Glass Harp - 1971

Glass Harp Classical Rock Band
Glass Harp Classical Rock Band
Glass Harp. The classical rock band consisting of Phil Keaggy, lead vocal, guitar, (Our neighbor when we were growing up) John Sferra, drums and vocals, and Dan Pecchio, bass, vocals and flute.

Glass Harp was a Youngstown, Ohio band that gained an almost cult status years after the band's initial debut album simple title, Glass Harp. The album got plenty of air time here in Youngstown, but no actual hit single for the rest of the nation to latch onto.

This album does not have an inner jacket, just the protective paper sleeve that fits inside the album. The lyrics of the songs were printed on the album.

The back cover showed the band members, standing against a brick wall, in leaves. The album songs list is also posted. I believe this album will be a collector album some day. It is 35 years old already. Damn, I'm old.

If perhaps Phil or Bobby ever stumble upon this site and read this... If you do, Hello, its Jack and George's little brother, Patrick.

Glass Harp Album Lyrics
Glass Harp Album Lyrics

Phil Keaggy, John Sferra, and Dan Pecchio Glass Harp
Glass Harp Back Cover Record Album



  1. Hello, you will be surprised, but I found this album today on a dutch music blog, where I downloaded it. And I am German.
    So, for a local Ohio Band, that is pretty good, I think, to get around! I have listened to it already, and I must say that I like it. I am not of christian faith, but the music is nice.

    Then I went to wikipedia, to learn more about them, and there I found a link to the Glass harp Website. And guess what: on that website you can also download some music: the first single, completely, a and b sites! really cool!

    Here is the link:

    1. I am glad Glass Harp has fans from far away foreigh lands


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