Beach Boys - Endless Summer 1974

Beach Boys Endless Summer album Cover
Beach Boys Endless Summer album Cover
The 1960's music world was dominated by the British invasion of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones as they churned out number one hit after number one hit. But the tide slowly turned starting on the West coast and steadily spreading throughout the nation. The Beach Boys and their "Surfer Sound" gathered a following of teeny boppers not just from California, but the entire nation. In 1974, Endless Summer, a double album greatest hits on Capital records was released. It was a must have rock and roll album with almost all the best Beach Boys tunes.

The left inside jacket is a cartoonish depiction of the California beach with a row boat, life preserver, a cartoon picture of one of the band members, and the listing of the album track titles.Side One:
Surfin Safari
Surfer Girl
Catch A Wave
The Warmth Of The Sun
Surfin U.S.A.

Side Two:
Be true To Your School
Little Deuce Coupe
In My Room
Shut Down
Fun, Fun, Fun

Side Three:
I Get Around
The Girls On The Beach
Let Him Run Wild
Don't Worry Baby

Side Four:
California Girls
Girl Don't Tell Me
Help Me Rhonda
You're So Good To Me
All Summer Long

The right side of the inside cover is a continuation of the cartoonish California beach scene with a tanned muscle bound weightlifter and a hot dog stand.

The back cover has two more cartoon pictures of the band members, a bi-plane, penguin, and a Sgt. Rock comic book plus another listing of the album tracks.



  1. I Am Very Proud To Them I Been Fan Beach Boys Eight Years I love
    Beach Boys And I love Your Song So Much Bruce Is My Favorite Singer
    Long Time See Bruce Very Long Time I Want To See Bruce Again I Just
    Heard Beach Boys Having A Concert This Weekend That Is Good I Am
    Very Happy For You And Guys?


    1. So are you happy about the Beach Boys?


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