NCIS Tony Dinozzo Exit Spoiler Alert

Tiva - Tony And Ziva Reunite On NCIS

Sadly, the hit series NCIS is losing another long time member. Anthony Dinozzo, played by Michael Weatherly will be checking out in the season finale several weeks from now. And I know his fate on the show.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading now if you do not want to know what happens.

The episode opens with Tim McGee at NCIS headquarters on the phone with Delilah. It seems to be a heated exchange. Special agent Athony Dinozzo is seen exiting the elevator with Bishop. As they approach their work stations they spy McGee on the phone. McGee abruptly ends the conversation and hangs up the phone. Tony quipps, "Who you talkin to there McTalky?" McGee looks up annoyed as Gibbs swiftly walks in and anoounces to "Gear Up everyone!" McGee and Bishop make eye contact as the crew is headed to the elevator. 

The case the crew is working plays out through the episode and finally the case is closed. Dinozzo, McGee, and Bishop return to headquarters and stow away their gear. Tony is at his desk. McGee and Bishop are talking in hushed tones. McGee explains that he and Delilah hit a rough spot and Dililah broke off the engagement. Bishop looks longingly into McGee's eyes and the sexual tension is undeniable.

While at his desk Tony receives a cryptic text message saying only, "I WILL." Tony knows very well who sent the message and what the message means. He jumps to his feet and heads to the elevator. The elevator door opens and Gibbs is inside. Tony stops, looks at Gibbs, and tells him that he has to go, he has an important "Thing" that he must do. Gibbs steps out of the elevator allowing Tony to enter. 

As Tony turns his back Gibbs slaps him in the back of the head. Tony turns and asks, "Why the head slap Boss?" Gibbs smiles and flips his cell phone cover down revealing just a smidge of the text he just received, the letters ILL are seen until the cover closes. Gibbs smiles and says, "Its about time Dinozzo!" Tony smiles and Gibbs continues, "Go on, get out of here. Go do your thing."

Tony is seen at the airport purchasing a ticket. A one way ticket.
Next Tony is sitting on the jet next to several noisy children.
Hours later Tony is exiting the plane.

Tony hails a cab and jumps in the back of the taxi. He arrives at his destination, a swanky hotel. He stops at the front desk, and asks if any keys were left for him. The attendant hands him a key to the penthouse suite. He takes the elevator to the top. Tony stops at the door, takes a deep breath, inserts the key, turns the handle and slowly opens the door. In the dimly lit corner of the room Tony recognizes the very familiar silhouette coming towards him. Dinozzo smiles ear to ear and sighs, "Ziva...." You hear Ziva giggling in the darkness. The camera pans to Tony and apparently Ziva lovingly embracing as the room is too dark to make out faces. The camera slowly pans out and fades to black.

Epiloge: The next morning McGee and Bishop are at headquarters casually chatting wondering where Tony rushed off to last night. The elevator opens and Jeanne Benoit exits and walks toward them. She is looking for Tony. McGee informs her that Tony is not here.

Cue the music.....



Hulu Plus 11.22.63 Original Program Series Finale Spoiler

Kennedy Survives Assassination 

Spoiler Alert:
Do not read beyond this sentence lest you want revealed the series ending to 11.22.1963

HULU Plus TV has an exclusive 8 episode premiere mini series airing every Monday. So far, there have been seven episodes with the last set to air Monday, April 4th, 2016. This last episode will be action packed and the Grassy Knoll Institute has gained access to the finale. Hold onto your butts, it is going to be a wild ride.

Jake Ambersons original plan gets foiled as the past pushed back hard preventing him from stopping Oswald from entering the School Book Depository that day. Jake, has to come up with an alternate plan on the fly.

As Jake and Sadie are walking towards Dealey Plaza, he pictures the map of the presidential motorcade in his mind. He now knows what to do. Jake and Sadie hijack a car and race towards Dealy Plaza. Jake steers the car onto Houston Street heading straight for Main Street. He knows the motorcade will be turning onto Houston in a minute or two. Jake realizes that if he prevents the motorcade from turning right onto Houston street, it will not have the opportunity to turn left on Elm Street and will avoid Kennedy being put into the cross hairs of Oswald.

Jake slams the stolen car into several parked vehicles forcing a barrier. Jake and Sadie jump out of the car and flee into the crowd just as the presidential motorcade arrives. The motorcycles that lead the motorcade turn right onto Houston and spot the barricade. They quickly radio to the lead car to alter course. They recommend continuing on Main Street and travel the South part of Dealey Plaza.

The the lead car indeed stays on Main Street street and radios to all drivers that the route has been altered. Oswald watched in Horror as the motorcade procession travels away from him. Oswald attempts to target Kennedy but does not have a clean view. Oswald fires anyway but misses all three times but does manage to hit the Presidents Limo. The secret service immediately shield President Kennedy and the motorcade races away through Dealey plaza. The same panic and bedlam occur just the same, people ducking for running, soldiers and police asking questions, people filming and taking pictures.

