Geneva On The Lake Restaurants

Geneva On The Lake 
Geneva On The Lake Restaurants - Once a thriving vacation resort and young adult get-a-way spot, has succumbed to the march of time as erosion destroyed the once beautiful beaches and amusement park. Only the restaurants and retail shops remain dotting the strip. And I have been to all of them.

Eddie's Grill - Cheeseburger Take Out Service
Eddie's Grill - Counter Service Cheeseburger And Fries
Eddie's Grill - Double Cheeseburger And Fries
Eddie's Grill - Foot Long Chili Dog
Eddie's Grill - Ice Cream Cone
Eddie's Grill - Boxed Take Out Cheeseburger
Eddie's Grill - Pizza
Madsen Dozen Donuts
Old Firehouse Winery - Bacon Cheeseburger
Old Time Candy Store - Wonka Bar
Time Square - French Fries - Regualr Order
Time Square Restaurant VS Eddie's Grill
Zeppe's Pizza By The Slice


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