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Curse Of Oak Island Treasure Recovered

Oak Island is a small island located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. legend has it that buried treasure lies beneath the sand someone on the island. Fortune hunters have been pursuing said treasure for over 200 years now.

Most recently the Lagina brothers Rick and Marty purchased the island and began actively searching for the treasure. The island myth and mystery is so great that the History channel had a four year long television series filming the search of the Lagina brothers. Speculation is far fetched, from the treasure being the Ark of the Covenant, to the Azteks gold, to English and French spoils of war gold and silver and insert any and all other treasures one seeks.  So far, nothing significant has been found. Until this weekend...

On Friday morning Marty Lagina was shallow digging at what they refer to as the 10-X site and uncovered a steel canister roughly eight feet deep in the soil. He immediately called his brother Rick so they could both open the box together. When Rick arrived, the box was unearthed and brought into the conference room on the island. A welders torch was needed to remove the braces holding the box together. it was air and water tight.

As both brothers slowly lifted the lid they spied another metal cylinder inside. Upon inspection, inside the cylinder appeared to be old 8 milimeter film reels. They immediately called best friend and partner Craig Tester to find a projector and bring it to the island pronto.

The projector was set up and an old white table cloth was used as the screen as Marty delicately loaded the first reel onto the projector. The film only lasted four total minutes but what the three men saw on the screen was shocking. It was not the location of the fabled money pit on the island, nor was it the proverbial "X" marks the spot where the treasure is buried but positive evidence of a 50 plus year conspiracy haunting the American public.

The film was shot in 1963, November 22nd, and it was filmed from behind the infamous grassy knoll. The film clearly shows two men in dark suits with rifles in their hands aiming towards the street. Seconds later a shot is fired and both men in the suits quickly disengage from the scene and walk toward the train yard only 50 feet away.

Attached to the canister casings was a note. It was a confession. The confession stated that these two men were hired to ensure if Oswald had missed that they would complete the assassination. They were hired by....

Richard Nixon.