Yahoo Groups, Modblog, Home hosted site on Go Daddy, Wordpress, assorted platforms I have forgotten about, and of course Blogspot. (All of which the Grassy Knoll Institute published an iteration of on said platforms)

We started the Grassy Knoll Institute in 1995 (21 years for those keeping score) as an entertaining way for my son (Lead Scientist) and myself to learn the art of HTML coding. It took hours to create the first page with many a trial and error until we finally pushed the published button and the President Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory appeared on our Gateway 2000 computer.

To us, it has been a wild ride as millions of viewers have visited our little slice of oddity on the Internet. We hope we have entertained you throughout the years and hope to continue into the future. And.... My ABC Lost theory was correct by the way.....

Happy Halloween


Jessica Nigri - Best Halloween Melons 2016

Jessica Nigri - Best Halloween Melons
Winner of the 2016 Dark Zone Halloween Melons is none other than Jessica Nigri.

In just one of her many Halloween costumes, Jessica portrays a sexy female Freddie Kreuger. Visit her Instagram page to see more unbelievable costumes. Jessica Nigri Instagram.

Happy Halloween


Best Group Halloween Costume 2016

Taste The Rainbow - Best Group Halloween Costume 2016. 
Winner Of The 2016 Best Group Halloween Costume:

The Skittles Candy Girls - Taste The Rainbow!
This is not only the best group Halloween costume of 2016, butt the best in the history of the Halloween Dark Zone.

Happy Halloween



Youngstown Ohio Zombie Crawl 2016

Saturday night, October 29th was the annual Youngstown, Ohio Zombie Crawl. Zombies arrived at the B andO Station and at 6pm sharp performed the Thriller Dance.

After the dance, the zombie horde gathered and crawled up the Peanut bridge. It was a perfect night. The sky clear with no rain and temperatures in the low 70's.

Enjoy the zombie crawl.

Happy Halloween