Jake and Sadie slip through the crowd unnoticed.

Jake steals another car and takes Sadie to the rabbit hole. He tells her that once they pass through they will be in the future, in 2016. Sadie smiles and agrees. Jake and Sadie return to the future. When they both walk out of the diner storage room, Sadie immediately begins to age rapidly. Sadie ages 53 years in seconds and her heart cannot take the strain. Sadie collapses and Jake grabs her and holds her in his arms. Sadie looks up through her dying eyes and tells Jake, "I love you." Sadie closes her eyes and takes her last breath in the future.

Jake buries Sadie in an unmarked grave on the diners property. He goes back home. He logs onto his computer and researches the JFK assassination. He reads that there was a plot to kill the president but it was foiled by a a car accident on the motorcade route forcing the Limo to change course. A Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and was murdered by Jack Ruby before he could be brought to trial.

Jake realizes that he has succeeded. America and history has changed. John Kennedy was re-elected for a second term. His brother Bobby followed him for two terms and Teddy Kennedy followed bobby for two terms. And in 2016, JFK Junior is running for President.

Technology advanced as usual, everyone is carrying around cell phones but also the infrastructure of the country has been improved. Hi speed rail is in every major city. You could travel from Cleveland Ohio to Las Vegas Nevada in less than six hours. The twin towers still stand. Most cars in the states now run on electric power. In 2017, the first manned mission to the planet Mars is scheduled. Terrorism is hardly mentioned in the news.

Life is good for all of America. Except for Jake. Jake must decide to let history be as it is now and be without Sadie or go back down the rabbit hole at the diner and begin all over again in October 1960.

Jake walks into the diner and towards the pantry where the rabbit hole is, Jake pauses, takes a few more steps forward, Pauses. A few more slow steps. Fades to black. End of show. Cue the music.



Walking Dead Season Six Finale Spoiler

Walking Dead Season Six Finale Spoiler
Spoiler Alert:
Do not read beyond this sentence lest you want revealed who dies in the upcoming season six finale of The Walking Dead airing Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 on AMC.

Yes, yes, we finally get introduced to Negan, portrayed by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his companion Lucille. When Negan appears, you, as fans of The Walking Dead understand someone is going to die. Horribly.... From the business end of Lucille. The Barbed wire baseball bat Negan aptly wields.

There are many candidates to choose from. In the comic series, Glenn dies at the hands of Negan so of course he is top choice for the television series. Daryl is also in the running. Daryl is not part of the comic book series world, thus, his time, although fun and long, may have come at hand. Another likely candidate is Abraham. He has lost his way... Again. And now that he has sparked a new romance with Sasha, perhaps Negan chooses the biggest of the Rick-tatorship. And speaking of Rick, he is the leader of a group of people that has slaughtered a staggering number of Negan's men. An eye for an eye so to speak. Sort of like Carl's eye.

But the season six finale promises to be the most shocking twisted finale of the series. Something volatile and obscene has to occur. Enter Glenn  Rhee, the nimble former pizza delivery guy making fun of Rick trapped in the tank surrounded by zombies. (Hey asshole in the tank) Up to only a few episodes ago he was the only cast member not to have killed another human being. Glenn then murdered several of the saviors in cold blood while they slept. Negan has to be in the bull pen warming up. He has to be. Right? Right!

Enter the last surviving member of the Greene family, Maggie Greene. Betrothed to Glenn. Pregnant, carrying Glenn's child, and perhaps the future of humanity. Maggie watched as her entire family was wiped from the earth as her father Herschel got beheaded by the governor and her sister Beth's lifeless body was carried out by Daryl. Can this woman withstand any more agony? The answer is no, she cannot.

Glenn, however, must realize the impact of his actions, breaking his own code and murdering human beings. Glenn will be punished. His penance will be to watch in horror as Negan has Maggie chaperoned into the killing zone, has her set upon her knees, forcing Glenn to watch as Negan winds up his bat Lucille and repeatedly strikes Maggie and her unborn baby until both are dead.

You were warned......


Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 TV

Microsoft Windows Unveils Windows TV 10
San Francisco, California, April 1st, 2016
Microsoft Annual Build Developer Conference:
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed this morning Windows 10 TV. Nadella stated that Microsoft will now compete head to head against the likes of Applie TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire, and Ruko streaming services.

Above is a pre-release photo of the vision of Microsofts new age television viewing experience.

It appears that the TV will also be dial up ready....


Urban Legend My Ass

Thats A Lot Of Shoes
This morning in New York City during a routine patrol by the NYPD waterways commission, a giant alligator attacked a sightseeing ferry boat. The massive gator nearly capsized the boat as it suddenly breached and landed on the boat deck.

In other news, thousands of New Yorkers are now afraid to sit on their toliets in fear that the urban legend of alligators in their sewer drain are now real.