The Grassy Knoll Institute LOTGK logo is popping up everywhere these days. Below are just a few places the strange LOTGK letters have appeared. If you have seen this bizarre occurrence, let us know or email us a photo. We will be sure to post them here.

LOTGK Logo Archives Below:

Titanic Memorial Plagues
R.I.P. John Lennon - Instant Karma
School Is In Session
Sexiest Soccer Logo Ever
Geneva On The Lake Lighthouse

Grassy Knoll Institute Spring Break
There Is An App For That
Just Checking
Ford F-150 Truck Logo
ABC Lost Secrets Logo
Climbing The Ladder Of Success

Puffy Clouds (Boobs) Logo
Almost Famous Logo
Banksy Art Painting
A Line In The Sand
Dealey Plaza - Grassy Knoll

Mirror Image
Thee Ohio State University Logo
Sunset Tan Olly Girls Tattoo Logo
Mount Rushmore Monument
Blond Ambition Logo

Thong Bikini Logo
Hollywood Hills Sign
Welcome To fabulous Las Vegas
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Idora Park Entrance Sign

Sexy School Marm
Philadelphia Museum Of Art
Cadillac Ranch Logo
Paris Hilton Almost Nude
Ink Blotter Test

Geneva On The Lake Breakers
Tongue Logo Tattoo
Showing Some Cleavage
Day The Earth Stood Still
Dealy Plaza Inside Logo

NASA Finds Life On Mars
Ruby Guns Down Oswald
Slainte O Dhia Duit
Attack At St. Patricks Day Parade
Giant Jack O Lantern

UFO Crashes In Las Vegas
Light In The Fog
Secret Grassy Knoll Institute Laboratory
Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Sexy Saint Patricks Day Waitress Logo

LOTGK logo sighting brought to you by the Grassy Knoll Institute marketing team to boost readership and placement on search engines.


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