Inner Sanctum

Light In The Fog

Humorous personal life stories of the past, present, and future from the Curator of the Grassy Knoll Institute. At the age of 55 plus, I've almost seen it all. From being almost electrocuted, writing my name in fire, riding a fridge down steps, taxi's from hell, the school yard roof jumping, train jumping, to the many road trips I endured, plus many other wild but true tales.

Inner Sanctum Archives Of Below:

A Game Of Golf With My Dad 12/22/2012
Boots Bell - Video Killed The Radio Star
A Shot of Vodka At Age Six
Breakfast Of Champions
Like Pulling Teeth
General George Patton Raising The River 12/22/2009
Half A Century Old Today 11/12/2009
Release The Kracken 09/13/2009
M-80's - And The Dare Devil's Club
Battle With Satan

Hey Donkey
R.I.P. - Dad - 1923-2008 12/31/2008
The Stove Was The Next To Go
Idora Park - Wildcat - Back Seat View
Fantasy Football League GPFL
Tale Of The Tape
Today We Celebrate Our Independence
Thirty Years Ago Today
The Post After 999
The School Yard

Storm Cat Flips The Finger
No Laughing Matter 12/13/2007
When The Whip Comes Down 12/12/2007
Save The Cheerleader, Save My Grade 12/11/2007
The Mad Ice Scrapper
Trade Show Etiquette
A Step Back In Time

Pleasantville Volume 3 Of 3
Pleasantville Volume 2 Of 3
Pleasantville Volume 1 Of 3
Bumper Skiing - An Olympic Sport
Heap Big Beef Restaurant
Dad, The Cats On Fire
State Of The Art 8 Track Tape Player
Train Jumping
American Airlines Suck
Grassy Knoll Institute Olympic Moment
Death Of Erieview Park Slide Show

How I Became A Viking Fan
Is that A Biker Bar
Dad's Lionel Trains
Drivers License Revisited
Past Fourth Of July Memories
Dulles Debacle
How To Cook A Monkey
Big G The Main Man
Hide The Sausage
The Rope Trick
Return To The Mall
Riding The Christmas Tree
Cable Company Pays A Visit
Fire In The Sky
Taxi Ride From Hell
Riding The Fridge
Warning: Profanity Ahead
All Tied Up
A Rendezvous With Fate
1968 Pontiac GTO
My UFO Abduction Story
My 1971 Ford Pinto
The Stove is Next I Fear
Jeep Liberty Has Landed
September 11th - 9/11 Personal Story
Ancient Irish Harvest Chant
Writing My Name In Fire
Cock Fight At Hockey Game
Christmas Memories 1960's
Ode To Gatlinburg
I Am Thunder Hear Me Roar
Gunning For Sofa's
Dial Up Diddy
DirecTV Sucks Ass
2005 Jeep Liberty
Pepsi Wang Taste
Milford Hotel - Manhattan, New York
They Were Delicious
How Many Jacks
Mourn The Death Of Telemarketing
1966 Plymouth Satellite Convertible
Nothing Sucks Like A Hoover


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