Ober Gatlinburg Ski Mountain Coaster

When in Gatlinburg, you must take time to visit Ober Gatlinburgs Ski Mountain Coaster. You can access Ober via Ski Mountain Road with your car (Parking at the top is $5 dollars for all day) or you can take the Sky Tram ($15 per person) located on the Parkway.

The coaster is of course settled along the mountain. It is an easy walk to the ticket booth. The cost per ride is $15 dollars. Three rides (Same rider) is $36 dollars.

Cash and credit cards are accepted as payment.

Once paid, we walked through a small souvenir and snack shop and up the steps to the coaster. The lines were not long at all.

When it was our turn, we got into the sleds, strapped in, and waited for instructions from the employee working there. Instructions were printed on the walls on the side and in front. The employee simply reiterated the rules.

When given the signal, you press down on both handles of your sled and away you go.
Tip; On the trek up the mountain, you do not have to hold the handles down. Your sled is attached to a cable that pulls you to the top of the mountain.

The sled course winds slowly upward to the top, it takes about 5 minutes or so to get there. As the sled reaches the pinnacle a sign informs you to press both handles all the way down to allow the sled to go.

And wow do you go. The sled is attached to a steel rail system, and it cannot come detached from the rail. Seconds after you push the handles the hills become steep and the sled zooms around wicked turns and vicious curves. The coaster does have hills, but more like humps as it propels itself down the mountain slope.

I swear it feels like you are going 60 miles per hour but I think it is only 30 miler per hour or so.

At the end of the ride a sign informs you to slow down by lifting the handles slightly and you coast into the station. You unstrap and step out.

As you exit, you can purchase a picture taken of you during the coaster ride. Its $15 dollars but other sizes and packages are available.

Total ride time about 7 minutes. Total thrill time just under two minutes.

I rate this at 4.5-5 instead of 5-5 because of the cost. It like the hill, is steep. It would be nice if Ober could somehow incorporate this ride with the rest of the amusement area to make it more affordable. Ober offers an all day ride pass for the Chair lift, Alpine Sled, mirror maze, Blue Typhoon, and the other rides and attractions but you must pay seperately for the Ski Coaster.



  1. That is a wild looking ride. I heard you laughing on the way down.

    1. It was a great ride. Great coaster. Very fast. Pricy but great.

  2. 15 bucks is steep, like the hills, tourist trap area for sure. looks fun.

    1. Price was steep, but it was fun as Hell. I highly recommend it.

  3. Ever ride it at night, must be crazy not seeing

    1. Yesm night time was fantastic. Not entirely dark though, they have lighting alond the rails.


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