Bonzo Dog Band - Beast Of The Bonzos

Bonzo Dog Band
Beast Of The Bonzos

The album liner notes begin: In my own pink half of the drainpipe, the Bonzo Dog Band (Doo Dah) is unaminously regarded as the bee's knees, if not the greatest rock and roll romance group of all eternity!

Alrighty then. In reality, the Bonzo's were a rock band living in obscurity never reaching billboards top 10 records. Perhaps their only "Hit" song was "The Intro And The Outro" that introduced the band members and many other famous people in history. I'd like to introduce Legs Larry Smith......

The album jacket inside has some very wild art and graphics. It seems to tell a story of a war leading to destruction of humanity. Or something like that..... Here are the inside jacket photos and the back cover.
Beast Of The Bonzo's Inner Cover
The inside jacket tells a story of a super dog that is destined to save the world if only people would heed his warning and listen to him. But all the people feel like doing is clowing around and do not take the dog seriously.
Bonzo Album Inside Art
As the story continues, the world is in peril and ready to explode if the people do not heed the warning of superdog. Alas, they do not and the world explodes leaving only the superdog alive.
Bonzo Dog Band Back Cover
The back cover shows the band members in a circle photograph in various disguise. The album title tracks are also shown.
This One's for you George



  1. Never heard of the Bonzo's. All your others I have. Looks like they were all high on acid when they created this album cover and art. How is the music?

  2. BDB was a great band to "get down" with.They played a small venue in Ithaca "back when".They would come into town every once in awhile.I can see it all now......A Good Time

  3. The music is an acquired taste. I like it.

  4. Never saw the Bonzo's in concert, it was my brother George's album, I played it a few times and got a kick out of the song,
    Intro and Outro.

  5. What a memory this album brings back 1971-72 ....


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