John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Record Album - 1963

president kennedy inaugural address
President Kennedy Inaugural Address
Recorded on the evening of JFK's death, November 22nd, 1963.
This record is narrated by Ed Brown, produced and broadcast by radio station WMCA, New York. The album is a collection of some of the most inspiring speeches including his inaugural address, campaign speeches, to the citizens of Berlin, and of course the Nixon / Kennedy presidential debates.

jfk record album
JFK Record Album
The back cover of the album are touching eulogies beginning with cardinal Cushing, Speaker McCormack, Chief Justice Warren, and Senator Mansfield. At the top, it highlights that actual speeches including his Inaugural Address, Civil Rights, Cuban Rockets, (Cuban Missile Crisis) Nixon-Kennedy Debate, Alliance For Progress, New Frontier, Berlin Wall, Etc.

All royalties from the sale of this album are being donated to the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for research on mental retardation.

kennedy vinyl record
Vinyl Kennedy Record
There were no inside covers, just a standard two sided record jacket. Not even the sleeve had any artwork. Just a standard generic sleeve. The record itself had one track on each side. I believe i have the 2099th record pressed in the run. Etched in the return grooves is the number JFK 2099A3. The B side has JFK 2099B1 etched in the return grooves.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was our 35th president, the first and only Catholic faith president. This one sentence spoken by Kennedy during his Inaugural Address, January 20th, 1961, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." has been etched in the heart and minds of many Americans, young and old. They are very wise words, especially for today.



  1. Bet you can't dance to it. LOL

  2. No, this album was never on American Bandstand. it does however have some very nice speeches on it. If you are a Kennedy fan, it's a must have.

  3. Any backgroung pick up of a 4th shot?

  4. lmao. That record could expose the entire Kennedy conspiracy.

  5. When i played the record backward, I heard someone whispering, Nixon did it, Nixon did it.

  6. i have the same albem that is shown. but also have the album that has the predident of the us stamp on the front of the cover. his last 24 hr . the name of it. in fori worth dallas san housten colisum.MR.JFK IS TALKING ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT.

    1. It is ana lbum of his speeches... So....

  7. Oh my God! It is totally a conspiracy. If you want proof go to google type in james files and look at the wikipedia article.

  8. is this album worth anything? i have one , 2099 ,pb-1423-p19..

  9. If it were in perfect condition, check E-Bay, you may be surprised.


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