Giant Aliens

Giant Aliens Hellbent Enslaving Humankind
Giant Aliens are roaming the Earth plotting to enslave humanity. The Grassy Knoll Institute provides exclusive eyewitness and shocking photographic proof that Giant Aliens have already infiltrated the population of earth.

Giant Alien Sightings Archives:

Abductees From 1954 Located 01/16/2012
WikiLeaks Hacked By Giant Aliens 05/03/2011
Giant Alien Woman Invades Military Airbase 01/10/2011
Sexy Giant Alien Women Administers Blow Jobs 08/15/2010
Giant Alien Women French Kissing 07/16/2010
World Cup Soccer Disrupted 06/12/2010
Birdman Of Alcatraz 03/07/2010

Tiger Woods Mistress #16 Revealed 12/17/2009
The Visitors V Invasion 11/04/2009
You Know What They Say About Big Feet 05/29/2009
A New Religion Introduced 04/21/2009
To Serve Man 03/25/2009
Big Hands 03/07/2009
Checkmate President Obama 02/21/2009
Giant Aliens Attack On Valentines Day 02/15/2009
Giant Aliens Target Target 01/26/2009

Huge Hairy Beaver Spread Wide 09/25/2008
Where The Streets Have No Name 09/22/2008
Giant Alien Condom 09/05/2008
Giant Aliens Speak Softly 08/11/2008
Giant Aliens Warehouse 07/31/2008
Rocking Out In Gatlinburg 07/18/2008
Is Fidel Castro A Giant Alien 07/09/2008
Easy Rider Giant Alien 05/24/2008
Big Foot Or Giant Alien Foot 05/06/2008
50 Foot Pissed Off Woman 04/05/2008
Havin It Your Way 03/24/2008
Giant Alien Guinness Beer 03/17/2008
Showing Their Mettle 03/10/2008
Steaming Hot Cup Of Jack 02/29/2008
A New Mount Rushmore 02/19/2008
Giant Breasts In A Halter Top 02/14/2008
I Shot An Arrow In The Air 02/07/2008
Cobra Versus Python 02/04/2008
Digging For Gold 02/03/2008
Pineapple For Everyone 01/30/2008
Giant Alien Muskie 01/26/2008
Blank Canvass 01/23/2008
Ann Margaret Abducted 01/20/2008
Biggest Teets In History 01/17/2008
Milk Does A Body Good 01/16/2008
Perhaps Another Lizzie Bordon 01/14/2008
Disciplinary Means Business 01/12/2008
Home Wreckers 01/08/2008
Huge Cleavage 01/04/2008
Big Tex Putting His Foot Down 01/02/2008

Dinner For 100 12/29/2007
Loud Music In The Desert 12/26/2007
Largest Dog 12/22/2007
I Got Buffaloed 12/16/2007
A Cowboy, A Hat, And A Cup 12/16/2007
Is This Chick Hooking On The Corner 12/16/2007
Buck Teeth
Tragedy at Wigs R Us
Now That's A Sixpack
Ax wielding Maniac
Tossed My Salad
Giant Pussy Attacks
Cancer Sticks
Revolution #9
Go Ask Alice
Giant Alien Ground Forces Advances
The Hammer Falls
Giant donut Or Sexual Device?
Addicted To Cocaine
Death By Thong
Giantess In Sexy Red Mini Dress
Huge Female Tongue World Record
Cats Are Nervous
The Whole World In His Hands
San Francisco Cable Car Disaster
Giant Alien Golf Course
Giant Kitten Escapes, Wreaks Havoc
Path of Destruction
Giant Guitar Found In Desert
Coke Quenches A Powerful Thirst
Big Jack Is Back In Town
A Race Not Run
Giant Aliens Begin Earth Assault
Aliens Control International Toy Fair
She Came From Rio De Janiero
No Way I'm Disco Dancing
Food Of The Gods
Bigfoot Confirmed Sighting
Giant Cock Exposed
Who Wants Steak
Fork You!
Giant Breasts Exposed
Rubber Tire Girl
Giant Shooter Marble
All Your Bass Are Belong To Us
Giant Alien Initiative
Havin It their Way
Largest Snowman In Recorded History
Doing The Limbo
Largest pothole In History
Rocking Out At Midnight
Trailer Park Tragedy
There Is No Spoon
Giant Alien Skeleton Unearthed
Where Do Giant Aliens Go To Eat?
A Putter
Laid An Egg
Pizza Delivery
Killer Wasps
Pussy Goes Berserk
Giant Cigarette Butts
Second Attempt At Communication
Look At The Size Of His Boots
Giant Alien Super Model
Paris Hilton Is An Alien
Giant Alien Almost Captured
Giant Alien Doll House Found
Pavement Ends
I Have A Giant Woody
Fur Ball
Giant Spiderman
Giant Alien Cadillac Crashes On Times Square
Alien Anal Probe
Stayin Alive
Giant Bra Snaggles Traffic
Giant Aliens Kicking Up Their Heels
Getting Your Kicks On Route 666
Giant Robots On The Loose
Breakfast For Everyone
Largest Wedding Cake
Battleship Almost Capsized
Woman With Huge Sexy Tongue
Giant Alien Frying Pan
Giant Alien Toy Train Left behind
Bucket Head
Giant Alien Bomb Scare
Giant Alien Bullet
Giant Alien Pussy
Giant Alien Pickle
Giant Alien Calimari
Jack O Lantern Record
Bikini Wax
The Circus Is In Town
Giant Alien Jeep
Giant Alien Skull Unearthed
Silent Sentinel
Looking For Loose Change
Entire Island Vanished Without A Trace
Humankind On The Offensive
Giant Alien Hijacks Airplane
Aliens Spreading Their Seed
Giant Laptop Computers Discarded
Sexy Irish Legs
Giant Alien Saw 10/02/2004


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